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Comes across as being 14 and thinking deep thoughts in his parents’ basement and hanging out on r/TheDonald. Far better podcasts out there for newcomers to web development.
this whole podcast is to sell his course. PLEASE DO NOT BUY HIS COURSE! $60 for a compilation of links to YouTube videos that’s already free that you can look up yourself. He says “money back guarantee” and I’ve requested my money back and haven’t received it ever. No contact. Nothing. Please do not fall for this SCAM! Take whatever you can out of the podcast content as there are valuable information here. But don’t fall for the tricks. That course he sells is just robbery
The host is self-important jerk. Don’t bother
Will you boys just kiss and get it over with already. Jesus!
Amazing podcast. I’ve listened to it for 2 years until it stopped. I wish Dain Miller reboots it.
Beginner should defiantly give it a listen. I learned sooo much! Hope they add new podcast !
I’ve just recently found Start Here WebDev podcast. I’ve started to teach myself html, css, and JavaScript. I’m on month 5. I needed something that I could listen to not only learn the language that comes with the industry, but also keep one foot in the industry as I start to dive into this industry. So far I’ve listened to the first 3 podcasts from the show and have found them very helpful as introductions into web development. Html and CSS were defined and explained well and both Dain and Keith brought a bigger understanding as to why these are good things for a self starter to learn even though they are not languages. Thanks for the tips and tricks! Especially concerning episode 3, Web Dev Tool Belt! Thanks for bringing the pros/cons for text editors, and suggestions for languages to learn. The only negative I have is that when I tried to sit down and do the challenges they offer from each podcast, the webpage was unavailable do to a privacy error. Chrome (up to date) displayed a message saying that this website is unsafe. I googled on how to solve the problem. With many tries, deleting my history, caches, restarting chrome, and going to //:chromeflags no luck. The only thing I have not tried is a password protected WiFi network (I’m in a coffee house). I’m disappointed... I was really looking forward to reviewing the resources since the podcast was truly good. If Keith or Dain have any ideas as to this problem I’m open to here them. Yes, I would share this with a friend. Thanks for your contribution to the webdev community!
I've been working as a junior front-end developer for years now, and keep meaning to learn more javascript, get into those "trendy" frameworks, etc but I haven't actually held myself accountable. Your podcast has inspired me. It's time to stop just getting by and start learning. I have exposure. I have the privledge of having worked and dabbled with and seen all kinds of javascript! It's time to stop with the "I only know a little JQuery" and start building my to-do list apps using react. Thank you so much for the actionable goals.
As a web developer in the making, this podcast is a must. Not only do I learn a lot from the podcast, I also feel motivated and ready to tackle on my projects and grow as a developer! Favorite podcast!


By Bkila
Your talking style is not linear, not conducive for podcasts. Stop rambling.
I just came across this today and I'm impressed. Simple as that.
Unlike other technology podcasts that only talk about the technology of the day, these guys go a level deeper. Their advice for developing your programming skills & career is going to be useful despite the changing tides in in the tech landscape. Also, as a guy trying to start his on Web Dev firm, I have found this podcasts advice invaluable -- especially in terms of working with clients. Thanks fellas for providing such an awesome resource.
This podcast consistently keeps me interested. I'm relatively new to web dev and this podcast has pushed me to continue my journey a few times already. Great stuff really
I've been self taught and have launched my first site and just. And upon finding your podcast it has helped me notice things I've overlooked and it's always good to go back over things you've learned to help relearn them and see where you could be better. Thanks and happy coding!
Totally recommend and urge folks who are truely committed to learning to execute the AdvancedBeginnerChallenge! Pick a framework, and execute!
You have everything that it takes--the discipline to acquire the skills, the drive to do the work, etc. But how do you get where you want to be in Web Dev? Dain Miller is an incredible guide for all things WebDev, providing a proven roadmap to help you take the right next steps and avoid the pitfalls. This podcast along with the Advanced Beginner Challenge are helping me become the programmer I know I can be and achieve the results I want. Thank you Dain!
