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As an avid podcast listener this is top shelf grade A hands down. I’m so impressed with the audio quality it’s crystal clear, and that makes it enjoyable to take in. The contents engaging follows the word and they’ve got great chemistry.
Me and my fiancé have been going through the book. I have listened to a couple of the seminars. We have been applying these principles as we go. I have learned much about myself that I couldn’t put a finger on, as well as a lot about my future wife. This is very informative about the male and female internal desires and the way we are created. I am a biblical teacher, and preach on occasion. I have taught through Ephesians verse by verse and yet I overlooked this concept of Love and Respect many times. This was a real eye opener for me. The different commands to husband and wife are interesting and now make so much sense. Also, we have taken some of these principles to parenting as well. We are now aware of the crazy cycle and energizing cycle as we move forward. I thank God for the work He’s done through you.
I read the book Love and Respect years ago. I haven’t been great at applying these biblical and scholarly principles to my marriage. I’ve enjoyed listening to these episodes and re-centering myself as a wife, mom, friend, etc etc!
I really love listening to this podcast. I enjoy hearing from both the pastoral as well as the scholarly side. Have listened to many episodes and have yet to find fault with anything said. Do yourself a favor and listen to it!
Great minds and intelligence, covering all sides genuinely with outstanding knowledge. God bless you guys.
Please come back!! Miss listening to new episodes from Love and Respect.
Just listened to episode 125 and it was all about how to get God to bless you more. I liked the book as a young person when I read it 10 years ago so I thought I’d try the podcast. And in retrospect I guess that’s the message of the book too... I do this for you expecting this response... same message on this episode about how to get more out of God. Sad to hear leaders sharing a false gospel
My response is my responsibility is my favorite episode! More like his please
I have learned to much from listening. Everyone can gain so much wisdom from this podcast. Highly recommend! Please make more!
Second review. The first one didn’t post. I am 25 and have been married for 3 years now. My wife and I love this podcast only bad thing so far is that the episodes eventually will end. Basically what we do is throughout the week well listen to one episode on our own then on Monday nights we come together and have a discussion around the questions below. Wow is all I can say! 1. What did you like/dislike about this episode? 2. Share a favorite quote(s) from the episode. Why did this/these quote(s) stand out? 3. What new things did you learn? 4. Did this episode changed/challenged you? How?
Very understandable, applicable for everyone.
WOW! This is the best marriage advice I’ve ever heard, & I’ve read a lot through the years! Actually, these principles are great for any relationship, not just in marriage. I just finished listening to the first five podcasts... EXCELLENT!
such great advice thx
I feel lost in my relationship and myself quite often and listening to this podcast I find my way by their implementation of the word as well as advice. Sometimes I don't know what to do to make my relationship or myself better and so I listen to this podcast and one foot goes in front of the other and I find guidance when I feel nearly hopeless of what to do. Regardless if I agree with what is being said or not, this podcast gives me insight and the next step towards application for becoming better. The only change I would like to see- when Jonathan talks he says um, maybe, and possibly a lot! Now I struggle with this and that's why it irks me so much. I would love to hear him assert his opinions and thoughts. So much more could be said of why he possibly does this and what I can do to work on my own issues with this but.. life changing podcast!!!!
I found this podcast at the perfect time. I’m gleaning so much from these episodes and am finding a lot of encouragement as I have found myself in a difficult season. This podcast is helping me navigate some of life’s troubles in a healthy, scriptural way. Thank you so much for the content you have provided here.


By BAH35
I wish I learned this content long ago and did not realize how unintentionally destructive I was.
My wife and I read Love & Respect several years ago and we were huge fans of the book. I recently discovered this podcast, and I was thrilled to see we could continue to learn and expand on the topics covered in the book. Keep up the good work guys!!
I can’t express enough how encouraging it is to hear these stories and listen to the positive advice given. Please give us more!
These podcasts have been a game changer for me & my marriage!! I love them.. MORE PLEASE!
I downloaded some episodes from the podcast for a trip. I could hear the older Dr. Eggerichs fine, but the younger sounded muffled and quiet, so I couldn't hear a lot of what he was saying without constantly adjusting my volume, which I wasn't up for.. I don't know how much of a conversation it was as much as the son asking the father questions, which is fine. For the episodes I downloaded, it was part Bible character study / part relationship study, which made it not fully either one in my mind. It's good enough to try again, but it's too bad that I couldn't hear the younger Dr. Eggerichs that well, nor could the podcasts decide what it was wanting to be..
