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Reviews For The Nathan Barry Show

Just subscribed at around episode 10 and listened to a few extremely valuable episodes. Nathan shares some great information that I'm am immediately able to apply to my marketing and business efforts. If this is just the beginning, I'm really excited to see where this show grows and I know it will be even more valuable as Nathan continues to show up. Highly recommend!
I'd say this is a four star trending upwards. The recent (at time of me writing this) 11 insights episode was his most "useful" episode to date and he also seemed to have prepared and presented the best on this one. That said, also like his interviews (especially if/when it stays focused).
I've loosely followed Nathan for the past 16 months. Then in January I read his book Authority. It was a lightbulb moment for me. Since then my blog has taken off, email list grown past 10k and revenue is up 500% in the past 10 months. Did Nathan shake some magic potion on me? Nah. But his teaching style, personal example and incredible audience has been a huge contributing factor. Keep up the good work!
One of the things I love about Nathan is his transparency and desire to share what does or doesn’t work for him. Like his blog, I look forward to what he puts out on his podcast to continue to learn about what others in the trenches are going through.
Great show with a lot of information. Looking for that sales strategy podcast. Keep up the good work.
Nathan is a master at teaching valuable insight directly, trimming the fat and saving the listener time. I love his approach and leadership and am looking forward to many more episodes...and books... And pizza parties
Nathan is a great speaker, and he is repetitive with his messages and his lessons, but this is precisely what makes them valuable. They convince you to move forward, to take that step and try new things. And of course, he shows you how to take those steps and demonstrates that you can do it too by showing how others have been able to do that with great success...
I’ve know Nathan for a couple years now and we’ve talked almost every week. His help, advice, and friendship led me to a five-figure digital product launch earlier this year. Listen to his podcast and learn how he has earned a great living for his family through blogging, teaching, and self-publishing. You won’t regret it.
I discovered Nathan's blog and work a while back and am so excited about his new podcasts. Nathan does a wonderful job with his podcasts. They are so inspiring and motivational.
Since taking a now job and having my commute go from 20 minutes to an hour, I’ve been looking for new useful ways to spend that time instead of listening to Spotify. Nathan Barry runs a great show that is well worth your time if you’re into entrepreneurship, email marketing or writing. Make your commute mean something!
Nathan has continually released reliable and valuable information on the topic of product launches, email marketing, and design. His book Authority should be required reading for anyone looking to launch a product online. The podcast is just as good! You won’t be disappointed.
I have only subscribed to three podcasts (Tim Ferris, Dave Ramsey's EntreLeadership, and Passive Income) and I have never written a podcast review. Nathan's podcast is my fourth subscription because he knows how to run a business on the web and he understands how to share his failures and successes so that others can avoid them as they build their online operations. I am happy to write my first review recommending Nathan's podcast and I look forward to the many great episodes that will be worth my time because Nathan knows how to teach success in business.
I'm a big fan of Nathan's and how generous he is with what he knows. He brings wisdom from great people and gladly shares his own wisdom with his readers and listeners. You won't regret giving him a listen.
Nathan has a refreshing take on product creation and internet entrepreneurism. He speaks directly to concerns and errors that we all face when we go at it alone. I’ve learned the ‘right way’ to work on the internet from his teachings.
I recently listened to Nathan's book, Authority, and watched all of the video interviews. Listening to the case studies Nathan brings to us is very motivational. I'm looking forward to getting more of those via this podcast.
If you want to grow a meaningful online business, learn from Nathan Barry. He will teach you how to make money by developing a valuable skill, teaching that skill, growing an email list, and launching a product, service, or SAAS. He has done it and surrounds himself with others who are doing it. Only practical, no hype, helpful information here!
I have bought his book and follow him across various media.
Nathan Barry is a small biz wizard. He's built a solid business and is regularly trying new things to grow and expand. Do yourself a favor and subscribe to this one.
I just got done listening to the updated audio book for Authority and learned alot. I look forward to continuing learning with you through this podcast.
I’ve gotten to know Nathan and his work over the last couple of years and learn a ton from him. When I heard he launch a podcast, I didn’t hesitate to subscribe- I knew it would be incredibly useful. A straight forward show that gives you the info and insights you need. If you create products or are thinking of creating products, subscribe NOW! Thank me later. Omar Zenhom,
Nathan not only knows about building email lists, marketing and selling products; he’s also an excellent designer and knows how to present things in the right way. Highly recommended!