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I thought this was another true crime/investigation podcast which it is but it add humor to it! I hope that they are more episodes!
From a Steve Punt fan in Tucson: Since 2005 I've pretty much ONLY watched British TV and have amassed thousands of classic and obscure programs from the mid-1960s thru today... And one such show was the beloved little sketch comedy called "The Imaginatively Titled Punt & Dennis Show". Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis (after ending their stint on the ranting current events show "The Mary Whitehouse Experience") created twelve 30min episodes for the BBC back in 1994 and '95... And afterwards, while Hugh Dennis went on to become a big star in the smash international hit "Outnumbered", Steve Punt seemed to vanish from the air waves; I've had a tough time finding him anywhere since. 😮👉: But then! I found this podcast, purely by chance last week- and it was better than I had even hoped... It's clever, witty, and interesting as hell: You end up wanting MORE!! How is this not more popular?! A British "Mystery Show" is just what the podcast listener world would love right about now... So please - share this with a friend and let's try to get this on the ITUNES 'top list' so people can be made aware of Punt P.I.'s existence!! After that: the show is good enough to stand on its own feet.
I loved this podcast--until I went through all the episodes! Fingers crossed they come out with some more mysteries in need of solving.
I really, really hope there are a few more of these in the works!