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Would have been close to five stars but lately it’s turned into a BTS podcast lately. Not that I would generally mind but I started to listen because of the variety of topics. But every topic turns into a BTS conversation.
Having no one to talk about my love of K-Pop with I went to the internet to find K-Pop discussion and stumbled upon this podcast. The conversation is quick, funny and snarky but also smart and thoughtful when covering more serious topics and scandals. The podcasters play off of each other well and come from different fandoms so cover a wide breadth of groups. The hosts aren’t afraid to respectfully challenge each other’s opinions which creates interesting discussion and gives the show a bit more bite to it than other similar pods. If I had K-Pop friends I imagine this is what it would feel like. I’m anticipating the merch store almost as much as Kang Daniel’s post-Wanna One career!
What I like about this show is that not only gives me the latest news and opinions about kpop groups, but the hosts also have really intellegent discussions about real issues. It is a really balanced and entertaining show to listen to, even when I don't agree.
I like the show... However, I wish instead of just one person being brief/prepared about a topic...that the other co-hosts' would have a basic knowledge about what's going on ... Like (Tim?) who is my fave goes off on these rants, but sometimes he is wrong about facts...but yet you still like his voice and need to hear him speak...overall the show is worth a listen
I listen to this podcast to hear other fans hash out what's going on in the Kpop world today (in news, music, dramas, and, oh, the scandals). These guys do a great job of maintaining a balance between being objective and fan-bias gushing, arguing different perspectives, and keeping the smart and humorous commentary going. I don't always agree, but do appreciate what they have to say. I'm loving Roommate, too, and am looking forward to the mini podcast commentary. Btw, loved the real-time Luhan breaking news episode. Although the podcast was published a little late, it was fun hearing your reactions.