Nerdville, TN

Reviews For Nerdville, TN

Sure, there are a bunch of other nerdy podcasts out there for your listening pleasure but the exceedingly likeable Erin and Mack, with their encyclopedic knowledge of all things geeky, set this series apart. Nerdville, TN will give you the feeling you're sitting around your living room talking about your favorite fandoms with two of your friends...friends who just happen to have entertaining insider knowledge of Nashville and country music.
Nerdy goodness with a Nashville edge! I love how they connect Nashville to nerdom!
I could be bias because one of the hosts is my boyfriend, but Nerdville gets five stars from me. If you're a geek with a love for film, literature, music and games, this podcast delivers. It's the perfect mix of topics for people who like to REALLY nerd out about things.