Love this and admire it very much. Immensely helpful and heartfelt. Very relatable and well done. Highly recommend, extremely useful for everyone and anyone.
This is a great podcast. I met Ryan several months ago, and he’s a great guy. I should have listened to this sooner. I’m so glad I can go back and hear old podcasts.
Love, love, love this podcast. This is obviously good for men, but so good for women to hear in what goes on in mens minds and the types of things they are dealing with. Justin had powerful things to say to address this very much needed topic to not only help men, but to help women empower boys to be MEN.
Love the range of topics, some thought-provoking, some funny. Highly recommend this to make your commute a little less painful
Holy moly. I just got such revelation about my dad and brother in this episode. Putting together stories of how my dad was raised to now the irritating comments my dad and brother have with women. What irritated the **** out of me, I can actually now see pain behind it after hearing this podcast. I have got to get these guys in to see Justin! Thank you for that revelation. Good message. I'm actually going to respond differently with them in their "female comments" to see the response.
Loved this podcast! Really dealt with real issues and had a great perspective. Will definitely be tuning in again!!
I thought that Boys 2 Men or (Castrating Men) was very interesting and provocative. I liked what Justin said, "If I don’t feel small, I can listen and encourage others to be all they can be. In doing this leaders draw out the Gold in others... Love is the key."
I couldnt believe some of the things you guys have said on the show! Awesome different opinions on real world issue, and current events, cant wait for the next show
To Wes and the everyone at The Human Podcast you are all doing an amazing job in raising awareness and finding solutions to the serious problems in our society. Keep up the great work and amazing show!
I have been aware of the work that Wes has been persuing for a while now. This is a wonderful step in bringing a critical message into sharp focus for the masses and to provide a path for all of us to begin making a difference in our own communities.
I am so happy I found this podcast! Thank you Wes and Ryan for this. I wish there was more I could do to get the word out about this podcast! Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing this! Also what you are doing for youth is amazing!
What an amazing podcast! I love that they don't sugar coat their topics! They are real people sharing their knowledge and insights.
I listened to these guys for the first time and very much enjoyed hearing them. Love the introduction and like the fact that they talk about real-life "stuff."
I have been listening to this podcast for months. Sorry I did not reviewed it sooner! I LOVE this podcast. Wes and Ryan go after some very serious topics. Their honest and fun approach make it easy to listen to. I find myself constantly talking back WITH them on topics and laughing at their almost "brother" like communication with each other. I 1000000000 percent recommend this podcast and would tell everyone to start at episode #1 so you can truly appreciate the journey of this podcast.
I can say from personal experience, how genuinely kind and caring Wes is. It's always uplifting to see/hear incredibly human beings helping others figure out how incredible they are too. Keep up the good work guys!
Such a great podcast! Honesty is the best policy and they really know how to own that truth. No masks, no performing, just simple honest, intelligent conversation about important issues in the world. Love how they incorporate take action steps and really get down to the heart of issues. Really feel edified by it!
This show really cuts to the core of so many things we struggle with as human beings on a regular basis. Can’t recommend this show enough!
These guys are easy to listen to and the padcast is full of great content that I can do something with. One of many take-aways.. "You need to be able to celebrate others' successes before you will be able to celebrate your own". Looking forward to listening to more.
Nice to listen to authentic content that I can do something with. The time spent listening to Blair from on The Beam had me leaving with a strategy and action lag for living on purpose. Well done guys.
Great podcast. Living every fabric of life from business to relationship with true authenticity.
What a breath of fresh air . We all get bogged down in the day to day problems of life and after listening to these guys it seems so trivial....Great job!!!
Just got done listening to the "what is Your Purpose in Life" episode...so good! It was so full that I will have to listen to it a few times. The team behind the podcast impressively weaves wit and meaningful dialogue into every show I have heard. The podcast has good ideas to carry into a new year!
I listened to the On The Beam message and was riveted. I care deeply about the subject matter (I'm a social worker). I highly recommend The Human Podcast and the On The Beam message.