Emerson teaching on marriage are so straight on & yet he understands the complexity of marriages & each person individual take on things. His wisdom & application never gets old! I have listened to so many of them & they have truly impacted my family! I love his book but this podcast is further everyday discussion & so easy for me to refresh in the messiness of life. Please keep recording ❤️❤️
Truly a treasure trove of relational wisdom! As a single dad (unfortunately, the divorce occurred several years before you began your podcast -- these principles would likely have prevented that!) I listen primarily for parenting insights, but I find that the insights shared the marriage episides are quite applicable there as well. Thank you! I truly love and thank God for way you so wisely apply Scriptural wisdom to everyday relationship interactions. Biblical principles always work. I'm learning, as Gary Thomas also teaches, that God designerd our relationships for both our joy and our sanctification, i.e., as a means of "...perfecting holiness..." in us. You are both a great gift to the church, indeed, to all who listen. One humble suggestion: work on not saying "kinda" so much. :-) I too catch those nervous habits in my speech patterns. (I went back to the beginning to listen in order, and am still in the 2015 episodes, so forgive me if you've already conquered this!) Thank you again!
I find these podcasts so helpful for me to outline for couples when I counsel them! The crazy cycle is very common to engage in so it applies to everyone!
Emerson and Jonathan, Thank you so much for the work you are doing. I found your podcasts when searching for ways to better understand and love my wife. At first I cherry picked episodes where the titles seemed to meet my needs. It only took 1-2 episodes to realize that I needed to start at the beginning. After listening to episodes 1-5, I encouraged my wife to listen to these and she and I both realized your approach relationships are spot on and even just making any efforts to employ your advice can move mountains. It is evident we are both “good willed people with good intentions” but we get on the crazy cycle and now we know how to better get off of this cycle. I find when I am feeling that our relationship is cycling, they I listen to your podcasts and it allows me to try to love my wife more than distancing myself and this brings us closer. Thank you for all your work, it truly has and does make a difference.
I am hoping to improve my relationships with my husband, friends, co-workers, and the young students that I work with in the schools.
My husband and I listened to the Love and Respect lectures when we were engaged and have listened again during our 8 years of marriage and have found it so helpful. I stumbled upon this podcast and am so grateful for such a resource! It has a great variety of topics. It has been a blessing in helping me focus on God and do some serious self reflection on my personal heart issues and submitting those to Him. I'm so excited for additional tools to aid my marriage as well as my role as a parent. Thank you for such a great podcast!
There's a lot of wisdom & sound Biblical teaching here, but it takes so long to get to the main point that it's frustrating for the listener. Also there seems to be a good deal of underlying tension between the father & the son, so that I find it makes me tense & somewhat stressed after listening to their dialogue.
What can I say? Emerson and Jonathan made me a believer in Jesus. Emerson not coming from a family of faith and Jonathan being a psychologist, their discussions just make sense and their topics are relevant to my life. Your life, anyone's life! They give guidelines that Jesus would approve of on relationships with significant others, family members, etc. I don't have a husband or children but I'm studying for when Jesus blesses me with them! Life makes so much more sense now that I have Jesus. I'm less stressed and waaaay more understanding with my relationships than when I held people responsible for my reactions. Thank you for helping me understand who this guy Jesus was and how he feels about us having faith and living faithfully with Love and RESPECT 🌷💚💚💚 🤙🏼Sara 🌺
This is life saving material and you should start listening from the beginning!
Worth the listen
Me and my wife has had a good marriage but with the everyday responsibilities and the kids at times it's felt very cardboard like and dorm room buddy-esk. Since listening to these podcast and apply the godly word it brings with great life principles my marriage has been incredible. I fill like this podcast is something every couple should listen to and something Christian couples should be required to listen to. I was worried at first I am a simple blue collar guy who loves his wife and kids I don't have a college education so when I hear the word theology it makes me fill like it'll be over my head but it is not I believe everyone can get something from this podcast God bless
Not everyone learned how to properly show love and respect in their relationships growing up. This is an awesome pod because it talks easily about the complications of relationships. It's good they don't come off as too preachy, or too touchy feeley. I just listened to the 2 part pod on Parenting chronic anger or chronic appeasement. As a father of a seven year old boy, this is a topic I identified with right away, I honestly think this is going to benefit my entire family. I look forward to going through the pods and growing more in personal awareness and in showing more appropriate love & respect in my relationships at home, in my community and in the work place. I will share with others when possible Thank you, Jeremy
I love this duo. It's inspiring to see a dad and son working together like this. I also feel the heartfelt love from the dad. He could be my dad anytime. I have a great sense of trust in both his intellect and love.
