The Crystal Chronicles

Reviews For The Crystal Chronicles

I was looking for a podcast for my daughter to listen to who loves the new Sailor Moon Crystal and found this one. I am so glad I listened to it before handing it off to my daughter. I listened to two full episodes and 75% of the time spent was filled toilet humor/sexual comments and the hosts laughing and giggling at said humor. I was disgusted. The other 25% was filled knowledge and history of the anime and manga which was very nice and enjoyable, however this is quickly ruined by the content swearing from the hosts. This podcast is not safe for children and I wouldnt recommend this to anyone. Very unprofessional.
I listen to this podcast faithfully. You guys are so awesome. I am glad there are crazy obsessed fans out there like me 😃😃😃😃😃
It's a great, professional podcast that finally lets you get to experience sitting in a group and dicussing sailor moon with people who actually love it as much as you do! Keep up the great work!
Love that they made a discussion panel for the new series! Speaks completely to my inner geek. I really like the forum format too. Sounds like a group of die hard fan and frinds getting together to chat about the anime they love. All of the cast members seem very knowledgable as well and brought up things I totally missed or forgot. Can't wait for the next episode.