The TEFLology Podcast

Reviews For The TEFLology Podcast

I love the TEFLOLOGY podcast because of the thoughtful takes on various topics and interviews. I've learned about ELTs and researchers that I didn't know I'd be interested in through TEFLOLOGY. Thank you for keeping this up! Now that this podcast has been around for a couple years, the cumulative effect of all of these podcasts is also impressive (and useful) for those of us looking for continuing professional development.
For those who haven't had the chance to read up on all the latest developments in the TEFL field, this podcast is a perfect medium for you to develop as a language educator. Thanks for providing such a valuable resource.
I love the funny theme song and there is enough variety to keep in interesting for a non-academic like me. There are interviews with people who have stories to tell - some of them are big and famous people who wrote the book on ELT and some of them should be more famous than they are. I love the TEFL pioneers part with a bit of history that I never learned about. The Teflologists do the research for us and share it in ways that are easy to understand. Then they question each other and challenge everyone to think critically. It's just a great podcast.
Loving your reflections of TESOL topics and interviews with TESOL notables. Thank you!
The range of topics addressed by this professional and engaging podcast is impressive. There are great interviews and though-provoking topics frequently presented. A true gem for any ELT professional!
I found this podcast about a month before starting in an MA TESOL program (Fall 2015) and found it very interesting and enjoyable to listen to. I caught up on all of the episodes before starting my first semester and continue to keep up as new episodes are made. The topics discussed in the podcast and the people interviewed connect directly to my studies to the point where in some cases an interviewee discusses something directly from our reading which was written by the very author interviewed. I’ve passed on the link to my classmates. I highly recommend the podcast for anyone interested in learning about the field of TEFL.