SBI Sales and Marketing Podcast

Reviews For SBI Sales and Marketing Podcast

Greg and his guests share actionable and inspiring sales and marketing lessons that are working today. Highly recommend listening and subscribing if you want the knowledge AND mindsets to achieve all the business growth goals you have set!
There's a lot of fluff out there to read on sales and marketing. If you care about brass tacks, and hearing how your peers have met their number, then this is a good use of your time. They cover sales and marketing alignment (very important), compensation, structure of sales teams, and a host of other topics that will help you be a more effective sales leader. As a marketer, I find I can only do my job when I am in lockstep with the sales team. Marketers will also glean valuable insight from this podcast. I never miss an episode, keep up the good work!
This is a great podcast! As someone who is not directly in Sales, but supports the team, this gives me some great insights.
SBI's podcasts are well thought out, timely, and offer great and practical advice. They always have good guest speakers so there is a variety of topics covered -- this also makes listening to each podcast a different experience. I don't listen to a lot of podcasts but this one is a must, and not just for sales or marketing people - I'm in HR and I find it very useful in helping me better understand the needs of our business. Highly recommended.
These podcasts are the right length to take in on a drive or short break. They focus on a specific topic area, which allows getting to a useful level of depth. And the advice is practical and actionable. These are great to “sharpen the saw” for sales, marketing, and operations professionals.
actionable information, great guests, engaging format... Definitely recommend SBI
I love the practical insider strategies discussed during the podcast. There’s always something to use from the conversation. It’s also nice to hear from everyday superstars that actually run sales teams not just talk about sales.