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Payne and Pendergast good show in the mornings on radio. Good content not always about sports. Sean looks at things from a different angle that I think makes the difference to bounce things from Seth and let him go!
Seth and Sean are 610’s best. Used to put the whole show up, now fewer and fewer segments, sometimes none for days. Can’t listen live - so checking out other options.


By MDVandi
These guys are funny and informative. I love the show.
My day is not complete without listening to Seth and Sean. Their insight is always interesting and I’ve learned a lot listening to them. It’s been even better since they started posting the full hours because I can listen to it and not feel like I missed something from a previous segment.
I like Seth and Mike a lot (5 stars for them). I didn't like Landry's ridiculous segments but he was ok. I really dislike the show now that Paul is on. I could not care less about his millennial "oh look at me, I'm a bachelor" takes on anything. I'm done with this show because I'm tired of fast forwarding through Paul.
This is what analytical sports talk sounds like. Paul is a rising star, and Seth provides a former player perspective without being corny. And of course, Mike is the sports genius. If you want parochial homerism, listen to Innes and Co.
Best show on 610, hands down.
I live on the west coast so I’m always sleeping during their radio show so this is a great way to hear their takes on things. As far as Houston sports go I don’t think anyone does it better than Mike and Seth.


By K8lo117
I love Seth's take on all topics and Mike is a great compliment to him!
Mike & Seth are amazing! Definitely one of my Houston Sports Radio duos!
At first I was upset that MaD Radio had migrated to the 6-10am slot because I'm never up that early! But now it doesn't matter, I can catch 'em anytime with the podcast.
Thank god for this podcast, because with the move to the 6-10am drivetime slot, I might not otherwise be able to keep up to date with all the Mike and Seth segments. These guys are articulate, bright and class acts (for some interesting background on how they came together and got started, check out Episode 47 of my podcast The Weekly Brew, on which they graciously appeared) and there literally is no better sports radio in the city. Fair.
Seth is hilarious and Mike is FAIR. A great listen every day
I try to make sure I'm near a radio from 10-2 Monday through Friday so that I'm not missing out on what Mike and Seth have to say. Easily my favorite sports talk show and when I miss anything I make sure I go back and listen to the podcast. Sometimes I even re-listen to the especially good segements. 5 out of 6 stars.
Great to be able to catch up if I miss a segment on the live feed. Love the show, will Seth lose his temper, will Mike under react to the team being terrible, tune in and find out.
I came here cause mike and Seth said give us a review, personally you guys are the best Seth you're the funniest man alive and mike at least you're not annoying like nick from in the loop.
Seth might be the funniest SOB on sports talk radio. And Mike is....FAIR


I work from home and get to listen to these guys almost everyday. Mike an Seth are a good combination and when I miss out I enjoy catching up with podcasts.