Create Heaven on Earth

Reviews For Create Heaven on Earth

I'm fascinated by what it means to be human. I love the candid nature of these conversations. It's refreshing to hear people talking about real stuff. I was surprised at how much I heard myself in all the conversations.


I am so enchanted with this podcast! What I love most in life is exploring the edges of conscious evolution and HOW I translate the mystical into my everyday experience and navigate the “uglier” aspects of living. This podcast speaks to the deepest questions I dance (or sometimes wrestle) with. Without fail, every episode touches on something I can relate to and even as an invisible audience, I feel “seen” in ways I didn’t know I felt unseen. That in and of itself is SUCH a gift.
I have loved every single second of creating this podcast! I have the best producing team in the world! And I have interviewed the most incredible people who walk their talk about daring to be themselves. I cannot WAIT for you to use their journey to learn how to be more of your brilliant, amazing self!