If you are a begineer dev this podcast is the best for you. Learn the real thisng that will help you get into your career.
Dain wants you to succeed. You can hear it in his voice. I listedn to at least one of his podcasts every day and take notes of what action I will take afterwards. Thankful for all the work he has done putting these together and allowing us to learn from his and others' mistakes and successess.
This is a great resource for those interested in web development.
Dain and the team have done an awesome job at building a roadmap to help you understand the best way to approach learning web development and navigating the many resources out there. It's like having mentors in the WevDev community BEFORE you dive completely into the WebDev. Thanks so much for this incredible podcast!
I've been listening to start here and Dain since I started learning to code. He gives some amazing advice that is often overlooked by other podcasts, everything from getting your first freelance client to negotiating salaries during the hiring process. I'm now a full time developer, but will continue to listen to every start here podcast because the information is that valuable.
I'm a student in a coding school currently and have been listening to your podcast for the last couple of weeks. I have picked up a lot of good info and have been passing it on to my classmates, some of which I think are listeners now too. The career tips have gone a long way with getting me on track to transition in to the real world of coding.
Dain gives some very helpful ideas in this episode on freelance work. Plus, when I emailed him some questions he got back to me with a very thoughful answer right away. It's very helpful to receive such practical and specific advice for my own career.
This podcast, and especially Dain's motivation, is what got me started in my path towards being a web developer. His knowledge is extensive and his positivity is infectious. Do yourself a favor and give it a listen.
I have found nearly every episode to be a treasure trove, both in terms of advice on developing a winning mentality and pratical steps to take when starting on starting a career in webdev and programming in general. Beyond that, Dain provides numerous references to other personalities and programs for continued growth and study. Start Here is a genuine and effective resource for anyone considering a move into a tech career.
The direction of this podcast has gotten me out of my funk of trying to learn a language and then another and another and still not understanding how it all comes together. Dain makes some amazing points and gives even better direction. If you are trying to figure out where to start, how to get out of a rut or just need some motivation... Listen to this podcast. Send him an email if you have questions. He will respond. You can't ask for more than that! Keep up the good work Dain!
Honestly the best resource I've found out there. I'm just a beginner getting into the field of web development and as soon as I found this podcast and started listening, I could tell immediately that I had found something special. I could not believe how earnestly and genuinely Dain seemed to care about his listeners and how vital and thirst-quencing it was to have my questions addressed. The informtation here is practical and exists in the real world. It gives realistic steps to make changes in your life, not just fuel your dreams about advancement. I can't say enough good things so I'll conclude by propelling it forward with a five star review and a request that you listen to at least one episode so you can see or yourself.
I just started teaching myself web development and I love how clearly they present the material here. I also really appreciate how realistic and enthusiastic they are about what it takes to make it in this field. Highly recommended!
The back&forth in style and opinion between Dain and Keith was a great way for me to start understanding the infinite opportunities defining "web dev". This podcast provides a welcome, informed and exactly-detailed-enough curriculum for wrapping one's head around a ton of it.
Great for an aspiring developer to get on track, or a new developer looking to re-center his or her efforts. One of my essential podcasts.
When deciding whether to listen to a podcast, you have to decide whether you're willing to give your time up on that podcast (even if the alternative is choosing another podcast). This is a podcast that, for anyone in its target audience, is one that I would highly recommend. It has a high return on (time) investment.
I'm leaving a 5 star review because of the information I have picked up from this podcast. I hope they can get back to releasing some full length episodes. Dain Miller also adds a personal touch by actually emailing you back when you have a question.
Very insightful and the way he communicates is great. He inspired me to be better and his insightful words on how he approaches problems has helped me during the time I was in a coding bootcamp. He has been very encouraging and given me confidence to continue this endeavor — coding — that I previously had thought of as very daunting. Any beginner should totally look at this!
I have 15 years of experience in Software development. I wish there was a great podcast like this when I started my career. It's very motivating!!
