Reviews For Lyme Ninja Radio - Lyme Disease & Related Health Topics

Thank you so much! Even though I have some cognitive dysfunction and my mind is not as sharp as it once was (I am determined to get my mind back!) I learn so much valuable actionable information from your podcast. I believe it is in part because of the kindness in both of your voices and that you don’t “dumb down” the information on your show. Please don’t ever stop 🙏🏻! It is a scary thought to think of my life without podcasts like this. Thank you!!!!
Always brings a huge smile to my face every time I see that a new episode of this podcast has dropped. Excellent content and insight from an amazing variety of guests. Everything from doctors, practitioners, researchers, patients, health experts, etc.... I love Mackay’s interviewing style, sense of humor, and sympathy and empathy for all the Lyme patients out there. The wrap up at the end of each episode is always a great summary of the key points, and Aurora’s Lyme Ninja Fact of the day (and the theme music) are always the cherry on top. Lyme Ninja Radio has something new and informative every episode. Thank you Mackay & Aurora. Scott - Chicago
I just listened to the Wendy Myers interview. So helpful in the possible root causes of disease! Lots of great free resources mentioned as well. Thank you!
My aunt directed me to this show, specifically the episode with Evan Golub, to hear his story. I guess she has similar symptoms and that was an easier way for her to explain. Was an excellent podcast and good to hear about the app. I haven’t heard of continuing medical education in this region(Pacific) about Lyme disease. I’ll bring it up to the physicians since I work in a public hospital.
This podcast helped me immensely in my Lyme journey. When I was newly diagnosed and seeking information, listening was about all I could manage due to fatigue and brain fog. Reading anything took too much effort. As I progressed to better health I continued to educate myself via the informative interviews with guests.
My wife started showing symptoms of Lyme and other parasites and co infections shortly after going though a very tough period in her life. She changed career paths got a divorce had a hysterectomy and suffered the loss of her grandmother that she was very close to, all within a matter of 2 months. After she got sick we tried the traditional western medicine route only to get no answers. Thankfully we went to an alternative medicine practitioner and found out she has Lyme disease as well as other co infections, however the treatment she received seemed to not be helping and even making her symptoms worse so we stopped the treatment as it was expensive and seemingly ineffective.. then we were left wondering what next and where do we go... eventually I got fed up with my wife being constantly sick and tired and just miserable...i decided to do some research but didn’t know where to start... money is extremely tight at the moment and I am unable to pay for a treatment plan from an expert... I finally decided to see it there were any podcast with any sort of discussion or information on Lyme so I could formulate a Lyme treatment protocol as cheaply as I could on my own without sacrificing the effectiveness...and I found Lyme ninja! this podcast has opened my eyes as to why she felt worse on treatment (hercs) and has opened so many new avenues to go down ... I finally feel like I’m on the right path to curing or at least managing my wife’s Lyme disease and other co infections! I just might stand a chance to get my wife better on my current budget!! It’s a must if you or a loved one is struggling with Lyme!!! Thank you for this service!!
You have helped me learn so much about this journey which is priceless to someone battling this frustrating, debilitating disease. Thank you for doing what you do!
You are giving so much to so many! I share your podcasts with family friends Doctors Politicians actually EVERYONE! You are to be commended for having such a open understanding approach to a disease that has so many conflicts of interests yet affects Everyone in one way or another. So helpful to me personally as I continue on my journey. You have offered hope and inspiration to me in my longest most painful nights when I had almost given up . You gave me the mindful strength to fight harder. Your gift of hope and understanding Means more than you know. May Gods blessings exceed for you always.
Thank you for producing. I can’t say it enough. You’ve helped save my life.
Thanks for producing an informative podcast and sharing useful information from experts in the field. I look forward to each new episode.
In a world that ignores Lyme, it is so nice to have a podcast dedicated to our fight towards healing!
