Reviews For The Doorpost Podcast Project // Inspiring interviews with some of today's most successful Entrepreneurs

This is an awesome platform to INSPIRE people in the entertainment industry and those who are wanting to get into it. It is a very competitive field and many times people need a little encouragement from those who have done it and are doing it. Kudos to you Duane for bring this “light” to the people. It can be a dark and daunting path to navigate without something or someone to light the way. Good on you, sir! Keep ‘em coming! ~TR
Very interesting to hear how actors, stuntmen, directors etc. got their start and the advice they have to give. Great stuff.
Interesting stuff here. Listened to a couple so far and will be back for me. Great job Duane!
Dude, you are doing a great thing for so many inspiring artists. It is inside info that I wish I could have know when I started out. It's great to share your message and cause with the world around you. Please keep is rolling. I can't wait to see what you do with the new Doorpost!
Drawn into listening even though I'm not in the entertainment business. Interviews are inspiring and educational.
What a great resource! Just turn it on and listen to it in the background while working. The insights aren't just for the entertainment industry, they're for ANY industry.
I enjoy listening to biographies and watching documentaries. This show is like that to me. I get to know the real person, what made them successful, and learn interesting facts about the entertainment industry. Even though I'm a bookkeeper for a doctor, I love this series!!!
Anyone aspiring to be involved in film, music or the arts will have many of their questions answered by listening to these veterans stories and insights. Very informative! Duane does a superlative job as an interviewer!
You guys drive the point home of marketing in the entertainment industry and how important it is to be an entrepreneur. This is so true and the point that I drive home to my students. This podcast speaks my language. I love it!
always good to hear from others in the entertainment world.
Spielberg once said, "Every time I go to a movie, it's magic, no matter what the movie's about.” Duane has tapped into that magic with this podcast.
Duane is a natural born host, I'm looking forward to what's next.
I love I can't wait for the next one


Duane is awesome.
Nice material - diverse set of guests all with helpful and insightful info on how to succeed in entertainment biz...
Sincerely appreciate the time that went not this podcast. Thank you
As a veteran media professional for more than two decades, I can tell you I have seen more change in production, marketing, and distribution in the last 4 years than in the last 24, combined. It’s a real treat to hear Duane and his guests provide insight and encouragement for those of us trying to release new media brands in a rapidly changing environment. For anyone “in the biz”, this is truly great stuff!
Interesting subject matter... Well worth a listen.
Duane Barnhart does a great job at creating and inspiring entrepreneurs through his insightful questions and interviews. Worth the time!
All the people you are interviewing are amazing! I can't wait for more interviews!
Five stars!
Very encouraging podcast for those of us in the industry or wanting to be. Duane is helping people by providing inside info from the professionals of all walks in the business. I love these types of podcasts because you get the experience so many in the field have had… A must listen!
This material is long overdue, count me in! Thanks for sharing this insightful conversation as an overview. We are looking forward to future interviews and on my way to check out the thedoorpost blog.