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These guys do a great job. Also, it’s not too much or too little, and they manage to cover all the Oregon sports with strong focus on football, which is what I want. Lastly, the interviews are always strong.
These guys bring in in-depth reporting on all things Oregon Ducks. I love their news analysis and interviews with coaches players and administrators that gives you insight into this sports program. Great work guys!
One of my go-to podcasts.
Austin love your work. On the pod please regulate your inhales. It gets distracting. Helfrich like lol. Sorry if this seems petty but it makes it hard to listen. Keep up the awesome work!


Hardly ever update
A great podcast for any fans of the Oregon Ducks. The Register-Guard out of Eugene, Oregon puts this out. Their reporters have great insights on the program, without being cheerleaders. Don't miss it.
Time to get our green and black on! It too bad these guys our from outside Oregon... But it's a new fresh take on our beloved ducks, keep it real! Thanks