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The only local guys I listen too.
And the only prescription is more Joe Starkey!
For a couple months now, there have been so many missing segments. I have to do a search for your show and then find them from there. Sometimes, they aren’t even on there. Why aren’t all the podcasts loading properly each day. I absolutely love your shows. Just wish I could find them in my library each day. Thanks!
Goodbye fan not chasing your shows, 20% chance of listening to Pitt games, thanks for the convenience of the past, good luck Omg the adds on live broadcast are so tedious I’m over it “Welcome back Carter” we get selected segments of C&J, and the Morning Show seems restored
I have been quite disappointed over the missing podcasts. Sooooo happy to see Cook and Joe in my feed this morning! Yay!
Why are they not being uploaded? Where can we listen????? What HAPPENED?!
Can not enjoy the show
Why have the podcasts stopped?
Cook & Joe are awesome!
Pittsburgh sports is key, and these guys pick it up like Pouncy picking up an MLB blitz. Very nice.
I listen to 93.7 the fan (tune-in radio) almost daily since in moving from Pittsburgh but today I wasn’t able to listen live. So I went out to search for recorded full episodes and thought for sure you would have it in a podcast. While each and every day is great, I was strikingly disappointed to see that only snippets of the shows were available. Live radio is far from being a pastime, however live podcasting is where things are obviously heading and I would really enjoy it if the recorded podcast could be in full shows. Keep up the great work and entertainment for all the Pittsburgh sports Fanatics!