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I love radio goethe and always look forward to new updates. So many interesting bands can be found here~
Awesome podcast featuring the best of popular, and the not-so-well-known of German music. For me it started with Rammstein, but friends and shows like this have helped me find all kinds of great German music! Check it out if you are bored with today's US scene!!!
Awesome podcast, from all genres of music: Industrial (my favorite), metal, hard rock, synthpop, EBM, and anything else you could name. All the best stuff is coming from the German-speaking area, and this show only proves it. Thank you for all the years of music, Arndt!
Radio Goethe is an excellent program that features artists from Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The music is quite diverse, giving artists from all types of genres the opportunity to have their music heard in the US and worldwide. For fans of German music, this show is perfect for you, but even people who know nothing of German music will discover amazing stuff here!! Check it out!!
I've been listening to the Radio Goethe shows for many years now, and they never cease to amaze and thrill me with the music selection. I have found so many great bands, and met some pretty awesome people over the years, all because of Arndt Peltner's efforts in promoting German language music in the USA. Take a chance on these shows... you might be pleasantly surprised!


By reisen
has a wide range of music from german-speaking countries, from medieval to electronic to rock, and much more. its a great way to discover new music, whether you speak german or not
Not just some of the best German music, but some of the best music period. When you get tired of the garbage on regular radio this podcast will open up a new musical world to you. I love this show and have many new favorite songs and groups becuase of it. If you don't like one show, stick with it, because the next could be completely different. But give it a try and you might get hooked like me.