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I REALLY want to listen to this podcast but the sound editing is so bad :( There are some parts when it's really quiet but then crazy loud parts which get really annoying..
I love cartoons and I'll listen to just about any podcast that talks about them, but this podcast could easily be about half as long. There's a lot of rambling sometimes. I'll keep listening, I just started with the older episodes so maybe it gets better...
Watched all their episodes.
This gets me through the week I love these guys!
This is a good show in general but when the topic of gender politics is raised it gets a little annoying. Can't a show just be enjoyed as a show and not a flag for a moral crusade?
I just found out about you guys today and now I'm subscribed. I'm glad to find out there's a group out there who enjoys the same cartoons I did (and still do) while analyzing their pros and cons. I couldn't breathe during the Kim Possible review when the describing how Shego was supposed to die during the movie. Keep it up.
The three hosts have a great dynamic that help the listener become absorbed in the conversation. Their disords are intriguing, their agreements are insightful, and their love of the medium is shared with the listener. I would highly suggest this podcasts to anyone who wants to listen to 3 friends discuss a medium they are deeply passionate about.
The hosts are hilarious and bring a fresh new prospective outlook on animation.
I love these three goobers
This podcast is a great listen. All three of the hosts are enjoyable, and entertaining. The great thing about this podcast is that. Even if you haven't seen the show they are talking about it is still entertaining, and informative, and more likely than not . You will want to watch whatever they are talking about before you even finish listening to the episode. I can't even imagine what my life would be like if I did not watch Mystery Inc. and I have them to thank for intrroducing me to it.
This podcast has something for everyone! If you want fun times with great analysis, passion, and overall good hearted and well rounded people, then this is a great thing to listen to! Keep up the good work👍🏽
The Toon Goons have managed to strike an excellent balance between comedy and informative bits about all of the worlds best recent and classic cartoons. I highly recommend you start from the beginning and just keep on listening to the end.
Every episode is amazing when you have three hosts whose chemistry mixes so perfectly with each other that it doesn't feel as though you are listening to a recording but you are listening as if it were live. You guys and gal are amazing, I always jump for joy when a new episode is available. Keep up the great work.
Do you watch a bunch of animated shows, but have no one to talk to them about or hear stuff about? That was me once, until I found this podcast on Reddit a few months ago! Each episode is full of insight and fun. I wish I found this podcast sooner.
A fun podcast about all the animation you love with good insight and detail! 👍
In a world where most internet reviewers seem to focus only on proving how clever they are by making fun of Michael Bay and the like the Toon Goons are a breath of fresh air. Each of the Goons have a deep love and enthusiasm for animation and that enthusiasm is on full display each episode. They make each episode a blast to listen to, talking in depth about the gender politics of your favorite childhood movie one minute, and bantering back and forth about whether or not Hollywood should be renamed "Hollywoo" the next. The Goons cover a large range of animation form classic Cartoon Network staples to obscure anime. I've discovered a lot of new animation through them and enjoy hearing their thoughts on a movie or show I love. Keep up the good work, guys. Eat the Boomers!
Huge fan of the show! All three hosts are genuinely very entertaining while also bringing up interesting news and ideas. I started listening after hearing about the show through Nina’s appearance on Lunar Sea Spire and I have enjoyed all of the episodes I’ve listened to so far.
I can really tell how much these guys care about cartoons. Even when I thought I wouldn't be too interested in some episodes I found myself captivated. Hearing them talk has even opened me up to watching shows I probably never would have seen. I really enjoy this podcast and if your a cartoon fan then give these guys a chance. I don't think you'll regret it. I know I didn't.
Friendly voices and friendly discussion. If you grew up in the late 90s and early 2000s, then the shows that they talk about will be instantly recognizable. I highly recommend this show
Informative, always funny, and great discussion on the cartoons of my childhood and new favorites today. Give animation news & their insight on newest episodes of cartoons currently running. Great to know there are people out there who love cartoons as much as me. My favorite podcast right now & definitely recommend.
I can't quite say I like this podcast. After several episodes I find myself only really paying attention when Tooch is talking & being kind of luke warm to Nina's sections. While Nicky's thoughts & analyses are just kind of hard to listen to. I've been looking for a animation/cartoon podcast but unfortunately this one just isn't for me.