Thank you for your work it makes a big difference on my Lyme journey
I’v learned so much and have gotten a lot of great ideas and information from Lyme Ninja Radio. It’s my go to place for treatments that work and understanding my disease. Thank you both so much!! I recommend you to everyone I talk to with Lyme. Keep up the good work 💕 Your Lyme friend, Laura from Baltimore, MD.
Lyme Ninja Radio is definitely my favorite Lyme Disease related podcast out there!! I always look forward to new episodes.
I tried to search and didn’t find one, would y’all maybe think about doing an episode on the Cowden Support Program. Information found on it would be awesome if you could interview Dr. Cowden. Thanks for all you do. -Drew B.
I first came across an interview with Dr Horowitz online somewhere in my research of chronic lyme. It was so full I listened again and took notes. After that I literally began at episode 1 and listened to every single episode, I am almost finally caught up! I’ve learned so much and Lyme Ninja Radio has been kind of like a friend to me during treatment when I am really lonely I can listen to it and not feel so alone. Thank you McKay + Aurora!!!!!!!!!
This podcast is awesome! The interviews contain a wealth of detailed information for people healing from Lyme. I get new and interesting, useful info to use on my own healing path each time I listen. Mackay Rippey is a great interviewer - his questions are open ended, and he sits back and lets his guests explore their own ideas in depth. Anyone with Lyme looking to understand the complexity of the disease better and feel empowered to move forward could benefit from listening.
I have Lyme, I gave up on alt health bc of all the bs out there. This is the best evidence based alt health podcast out there! I’m a chiropractor, my husband is a MD, understanding the biochemistry/pathology/histology behind the theory is FASCINATING! this is the most accurate evidence based sources of info on alternative health and western medicine hybrid. They are not “ anti western medicine” which is refreshing, favorite podcast of all time THANK YOU!!!
I’ve been sick for over 10 yrs with Lyme and coinfections, but was only diagnosed a couple years ago. I have to admit the name made me pretty skeptical at first (I thought it sounded corny), but when I saw they had interviewed Dr Horowitz, I thought I would give it a try. Best decision ever! This podcast provides such a good survey of what’s being discovered to manage and treat Lyme- from diet strategies to herx tips to understanding the science behind why your body isn’t working like it used to - it’s just a great podcast! Reading has been difficult for me the last year or so as well, so the fact that I can listen to new research and ideas is just great. Thank you for producing such a quality resource.
I had a dream that I had the opportunity to see and be healed by Jesus. I reached through a crowd to touch his coat, as the story from the Bible goes. Instead of receiving instant healing, I got a blueprint. I remember waking up that morning disappointed that i had such a realistic dream with no results. It took me a couple of years to realize that the "blueprint" represented the path to healing that I have been on consistently since that time. Lyme Ninja Radio is on that path. It is consistently an inspiration toward motivation to keep searching,an introduction to new ideas and research, full of guidelines for dietary and supplement interventions, and a constant reminder that in suffering, there are always silver linings. Thank you, Mackay and Aurora, for all you do. I think you are both amazing. Please keep it up!
I am so very grateful for Lyme Ninja Radio. You guys are so awesome! Thanks so much for the energy you put into these show. I really appreciate all that I am learning from you guys!
Informative. Helpful for us Lyme brained ninjas is the summation given by Aurora. Just awesome. Thank you so much.
This podcast has helped me learn so much about Lyme disease since I became ill. Mackay & Aurora do a wonderful job with it. Thank you so much!
Love listening to Mackay and his guests! He can intellectualize without causing brain-fog overload! Definitely recommend!
Consistent with so many other stories, my daughter's Lyme Disease went undiagnosed for six years. Her initial, acute stage was mostly neurological, and two pediatric neurologists at the University of Chicago sat my husband and I down in a room and told us it was psychosomatic and that our 11 year old needed therapy. A steady decline in energy and increase in pain for six years climaxed into grand mal seizures starting in February. At this point, we have positive diagnoses for myself and my mother, too. Our family owns a Bed and Breakfast and organic farm, and we have three school age children. I simply do not have time to read every new book that comes out about chronic illness or Lyme--nor do I necessarily think that is healthy. This podcast has been instrumental in bringing me up to speed and is so effective in summarizing all of the advances in science. I picked and chose the podcasts that interested me the most, but I have headed back to the beginning to listen to them all. I have even reviewed several as my understanding of Lyme Disease or medicine has evolved. We are slowly mending and are going to get a handle on our health, and when we do, I will be excited to find my own place to advocate. Thanks for all you do, Mackay!
