Reviews For The Audio PANCE and PANRE Physician Assistant Board Review Podcast

After I got used to skipping the intro, the core content is consistently high quality. Ive listened multiple times thru!
Super helpful in the last month of preparing for the pance. He goes fast though! A couple extra seconds between question and answer would be helpful.
It’s good but his intro and music is awful once you’ve heard it 10 times. Stopped listening d/t how annoying the intro outro are. Plus sells smarty pance too much and wastes time with commercials for it.
Please keep Joe on the website and everything else! He makes my life so much easier !!! PLEASE! I enjoyed his cardio pharm!!! I like his teaching! He is awesome just like you !!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾
When you just wanna listen to some questions about the PANCE either during a workout or commute to a rotation, this is it! Exactly what I need to get my brain thinking and see what I need to work on. Thank you!
I'm studying for what I hope will be my last PANRE before retirement. I lucked into finding this podcast and the associated website and IMMEDIATELY plunked down my money for a subscription. There is a TON of content here, and it's organized in a logical and helpful way. I've always found that going through lots of exam questions was the best way to review and this site has plenty with very few errors or discrepancies. Way to go!
Love these Q&A podcasts. It's a little easier to pay attention/stay focused interact since multiple choices are provided.
Great high yield review especially while driving, walking, working out or whatever else you may be doing
This podcast is great for when driving or when you can't have your head in a book. I had it on in the car, kitchen, and shower. Episodes are short and sweet. I got all the episodes by purchasing the Academy from the PA Life website to prep for taking the PANCE. This is one of the resources I used to study and i'm happy to say I passed the PANCE in my first attempt. thank you Stephen!
This is a great way to get review questions in! Some of his questions are exactly like the ones from the old Packrat questions, which are high yield! Highly recommend!
For all of the commuters and everyone else in between, these podcasts really optimize the time spent on the road and bring a good interaction bit to the table. Thank you so much for the hard work put into these.
This podcast is awesome! Each episode is under 10 minutes, and goes through 10 multiple choice questions similar to those you would find on the PANCE or PACRE (or PACKRAT for those of you still in school). Each question has 4 answer choices, followed by the correct answer and a brief explanation. Why do I love this podcast? 1. I find it hard to pay attention to long monologues on one topic. This podcast has short snippets of varied information. 2. The listener is involved by mentally answering the questions as they are asked. 3. If you do lose concentration for a minute (I listen while driving, so sometimes traffic can be a distraction) you can just pick up at the next question. Because the questions are different, they dont build on each other so you can still learn if you miss one. 4. They are brief and to-the-point.. I often drive short 10-15 minute trips, just enough time to listen to an entire podcast. 5. Stephen Pasquini (the creator) adds clinical information when test answers are different from real life. So you get to learn how to answer on an exam and what to do when you see it in real life. 6. The questions are similar to those found on the actual PANCE, so it's a good method for studying. The only downside to this podcast is the number of episodes available. More please, Mr. Pasquini!!!
Thanks for the great website and awesome podcast questions! Always helpful to hear the questions out loud and explained.
This is exactly what it says it is. That is the beauty of this podcast. It is 10 exam type question that you can listen to on the go!