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The great thing about Crooked Table is that there is room for every type of movie at Robert’s table, from the massive films—every Star Wars or Marvel movie, for example—to small indie darlings like Sing Street that rarely see extended coverage elsewhere. The conversations are in-depth, meaningful and with a variety of guests who genuinely adore the film of the week. An excellent weekly staple for fans of all films.
I saw the Ferris Bueller Episode and had to listen. I am so glad I did!!! It has always been one of my favs...The host (and guest) handled this one quite well. Oh Yeah, I'm gonna check a few other oldies but goodies too...BRAVO!!! (What a GREAT tone too!!!)
Just started listening and I’m loving it. Each episode has a guest that contributes which always gives a fresh perspective. I can’t wait to binge my way through!
Crooked Table keeps movie reviews fresh and sincere. With a different guest for each episode and movie, multiple viewpoints are expressed. Regardless of whether you agree or not, it’s always fascinating to hear and not too self serious. This is a celebration of films in general. Give it a listen and subscribe!


By SadeGlo
Very detailed film reviews and I really enjoy how the host brings different guest on to go into their experience with the film.
Robert's show is one of the rare gems you're always looking for but can never seem to find. With expert audio quality, a fantastic selection of titles, and great guests, this wholly original Podcast will leave you longing for more. Stop reading my review and hit play already!


There is some good banter going on between the speakers, and I enjoyed listening to the opinions on all things film. As soon as the podcast gains traction, I know it will sound great. Looking forward to listening to more of these!