Reviews For Talk360

Before Talk360, I was never a person who used podcasts to garner information about current events. I mostly relied on national and local newspapers, popular bloggers and colleagues to help shape my views on issues relevant to young, black professionals. What I love most about Djevna and Keesa is that they bring topics to life by making issues three dimensional. They add color to darker topics by throwing in a laugh here and there and make an attempt to bring on guests who can share their expertise. I especially like that they take time to tend to the details: I often get a chuckle from the names of the episodes. Nicely done, ladies.
Where there is no getting around being real, Talk360! The hosts of this podcast are everything! Engaging, intelligent, and comedic. The topics covered are diverse and span across a wide range of issues in society.
Keesa and Djevna are awesome their thoughts on life and the topics they cover are great to here and really make you think... Especially the Grad Decision episode, thats probably the best podcast I have ever heard
I love these girls! They're both hilarious, and discuss issues that affect young people, black people and young, black people. Ranging from relationships to, most recently, the Mike Brown shooting, the show covers relevant and (often) controversial topics. They also really do give a well-rounded view of every issue. For one of their shows, they brought in a black atheist and a pastor to discuss religion in the black community. Definitely worth a listen!