I love this podcast so much I do things specifically so I can listen to it while I’m doing whatever it is I’m doing. Really entertaining, keep up the good work!!
So about a year ago I was looking for grim adventures of billy and Mandy stuff and I stumbled across this podcast and I fell in love with it. Nicky, Nina, and tooch crack me up every time. Also to see funny people talk about cartoons I loved as awesome. So thanks for making this podcast And listening to their podcast has gotten me into a lot of new cartoons that I love.
So many of my favorite cartoons are talked about in this podcast. I appreciate how knowledgable and excited they all are about cartoons and it is fun to listen to people talk about something I love.
These three goofballs absolutely love cartoons and are so excited to share their love of the medium with as many people that will listen. In every episode, their banter bounces between plot discussion, thematic analysis, and animation trivia, throwing in the sporadic joke or comedy bit and a whole lot of laughter. If you’re just a fan of certain cartoons or of animation in general and you appreciate sincerity in media, then you owe it to yourself to give one of their episodes a listen.
Worth a listen!
It's great. Just listen to it.
After listening to the entire backlog of episodes, I can confirm this podcast in absolutely phenomenal. The hosts are clever, charming, and remarkably well versed on all things animation. I have yet to find an animation podcast that compares to the level of intelligence, humor, and sincerity radiated by the three. I highly recommend for anyone remotely interested in animation and the world of politics surrounding it.
Can't say how much I love this show. Funny, insightful, fair,includes interesting animation news, and shares my over enthusiam on exciting topics but articulates them well instead of fannish "squees"... most of the time. Couldn't recomend this show more for people who like and or are interested in animation and caroons.
I can't recommend this podcast enough. Listening to it is one of the highlights of my week, and I alwyas look forward to new episodes. It's perfect for anyone who loves cartoons and animation. I give it an A++
I searched for Steven Universe and The Toon Goons popped up. I have loved this podcast ever since. They cover a wide variety of topics and are very informative. They help me discover new things in the cartoon world (and outside the cartoon world). They are super friendly and cordial and sound like good friends after listening to them for so long.
Love this podcast. Finally great to see people talking about the goofy things that I also like to talk about. Keep up the great work Goons!
I love this podcast so much! Its my go to podcast and I love putting it on in the background as I work. I also super appreciate the news segment because as a lazy animation student who is never paying attention to any news this podcast is helpful for me to keep in touch with recent events. I always look forward to the new episodes!
I love the toon goons podcast. it is amazingly funny and i learn about a lot of cartoon news and they talk about most of the cartoons that i enjoy. I hope they continue this podcast for a long time because it is truly amazing! Tooch is hilarious, nina is very informal, and nicky is nicky. lol
A really great podcast that delves deep into the cartoons from the past and present, The Toon Goons are sincerely amazing for starting such a thing. They appreciate cartoons and love them just as much as I do and am glad to have found people my age (23) that truly love the medium. If you think cartoons aren't ONLY just for children and carry deeper themes then just sunshine and candy then check this podcast out.
It's great to hear people who not only love what they talk about and have fun doing so, but also bring a very insightful and intelligent critic of something that most of the media shuns as kid's stuff. I disagree most often with Nicky (since I'm a fan of super crazy and controversial anime), but I still enjoy hearing his views and observations, especially when it comes to anime. Tooch makes me laugh out loud the most and Nina sounds like a sweet person to talk to. I came to this show seeking some intelligent discourse about Steven Universe, and boy do they deliver.
there are parts of this pod that are great, and some parts that need a lot of work. the sound editing isnt very good, which leads to some moments of sudden very loud sounds in your ears, but it's not a constant issue. the news segments are nice and informative, and i feel like i would watch a show of just that each week put out by these people. where the show suffers, however, is its main part: the cartoon "discussion." some times it feels like simple summary, but other times the team goes so out of order it would be hard to follow by anyone who had never seen the show theyre talking about. the format lack structure, and often devolves into conversations that are in no way related to the source material, and the "discussions" mostly consist of what they liked best or worse and provide no real new insights to the show. the podcast has potential, but in its current state i dont think I'll be listening again
It's pretty cool seeing that other people care about the stupid stuff I like, and even better that they're also pretty cool themselves. TOON thumbs up! (See what I did there? Ya see it?It was a pu- I'll show myself out.)


I always feel like Nicky Nina and Tooch are long lost family members when I listen.