I stumbled on Lyme Ninja Radio while searching for interviews with Dr. Terry Wahls, and what luck! It's turned into a lyme lifeline, because I hear the host and guests talk about all the oddball symptoms I have. It's an enormous comfort to hear from people having the same experience. The host has a easy interview style, and the information has been invaluable to my recovery. Thank you McKay; you are doing important work!
Thank for making such a awesome podcast. You do great work!
Likeable hosts, great information. I look forward to this every week. It's been a big help. Thanks, folks.
Introduces you to lots of researchers and doctors working on lyme, and is a perfect springboard for further research.
I'm so thankful to this podcast! I truly never miss an episode and cannot begin to tell you how much I have learned. You are "real", you are informative, a critical thinker and in this crazy, Wild West, exhausting vast hole us Lymies are thrust's really critical to have a place you can go to learn and feel support. Thank you. Thank you. From South Florida...where Lyme "doesn't" exist. 😒
i’ve had Lyme disease + co-infections since 2005, + like many of us with this dreadful disease, have had to advocate + research endless hours to educate myself about its complexities + evolving treatments. i truly appreciate what Mackay + Aurora have done + continue to do for the Lyme community, + have benefitted greatly from the wealth of info they’ve provided. and . . . i love the nerdy ninja character + hearing the intro music to the show!
I'm so glad to have this resource available during my trial with Lyme
Thank you Lyme Ninja Radio for informing us about Lyme, and allowing role models like Amy to share their powerful stories.
Lyme Ninja is the best place to learn about lyme and how other lymies got well. They cover a lot of different remedies, suppliments, and programs. They cover this by talking with folks that have lyme or reserachers, lab specialists or doctors that know how the bacteria and viriuses live and die. Not every episode has a take away for you, but it's very possible the next will. One thing that stands out with podcast is the quality of the sound, and organization. I can listen easily. Mackay has a clear speaking voice and that means a lot to me. Probably a lyme thing, but I do appreciate that. :-)
This amazing and informative podcastis a treat every Tuesday. I highly recommend becoming a subscriber.
I absolutely love this podcast!! Lyme ninja radio is truly a blessing!! :-)
As I'm lying in bed to tired to read, watch tv or do anything else , this program has really helped me. "Like crawling up a mountain on your hands and knees." Thank you.
The speakers and topics covered in Lyme Ninja radio have helped me to physically and emotionally navigate the meandering experience of Lyme. I feel comforted by people’s success stories and educated by the up-to-date information on important topics for healing. It’s clear that Mackay has the talent and compassionate heart to inform and inspire the Lyme community :-D Thank you Mackay!!
Keep up the great work helping us get better from Lyme.
Love the topics and explanation of lyme and how to cope with it!!!
Lyme Ninija Radio has a wealth of information which the podcasts bring to the fore. The format is interesting and the guests are expert. Mackay Rippey knows his subject and has given everyone access to the experts in this field. I'll be listening in every week!
Mackay's acupuncture has helped me tremendously and now these interviews that he's sharing are a huge bonus!! It's eye-opening to learn how many people are suffering with Lyme disease; this truly is a silent epidemic. These podcasts are extremely informative and I feel more connected listening to others tell of their stories, research and support.
Some cool people being interviewed and interesting information from the researchers.
The Lyme Ninja podcast is an excellent source of up-to-date information regarding Lyme disease and treatment. I am currently on the healing path after being sick with Lyme disease. It is inspirational to hear how others worked through a very difficult time and came out the other side.
This is a great podcast on Lyme. Thanks.