Love the father and son duo and each of their perspectives coming from their respective professional experiences.
These are good principles for ANY relationship! This could change the moral fabric of society and save marriages! I will be an advocate for the Love and Respect ministry for the rest of my life! I'm actually changing my monthly donation from my university alma mater to the Love and Respect Ministry. My degree changed my life - but the Love and Respect Ministry has saved my sanity, and most certainly helped my marriage!
I do like the fact that it is a family oriented show. However you need to have women, or wives, also speak to get female side to each of the love and respect aspect!!!
Found your podcast at the height of the death of my marriage, with the advice and perspective, we were able to turn a nearly dead marriage to a thriving one. We did get the HELL out of our marriage, and it feels great!
This resource is invaluable to all people in various relationships. Love the podcast to reset my mind on good stuff as I continue to learn and grow and have healthier relationships. I especially love the parenting stuff right now!
These podcasts are insightful, informative, inspiring, and applicable. So blessed to have this weekly tool to use and listen to as I grow personally. I highly recommend this podcast if you have any desire to grow and be able to listen, understand, and reflect in a loving and respectful way to all those you interact with. Keep up the great work!!
Hi Dr. Emerson!! I found your podcast 8 months ago. That was few months after I broke up with my ex. Your dating episods were so good, everything you said were so right. I wish I would follow your show earlier. You made perfect explaination why my relationship wasnot working. I can share that story in another time. But I wanna say a big thank you!! because it has been help so much for my current relationship, I learn how to love and respect in another level. I got the email from my local church that you will coming to give a conference at Jan. 22nd. I can not wait!!! So excited to bring my boyfriend with me! Thanks for all you do! God bless!
I have received so much wisdom and insight from the two of them. Plus it has helped tremendously with my relationships between my sons and myself.
I have been following all things L&R for over 4 years now and it has completely changed my outlook on marriage. I grew up mostly around women and didn't understand what men need and how they want to be treated. I expected my husband to be like me and nothing could be further from God's Truth. I do find the teachings to be very challenging at times, and often, I need to pray about things and ask for God's help and wisdom. But that's what it's all about - seeking God first. Thank you for all the life changing material that you put out there for us.
Walking to work I listen to your podcasts, new and old, sometimes I listen to one again and again for encouragement. Thank you for letting God use you for His glory and purpose, you both are making a huge impact.
I am thankful to have such a great resource to improve my relationships. My marriage is on the rocks and having the podcast as helped me understand my self and the relationship I am in.
These principles hold truth. My wife and I have been journeying along the Love and Respect path for a few years together now. She read the book and started walking these out on her own years before. I was an atheist and rejected the book when she brought it to me, as it had "God" in it. She suffered through respecting me when I wasn't loving her. I was saved November 3, 2013 after 10 years of my destructive behaviors...what an amazing wife!! These teachings are not easy, but they are so worth it. This podcast helps so much to keep the L&R commands front and center on a weekly basis! Must have in your marriage relationship!
My husband and I have been married 14 years and truly have loved every podcast here! It has greatly helped our marriage and we have passed the information as well as the podcasts to many other struggling couples! Thank you for being passionate about helping relationships with sound and biblical advice as well as teaching us the psychological side to how we humans function ! Sincerely , Stephen and Rosalie Cserhalmi
I have been listening to the L & R podcasts every morning while I drive around at work. I love Emerson's humor and I thank Jonathan for serving our country and now serving Christ full-time. I use to think The 5 Love Languages was next in line after the Bible, but after reading the first two chapters of the Love and RespectbBook it has bumped The 5 Love Languages to the side or to the number three spot. Thank you Emerson and a special thank you to your whole family for taking L & R where it needs to go either to singles, adolescents, or our children. God Bless, Paul Shaw Bakersfield, Ca
I've not got the greatest attention span for books, so the Love & Respect podcast is where it's at for me! The simple act of pressing play while doing dishes or driving has been a total relationship game-changer. So many lightbulb moments! I'm a follower of Jesus, but I don't think there's a person on the planet who couldn't reap from these messages, Christian or otherwise. The latest I listened to was on the "Respect Effect" in mother-son relationships. WOW. As a youth leader with a special heart for our teen boys, I'm so thankful, and will be sharing the episode with our leadership team. Thank you Jonathan and Emerson, for the invaluable work you are doing for marriages, families, and individuals all over the world. This is a message that so desperately needs to be heard. God bless you, you rock! 😎👊🏼💥