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Sounded like he was not done talking yet when the interview ended but it was great to hear about Rik Emmett and Triumph. Thanks.
I wonder if he can remind us again that he signed Ace to Megaforce Records.
Eddie, thank you for having Butch on the show. Long time coming for sure. Please do all you can to make sure he becomes a regular guest of the show. For any of you who have not heard his music, go out there and get it. Marvelous 3 or his solo stuff will be music to your ears. Looking forward to more appearances from Butch so he can tell more stories about Southgang, the music business and the artists he’s producing today.
Thanks Eddie for the great interview with tow of my favorite musician Sammy and Mikey. It’s comfort food during these difficult days. Thanks and keep the great interviews coming!
Same ol guests + an enormous amount of me me me ,my my my ,I I I oh yeah really top notch podcast- yeah right
Although Dennis Deyoung comes on a bit douchy in that last one. Sorry!
Smith joined maiden on lp #2
Eddie is the most loyal and informative reporter/host there is!!! His resume & shows speak for themselves!!
The Bruce Dickinson interview was so cool & the Billy Duffy just captivated me. Eddie is so knowledgeable he knows how to keep the interview interesting. Keep it up brother
I don't care what people are saying about your hair, I think it looks fine. I have been part of TrunkNation since yesterday and I have never felt this rock hard rock. I am down for the metal award show because 15 minutes of where you can find EddieTrunk ( is so metal hard rocking metal. I can hardly hear the speech impediment in these $1200 metal only Megabose™ death canceling headphones. My cousin is from Morris County and he’s hypersalivic, NAM, NAM, NAM! (NAM?) Erlanger, Kentucky dates updates are part of my story, his story, our story and the birth of metal Siriusly XM, do you have a napkin? Spittle Rekords 4eva 💀
Always followed Eddy Trunk. Very knowledgeable and great interviewer. The Metal Show , Podcasts , and his stuff on AXS tv weren’t enough to satisfy so because of him I got xm radio as well. It’s worth it to hear all these great stories and stuff .
Count how many times he talks about himself in the first 15 minutes of each show. He asks softball questions, repetitive and boring.
I’ll listen when this idiot dies What a useless phat phuch

By GJ 77
The Steve Lukather interview is a case study in how NOT to conduct an interview. Steve regularly makes mentions of amazing experiences and opens the door to some possibly interesting stuff, but rather than following up, Eddie instead goes out of his way to talk about himself. I used to be a loyal follower of this podcast but it’s become unlistenable. Two minutes of Eddie talking about himself followed by 30 seconds of his guest. It was fun while it lasted. Unsubscribing.
Use to listen every episode but lately not so much... I’m a huge rock fan/ heavy metal fan I like the old stuff but some the newer bands coming up are really good and this podcast has a great platform to help younger talent get the word out but nope we are still talking about the same bands over and over again
Great interview. But he really sounds like Steven Adler from guns and roses. Rock on big fan.
ET tells everything that’s going to be talked about in the interview, sometimes says it twice before the interview that point, why listen to the interview???? C’mon man!! Great guests though. Love their stories.
Like the show but Trunk needs to expand the guest list, same old guests being asked the same old questions has made me start listening to other rock podcasts


Eddie gets good guests ~70% of the time and does pretty good interviews. He can come up as a little too sycophant-y. His knowledge of the rock world is fantastic. He spends WAY too much time promoting his appearances. He’s a DJ; who cares what band he’s introducing to the stage? Just give your website and move on. He could spend those extra 10 minutes giving us the latest news about actual stars. He also name-drops more than anyone I’ve ever heard. We get it - you’re friends with a lot of rock stars.
I want to like the show because I like the artists but it is frustrating. Eddie will talk for 5-10 minutes before the interviews and give you all the highlights so that the interviews become a waste of time. A little tease is good but don’t tell me everything. I don’t listen to the radio show that’s why I listen to the podcast. Also when he talks about how his interviews make headlines it makes him sound really arrogant! The interviews and rock news are really good, but the interview spoiling and bragging is enough to make me not want to listen.
I love the guests and there is no question that Trunk knows his stuff, but man, I wish he would spend less time talking about himself. I’ve felt this for awhile, but listening to the Phil X interview was just brutal. I felt like I could feel Phil’s frustration coming through my speakers as Trunk spent what seemed like several minutes talking about his relationship with Bon Jovi and Jambco. I kept thinking that there would be some relevancy, but no. Everyone who chooses to listen very likely knows Eddie’s history. Please spend more time listening and less talking.
Wish there were more than 5 star review!!!!!!!
Just goes on and on with self promotion and a lot of wasted time talking about nothing. Many better music interview podcast out there
Eddie is a genuine rock and roll fan and does the interviews and stories that people want to hear. He is a big part that helps keep the scene alive.
It’s great to hear all the backstory about so many artists that I loved as a kid.
I first saw Eddie on VH1 Classic in the early 2000s and have followed him ever since. I love all things hard rock and heavy metal, and Trunk’s show features the best in all things rock. Great interviews!
My favorite part of podcast is the 20 minutes or Eddie going over things, I already heard all the interviews in Volume.