Raw motivation right here. Dain Miller speaks the truth. This podcast will not only give you the tools for forging your path to becoming a web developer, but instill the belief that you can do it as well. And that is even more important.
I've recently got my first job as a Jr. Developer and I'm pretty much lost everyday and ended up learning something new everyday. Listenining to this podcast really helps me a lot to understand the tech/web dev world today.
I've listen to a lot of programming podcasts geared toward beginners and this is the most comprehensive, helpful and fun to listen to. I find myself listening to episides multiple times and taking copious notes. What Start Here has that others don't is an excellent high-level view of programming that helps a beginner get a "lay of the land." The nitty-gritty granular details are covered as well and their enthusiasm is contagious. Highly recommend.
These guys are great they learned web dev on their own like most people here and they go over every milestone along the way to be successful. My favorite part about this podcast is that it gives me courage and desire to keep at it. Thanks for all the great tips and motivation.
I'm a "humanities" person muddling my way (slowly but surely!) into the world of science and tech while learning to code, and I'm SO glad I found this podcast. The topics are very interesting, particularly because they often analyze the life of a developer (interviewing, creating portfolios, networking, etc.) in addition to talking about the technical aspects of the job (languages, best practices, learning resources, etc.) which has really helped me become more comfortable with the idea of making this change in my career and has helped me begin to "see" myself taking on one of these roles in the future. I think the show is really well put together, too, as the host moves at a good pace and is easy to understand and follow; for instance, he often repeats, elaborates, and/or reinforces important ideas when they come up to ensure that the listener definitely gets the message before moving on (I like not having to back up and replay parts just to get to a point where I can move on without feeling like I've missed something!) Also, it's well-recorded and the guests on the show always have a good, productive exchange with the host, so no one is talking over one another or jumping illogically from one point to another throughout the dialogue. The music is catchy, too! lol I just can't say enough good things about it- I'd definitely suggest listening to it if you have an interest in professional web development!!
Acclimating myself and podcast definitely helps.
I've been listening to this podcast for months now and I absolutely appreciate all of its valuable content that's perfect for a beginner in the field. Full of inspiration and motivation!! Thank you!
My advice to beginners: don’t start here. Start somewhere else—start learning in a hands-on, interactive environment that is designed to get you excited about coding (there are tons of fantastic online resources now that do just that!) and, once you’ve picked up some of the lingo and developed your own enthusiasm for the field, then come back and give this podcast a try. Maybe. If you want to. If you’re looking for a broad overview of web dev languages, frameworks, and tools with the occasional tip or recommended resource—in podcast form—you’ll find that here. If you’re looking for a podcast that’s going to get you excited about web development or keep you motivated in your learning process, go elsewhere. I believed in the concept behind this podcast enough to give it more than a fair chance—I listened to all but the handful of freelance-specific episodes, since that’s not my goal right now—but it just didn’t quite deliver. It’s missing that element of contagious enthusiasm that is crucial to the development of newbies in any field.
This series is extremely interesting and valuable! Life-changer. Game-changer.
Hello! I'm one of those advanced beginners that you've described in the early episodes, and I was so very happy to discover this podcast! Having been exposed to the web development for the past couple of years through school courses and independently discovered tutorials, I needed help with making sense of the all the chaos in my head and applying some sort of structure to it. Thank you for doing what you're doing and I hope to hear more from you guys for the months and years to come.
This show is a great show for people looking to get into web development. The resources mentioned, vocabulary, etc. are great for anyone trying to get started. Even better the hosts have great chemistry and fun banter. Why only 4 stars? The corresponding website isn't working so it's hard to find the resources they mention in the show. Keep up the good work. -Pete
By far the best podcast on web development career start out there! I've started listening 2 months into my studying (with zero previous web developing experience) and it helped me out ensuring that I'm on the right path and motivate me to work on my little projects! Other similar podcasts quickly became irrelevant, filled up with commercials or were just a waste of time. Thank you Dain and Keith! Keep up the great work!
These two do a great job of covering the ins and outs, whys and why nots and give various real world, real experience content to back up those discussions.