Wes Chapman and Ryan Andrews don’t pull punches. They say the things that everyone is thinking, but aren’t willing to say. I appreciate the way they inspire their audience to live more wholeheartedly, and to pursue a lifestyle of freedom.
These guys are so inspiring and honest! They hit on some really hard issues without being offensive, but still hold their positions. Their views are refreshing and intelligent, yet heartfelt. Glad to have found them!
Keep up this podcast! More things should be as positive and helpful as this.
I love these guys! Each episode contains a great message that will simultaneously challenge, empower and inspire you. I don't know about you, but I'd rather spend my time "taking action and being happy" with Ryan and Wes than scrolling through my newsfeed for the 7th time today.... Let's be honest people. And Liviu, that guy is hilarious and always taking it to the next level! We are all human, all living in the world today... there's no way The Human Podcast isn't relevant to you!
The Human Project is a new addition to my podcast rotation but it's quickly becoming a favorite. Ryan and Wes are entertaining with some fresh insights. Keep up the great work guys!
You guys are doing great, what you are doing is awesome! Thank you.
Always looking forward to new episodes.
These guys are fun to listen to. They tackle a variety of topical subjects and always have a good spin on it.
Recommended by a friend I trust, excited to dig in more...
I have been following this nonprofit since they started and the people behind it are such amazing people its no wonder they have grown so quickly and are getting so much support. Keep it up guys! "The Human Podcast" is really making a difference and an impact in the world, and not many podcasts can say that. Great job and much love for what you are doing. Thank you.
I’ll admit it. I’m a podcast addict. There are a lot of great podcasts out there; but, The Human Podcast brings something totally original to the table… and I can’t get enough of it. I’m more than hooked. I’m happily addicted!


By Jenson4
Great job! Keep the interesting coming!
In a period of American history that is rife with mean-spirited and uncompromising dogmas, Wes and Ryan’s open and honest discussions about life are a breath of fresh air. The Human Podcast is imperfect, as its name would suggest—but delightfully so. Indeed, the hosts do not claim to possess all of the answers to life’s many pressing questions; rather, they exhort us all to engage with important issues and evaluate our own perspectives—as they demonstrate through the show’s premise. In short, the Human Podcast stands as a shining beacon of civil discourse in an age darkened by demagoguery in the political process and uncompromising bias in the news media. You’ve made a proud subscriber out of me.
If you’re open and receptive to learning and having a different view on life topics, listen and be present with this podcast! It’s worth your life!
Wesley and Ryan, if there were a TEN star rating possible on iTunes, I’d give it to you! Great wisdom, great production, great message and even greater purpose! I love that you love people who are hurting enough to do whatever it takes to make a positive difference in the lives of the individual and in the hearts of the millions! God bless you and your work through his podcast and A Human Project!
This podcast helped me to get different perspectives about real issues we face everyday, and how to handle them. Subscribe!
Wesley and Andrew care about you and you don’t even know them. Love the stories that these guys share about lessons that we all need to hear. Great show!
The amount of knowledge gained from this show is massive. If you have an ounce of hope that the world can be a better place, this is for you.
This is amazingly produced and the content is meaningful.
Wesley and Ryan really rock with their passionate topics and wealth of information, thought provoking discussions and amazing human spirit focus. Rock on !
Great informational podcasts about real life issues. All for a good cause and for the betterment of our society for our generation and generations to come. Love it!
I love the energy on this show. The content is relevant and interesting… Thanks Wes and Ryan!
Wes and Ryan are smart and insightful. Excellent content and an entertaining show to listen to!
Wes and Ryan tackle a wide-range of “conscious questions and topics” that are relevant to anyone who wants though-producing, mindful insights on today’s world and the decisions we each have to make about our lives, the causes we support, or don’t, and how we choose to contribute to making this a better world. This is a podcast you can chew on for awhile and be a better person for having taken the journey.
The Human Podcast has been quickly added to my line up after hearing only 1 episode. The style and flow in which the show is formatted is engaging, entertaining, and educational. I just love the conversational style and what they bring to the table.