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The episode interviewing Joe Pulizzi was my first Big Wig podcast. Looking forward to the rest. Very informative!
BIGWIG NATION is a *MUST* listen to podcast if you want real world life & business advice from some of the world's most successful entrepreneurs! Darrin Bentley is a genuine caring all around great guy who not only values his time, but yours as well. Listen, Enjoy, but more importantly TAKE MASSIVE ACTION & NEVER GIVE UP! #StrongerTogether
Darren does a great job of leading his guests. He is able to keep the conversation engaging on both sides of the “radio”. Great host, great guests, great content! Y’all gotta check out Darrin’s episode with Russell Brunson… just saying :) Chuck Wang
Game Changer! Specific Actionable advice on literally every aspect of my business. You can be an entrepreneur without listening to this podcast, but why would you want to be. Darrin, thank you for the profit and freedom this podcast has brought into my life. Release more!!!
The intro to this show says "What you are about to hear has the power to change your life", can I just say that it is true!!! Just a few episodes in and I employed a tip given on the show, and it DID CHANGE MY LIFE! It has put me into a whole new category with my employer. I assure you, I am going to listen to every episode faithfully. I would also like to say that Darrin is 100% authentic and genuine and he has a voice made for this. Absolutely freakin brilliant!
Darrin gets all the movers and shakers in the business/entreprenerial world on his show. His interview skills are on point. It is a very easy listen with tons of great information. I recommend subscribing and listening to every show. There is a definate take away for me in every episode. Keep up the great work Darrin! Really, really well done.
If you want to exponentially expand your business and life, this is the podcast to listen to. I was humbled when Darrin asked me to be the very first interviewee of Big Wig Nation. Over time I went from being an interviewee to becoming an avid listener. Darrin is an entrepreneur with a big heart and the innate gift to truly connect with his guests. Aside from doing his homework, thoroughly researching and prepping for each session, Darrin really listens. He is present and in the flow, which allows him to improvise, find the richness in each story, ask the tough questions and have a sense of humor -- no matter how big of a wig his Big Wig guest may be. Because of that you are not only getting solid business advice and simple, easy to implement strategies, but also feel like you get to know each interviewee as the real, vulnerable, relatable human being that they are. The result is empowerment, education and entertainment rolled into one awesome package you don't want to miss!
Darrin Bentley's Big Wig Nation offers introspective reflection on a wide spectrum of topics. Regardless of your primary interest - be it business, family, religion, self-growth, politics, or motivational - this unique program explores ubiquitous topics in an authentically empathetic, wide-eyed, and truthful manner. As host, Bentley is in full command. Carefully navigating the dialogue of at-times, tense and taboo subjects, into beautifully profound ideas that are shared by many, but often left unsaid. Last, but certainly not least, the guest list of featured authors, artists, speakers, coaches, and brilliant minds is incomparable. Open your mind and free yourself from the from corporate media agenda, controlled by out-of-touch billionaires. This is your chance to to escape - it's time to defect and join the Big Wig Nation.
Darren, thanks for the episode on connecting with influencers for podcast interviews. I heard about visualization before but haven't realized it can be so powerful. The show is well produced and your voice is very engaging.
Darrin has put together a podcast for those who like to think big and learn from others who think big. Check it out! Yaro
BWN has everything you want in a podcast- valuable content, influential guests, and applicable strategies that enable you to take a step back and evaluate how to improve your personal life, business, and overall relationships. Highly recommend the podcast to all. You won’t be disappointed.
First things first I love this show! Great content and really like the way your style gets guests to open up and give their best stuff away. You run the gamut of topics and offer great solutions that actually deliver on that result needed. I am all about personal development and want to thank you because I've applied some of the tips and already have an advantage over competitors in my industry. The Dan Sullivan interview was top shelf and can't wait to see who the next phenomenal guest will be! Quick question though I've actually been thinking of doing a podcast and really like your style. Do you have a course or something like that on how to do a podcast? Thanks again
Darrin Bentley does a bang up job with his Big Wig Nation podcast. Not only does he explore a variety of topics with amazing guests, but his interviews come from the heart. He is sincere and genuine in his desire to explore emotions, spirituality, and insights that help others others achieve business success. Thanks Darrin for all you share with the world.
Darrin is the real deal. If you study marketing or Internet or people: this show is for you. Here's a guy with a great show and a great concept: "get real with entrepreneurs and experts/thought leaders" in a bunch of fields. Make it interesting. Talk about the human aspect. It's so relatable you really walk away inspired to go DO your stuff, not just 'inspired for a minute'. You hear their struggles, and their success. THIS is where podcasting needs to go.
I met Darrin on Facebook (we were in a group together), and we came came friends. He's a great guy, with a big voice and a bigger heart! And both of those things SHINE in his show! If you need encouragement, advice, guidance, the Big Mouth with the Big Heart and a Big Show is a DEFINITE subscription with benefits!
Darrin not only has a great voice for podcasting but has great content for entrepreneurs in his interviews. Great job, Darrin, and keep up the good work.
Darrin Bentley is more than a podcaster. Yes he does bring you the top guests in many different industries to impart knowledge. But when you listen to Darrin you want to take action. You want to stop settling for mediocre and challenge yourself to be a bit better than the status quo. Darrin took the time to talk with me about a podcast I’m working on, and it turned towards a more personal situation I was facing which he was more than willing to address with me. Darrin is a podcaster who obviously cares for the individual and not just the bottom line.
I can’t say enough about Darrin, you must experience his show to understand. I love the show and the guy behind it.
Darrin is totally down-to-earth and is fantastic at spotlighting the great personalities on his program. Don't just listen... listen good. You will walk away with real value!