All this fine music history in a podcast for my driving pleasure!!.....and not one with the great one...Robin Trower??!! Tighten up Trunk!! Can’t you get Burke Shelly on the phone? Making my trips around the planet better tho... thanks.
I love listening to the podcast as much as his radio show on Hair Nation as you get to hear stories right from the people who seen them happen back in the day and remember how it happened along with learning if bands you know are doing anything new.
This guy will talk for 20 minutes about nonsense. We care about the interviews. Not your opinion of the world.
Thanks Eddie. I find out a ton of stuff on your podcast. The interviews are awesome. Great to hear from these artists in the interviews. Jake E Lee, Dee Snider, etc. etc.
Love this podcast .. Eddie always seems to find artists who’ve been hiding for decades, artists who’ve been pretty quiet, as well as some very well known, popular artists. Many interesting stories, taboos, and facts are likely to surface. Lots of people complain about the intro but I kinda like hearing where Eddie has been, where he is, what’s coming up, and details surrounding the interview. Excellent podcast for people who love music and the people that make it the only way .... with instruments ! Thanks to Podcast One, Itunes, and Siriusxm for giving the torch carrier of “that metal show” and metal / rock music a main road to run on. ROCK ON, EDDIE !
The episode introductions may be long, but one can easily skip ahead. I’m thankful that Eddie offers such fascinating interviews with great metal artists. His wonderful questions, knowledge, passion, and easy rapport with guests make for a rich program. I especially look forward to Eddie’s end of the year wrap-up wherein he shares his picks for best albums of the year. I can easily create a playlist afterwards and sample away in the new year.
If you told me this guy has pictures and cardboard cut outs of his likeness all over his house I would absolutely believe it. A megalomaniac to the 9th Power. This guy has engineered and manufactured EVER significant event in hard rock and heavy metal since he entered the business back in the 80’s. Interviews the same boring 20 people year in and year out without fail. Always finds a way to make every reunion, death, and incident occurring with the genre about himself. VERY happy when VH1 kicked him to the curb. He is absolute rubbish!!!
Just use the 30 seconds fast forward button!
I want the interview content, but I unsubscribed because the commercials are over the top. Literally over 10 minutes in before the legit content starts in the latest Slash/Tom Morello pod; and then a crap ton of commercials scattered throughout. I can’t take it anymore - I’m out.
Took your advice. I just saw The Struts in NH. Great outdoor bar on a beach bar deck. About 100 plus people. They blew me away! Played like they were in front of 1000s. Everyone go see The Struts! You will not be dissapointed!
Great show glad to find the podcast!!!The tribute to Vinnie Paul was phenomenal keep it up Eddie!!!!
I know Eddie is a big KISS fan but come on. I actually listen to his podcast and counted how many times he mention KISS and it was ridiculous. KISS we’re 4 adequate musicians who wore makeup and focused on their show not great musicianship or songwriting for that matter. They have made a mark in music history for sure. But let’s not make every show a KISS lesson. Honestly that is why I stopped listening to his radio show and this podcast.
Great show full of many artists and all things to do with Rock, Metal, and Great music in general. Eddie’s vast knowledge of music and the guests he has on air always makes for a great interview.
Love the show!! Eddie always makes the interview interesting even when it’s with someone I’m not really interested in. I now download all of his podcasts. Keep it going Ed!!
Mostly because the episodes I’m interested in are “unavailable,” and have been for quite sometime. Even though they are fairly recent.
I’m a fan of Eddie Trunk’s podcast, but much like TMS, the guests are the same over and over. There have to be more artists out there who are willing to come on this show.
Out of all the Podcast the Vinnie Vincent interview and Alice Cooper! Thank you Eddie and great job!
Been listening and watching Eddie for many years now. Eddie is THE authority on talking with the rock world. They respect him and he certainly respect them. You know you’re good when they seek YOU out. Keep up the great interviews Eddie!! #trunknation
I've listened to Eddie since his days at WDHA. He's become the voice of "metal", and he'll let you know it. Eddie Trunk is obviously full of himself. The podcast is about one hour. The first 10 minutes are Eddie patting himself on the back, and letting us know just how amazing he is. The next 7 minutes are advertising. Then there's the interview, which I must admit Eddie is good. So, fast forward 15 minutes or so then listen to the interview. Don't forget to let Eddie know what he already knows: that he is amazing and a rockstar in his own right. Get his book and you'll see what I mean. It was the most useless piece of drivel I've read.
Most of these shows are taken from Eddie’s radio show, and then have an intro tacked onto them. If you are looking for new, breaking metal bands, then look elsewhere. Although we get a few really unique and interesting conversations with music industry vets, the vast majority of interviews are with Hair Band members and the same, tired superstars. He has interviewed Sammy Hagar and Alice Cooper COUNTLESS times, and every time it sounds the same. Eddie is an annoying name dropper who is sometimes more interested in listening to his own story than just sitting, listening, and letting his guest talk.
I don’t have satellite radio, and TMS is in limbo, so it’s really great to have Eddie back keeping metal alive in a way I can listen in on. Thanks Eddie, you’re great!