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As a fellow podcaster, Josh really does a great job at engaging his guests quickly and his genuine and authentic approach are a breath of fresh air. Really enjoyed the experience and love the show!!!
Awesome show, glad I found you!!
I love the academy-like format of the show which really contributes to me getting a hell of a lot out of this podcast! Interesting, informative and inspiring! Nicely done!
Whether you’re a podcaster, a blogger, or making videos on YouTube, you’ll get some great ideas and perspective from this podcast.
Like the idea and the focus on “ACADEMY” theme! Some great guests!
Good stuff here! Like the interview with Greg Hickman of Mobile Mixed. LOT of great info there on the subject of Mobile Marketing which is something you NEED to (seriously) consider as a marketer.
Very informative and great content!
Very good information to help me in my own career in multi-media.
It was a pleasure being on Josh’s show. Great flow and a good time!
I am looking forward to the great ideas I know I am going to pick up from Josh and his guests!
I'm a big fan of anything Joshua Rivers does. He has a way of simplifying things. I appreciate his heart for people. Great stuff!!