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I’ve looked forward to each episode since the very first. Attended every yachtcon. Greetings. Gig Harbor and Seven Seas
This is a must listen to for Sounders fan. Jeremiah and Aaron do a fantastic job in covering the team. Also, in doing in depth coverage of the Sounders. Plus they’re funny too.
I can't take it anymore - there's nothing more frustrating than having a show you really, really want to hear...but the audio levels are so inconsistent that to make the lower voices audible you get blasted by the louder ones. Beyond doing audio checks and using podcaster "hacks" like having each remote person record separate audio to be combined later, a simple compressor/limiter would at least even out the finished audio somewhat. PLEASE fix this!
Thank you for taking the time to record on a regular basis and having good and objective views on Sounders FC and MLS.
Recommend to any Soccer fan, specifically MLS/US Soccer fans, and to all Sounders fans.
Must listen if you like anything Sounders,tacos and fine crafted beer related topics!
Great in depth coverage, interviews, and opinions about the Sounders from independent fans/media
5 star, thanks for the great show.
Great podcast for all things Sounders.
It's like an hour long orgasim for your ears.


Listening to this podcast is better than playing with a barrel of monkeys!!! Yee haw!
The boys put together a fantastic show each week. Insightful commentary on the state of Seattle Sounders FC, wonderful banter, and the delightful user questions segment where they answer serious and not-so-serious questions from the Twitterverse. Well done.
Love listening to these guys. Only one issue. For some reason, they don’t believe the Supporters Shield is the most important trophy. Blasphemy! Now, where’s my scotch. Got to get ready for the next pod cast...
Jeremiah, Aaron, and Zach put together a top-notch show and provide you all you need to know about the Sounders on a week-to-week basis. Make sure to follow them on Twitter (@NosAudietis) to see when they are recording and get your questions in!
This podcast is a must have for a Sounders fan. Jeremiah and Aaron (ft Zach) are very knowledgeable on the Sounders and sport in general. Their analysis of Sounders games and news is generally spot on and entertaining. Definitely worth the subscription and weekly listen.