I'm a fan of podcasts and so glad I found Big Wig Nation. I admire and follow many of the people Darrin interviews. He asks some very poignant questions and does a great job sound good advice from his guests so the rest of us can learn from the best. Professionally executed…really great work.
Big Wig Nation is a must! Darrin extracts gems of insight and goodness from his influential and accomplished guests. Entrepreneurs and professionals will enjoy the show!
Ever want to hear from the greats in today's world? You find that here! Darrin is an amazing host and has an amazing voice that makes it all worth it. The guest he has on the show are true Big Wigs!!!! Subscribe and don't miss this show ever again!
I recently found this podcast in Stitcher and found it to be incredibly insightful with practical nuggets of knowledge from those entrepreneurs who've once struggled to the success they are today. I've only heard a handful of episodes and I'm hooked! Darrin interviews people from many diverse backgrounds so it offers something for everybody. I look forward to my morning walks to catch another BIG WIG NATION!
Darrin always keeps things intriguing & has a great personality!
I have had the pleasure of knowing Darrin Bentley for the last 25 years. A better person one can ever be associated with. I was his manager,and I could not asked for a better person. Darrin, I wish u the best in life and I hope you succeed in all of your expectations . Good luck my friend
I have been listening to Darrin's show for awhile and find it to be really enjoyable and very informative. He gets really amazing guests and each guest brings something new. Terrific show, Darrin!!
I love Darrin's variety of guests. I learn a lot of new content. Darrin's style is awesome too. It's well thought out and intelligent conversations with interesting people. I never miss one.
I have just had the pleasure of meeting Darrin. I am in love with this podcast. Wonderful guests and really awesome questions! He asks the questions we would like to ask! Looking forward to each episode!
Love Darrin Bentley's Big Wig Nation! This is one of the few podcasts on my "must listen to" list. Darrin has great guest... But even more important, he asks great questions!
Darrin is a talent Magnet. Love the energy and the guests. You are a true servant. Thank you.
Love Big Wig Nation! Darrin gets the most interesting guests in the world and gets them to share their insights in a very entertaining and informative manner. Darrin asks great questions and shares his own insights and opinions and various topics. I Highly recommend checking out this podcast !
Great guests, great interviews and integrity! Love these podcasts!


By BDD2817
Great interviews, great insight and amazing guests. I take something valuable away from every podcast I listen to.
You know, there are thousands of podcasts to sift through now, but Big Wig Nation is one that you don't have to think much about. Darrin Bentley interviews the most incredible people on the planet (many people I knew of beforehand and some I "discovered" on Big Wig Nation). He gets them to open up. He has a unique gift for doing that. I love this podcast and listen whenever I get the chance! I suggest you do the same.
Yes, literally. Lol. I love Darrin's interview style and the way he connects with guests. On top of that -- and probably the most important -- I've learned things from his interviews that I've gone back to my life and implemented. So expect tons of actionable advice from guests you won’t find on other podcasts. Thanks for doing an awesome job with this podcast Darrin! - Ted Ryce
I thoroughly enjoy Darrin's podcasts. He has the best voice and is so knowledgable about podcasting. And great guests! Overall, one of my favorite podcasts! Sue
I am amazed at the plethora of guests that come on Big Wig Nation. They all have a unique success story, and Darrin really asks the tough questions to get to the root of the “why” and “how.”
Yes, Darrin brings on great guests… But they are a dime a dozen when it comes to podcasts. What sets apart Big Wig Nation from others is the quality of questions and how Darrin gets his guests to spill more details about their journey and success than on other shows.
I lovediscussions that don't sound canned or scripted. Questions that just come up naturally. Answers that just create themselves. That's what I get here.
Darrin creates greats podcasts, very informational no BS, helps me in my business and great insight as i work on developing my podcasts as well. Keep up the great work!
I’m so glad I found this show. The Robert Kiyosaki interview was excellent. I’m looking forward to hearing from more of the Big Wigs as time goes one. Thanks Darrin for producing such a terrific show.
But that takes nothing away from the host. Darin speaks clearly and always asks interesting questions. With all the over produced filler shows out there and others with average sound quality, Big Wig Nation lives up to it's name...this show has earned it's keep on my iPhone!
Darrin ALWAYS delivers great quality content and amazing guests! Love listening to this in the morning!!!! Quality of thoughts and subjects that he and his guests bring up inspires me to dig deep and go bigger in my own life!!
I am glad to be able to call Darrin a good friend. He brings his no BS approach to this shows and gets amazing guests to break out of their prescribed shell and just be REAL. I never miss a show and have to admit more than once I got stuck in the garage just sitting there, because the show wasn't finished and no way did I want to wait till the next morning to finish. Way to rock and roll Darrin! You are truly a BIG WIG with a big heart!
Captivating and inspiring! Learned lots from the interviews. And Darrin is phenomenal!! Sitting on the edge of my seat!!! Super authentic!! Way to go Darrin!
I was sold right from the jump! As a Dad of 3, a corporate manager for 14 years and an aspiring entrepreneur I completely connected with the intro episode 000 and know I’m hooked. This is an amazing podcast with such unique and inspiring guests. Darrin you are truly a rockstar! Keep ROCKING ~ Joel Louis
Darrin's direct, no-nonsense approach puts this podcast a notch above the others!
Darrin really knows his stuff! Love his show and the guests he brings on. This is truly both an entertaining and highly informative show. Great work!
Darrin has created an inspirational, powerful, passionate podcast that provides listeners with tools to achieve greatness. This show encourages and challenges you to make the leap and find the courage to pursue on what you want. Great show!