HelloWorld XtremeFit Podcast

Reviews For HelloWorld XtremeFit Podcast

Very intense workout mix!
This is my jam for whenever i workout, or just want to hear some new bangers!
This is just what I was looking for! Just download the episodes, go to the gym, and press play! HelloWorld took care of all the rest ;-). It's also not that bad if you want to have a dance party .. Just sayin! Awesome job putting these beats together! =) =)


Just Raged my face off at the gym!!!!!!!!
Great mix, helped me get through this challenger tournament in Vancouver this week. Keep up great work.
Thank you HelloWorld! Enough said, but ill say more. Perfect smooth transitions, has enough energy to keep you interested and amazing highs/lows and drops. Must have on any gym playlist.
Variety, Energy, Beast Mode!! <--Awesome!
I just had the best day at the gym listening to this mix! Usually bench about 300 lbs, topped out a 346 today!!! I'm so swolen right now! Thanks Helloworld!!
Great combination of songs!! Just had the best workout ever :) thanks Hello World!!!
Great mix for just about everything! Listen in my car all the time