Bloody Sunday: The Strain Podcast

Reviews For Bloody Sunday: The Strain Podcast

Whether you love, hate, or hate to love The Strain, this podcast is worth your time. The cartoonish yet on-point impressions will have you laughing along with the Bloody Sunday crew, as they nobly suffer through the task of recapping a series that somehow manages to be both mediocre and infuriating.
This podcast is the best thing about The Strain and the only reason I keep watching it. These guys are hilarious while providing lots of insight into the entertainment industry, story development, acting, and writing. I look forward to this podcast every week.
Simply put, hosts offer nothing but complaints and even give the wrong info. Sorry guys but why have a podcast of a show if your not even going to offer anything new to the audience?
The Philly Improv tv podcasts (Stark Raven Mad, Reheated) are all great fun and this is probably the best, either despite or because of the show's uneven quality. The commentary is fun and friendly in itself and then the occasional short improv scenes (especially the imagined Eichhorst/Master dialogs) make it hilarious.
True fans share their knowledge and insight on each episode. Entertaining and intellectual conversation with fair criticisms shared in a fun way. Love these folks, please keep it up!
Ignore that 1-star guys are doing great! Here's what I sent last year...Great addition to my hate-watching of The Strain. The TV show has so much potential and I love how the hosts of this podcast point out all the flaws. It's fun just like the TV show. Please keep going through the motions!
Why podcast if you dislike the show so much? It is one big snark fest. You do yourselves and your audience a disfavor. There are too many good Strain Podcasts out there to waste your time on one where the podcasters admittedly don't like the show.
Great podcast! I enjoy listening to the hosts talk about this crazy show. Very funny. Makes me want to keep watching 'The Strain' so I can hear their opinions about each episode. I usually enjoy this podcast more than the actual show.
gonna get me in trouble at work with my random bursts of laughing :)
Great show great podcast! Keep up the good work, fellers.
Great chat reviewing a crazy show. No sparkly vamps here.
What an amazing show! Even after 1 episode these guys once again show they're the best in the biz at balancing show analysis with hilarious commentary. It's like watching the show with a bunch of funny friends for people who don't have funny friends.