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I really enjoy this podcast. Finding good local craft beer is super awesome, and NC is a hotbed for it. However, I have to knock off a star simply for Joe’s over use of the word “crush.”
I love all things beer: brewing it, drinking it, talking about it and visiting places that make it. And now listening to y’all talking about it. I’m binging all things 911 Beer!
Very interesting podcast! Big craft beer fan, over the last 7 years, I have moved from Raleigh to Durham now to Mebane, so a little outside the area, but a nice way to stay plugged in to the Triangle beer scene!
Been listening for 3 years. Really wish Joe would let the guests talk instead of interrupting them and telling them how they should run their business.
Long Time listener, First time Rater. From Aged IPAs to kids in Rubbermaid Trash Cans, this podcast has it all! I think you guys should touch on Lagers more than you do now, I just think Adam would enjoy that more. I’m just gonna stop rating and listen. Cheers!
I’ve been listening to the 919 beer guys for almost 3 years and I always love it. They always have a fun time and have gotten me to try new brands throughout the Raleigh area.
Just love the interplay between Joe, Adam and Wayne. Always learning something new about the local craft beer and spirits scene as well as great local food trucks and restaurants. Enjoy listening every week.
Enjoy hearing their take on not only what tastes good, but the various business and polical aspects of the NC beer industry. Can't recommend highly enough. I asked Adam a question on twitter and he actually responded. Cool.
Always a fan of 99.9 The Fan and this is a top notch beer podcast. Love it
What's the best way to fill your beer fridge with delicious and interesting new brews for the weekend? Listen to these guys of course! This is a great way to get to know the local beer industry and hear about events, new breweries/shops, and new breweries coming to the 919!
Great podcast that spotlights Triangle area breweries. A must for new craft beer drinkers and enthusiasts alike.
Great podcast. Almost too much to keep up with in the Triangle now anyway, but this podcast is great for getting news on upcoming events, beers and breweries in the area. Also insightful discussion of local and national issues facing the beer industry.
This is a great show with weekly episodes where the hosts discuss local craft beer news and interview local breweries. It's so awesome being able to get the inside scoop on what's going on in the Triangle directly from the brewers themselves. This is also a great place to find out what going on as far as beer events and festivals. I try to listen every week and let the guys humorously entertain me while helping me plan my weekend!
These guys know what they're talking about. This is my go to show for triangle beer news. Keep it up fellas can't wait for beericana!
If you are interested in a humorous and informative podcast about beer, specifically Triangle & North Carolina beer, look no farther. Every week Joe & Adam make the rounds with some talk about beer, upcoming events, and a guest that ties into the local beer industry. It’s a quick, easy listen that will keep you in the know about #ncbeer.
I stumbled upon the new podcast last week and can’t get enough, just what the NC craft beer scene needed, keep up the great work guys