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As a podcaster myself who has worked in the audio industry for years, I can say that this is a master class in production. Listen and learn folks.
Wonderful interviews with writers, producers, actors, and others creating audio dramas. But the in-depth interviews often transcend the medium, focusing on interesting people and how they look at the world. Inspiring, informative, and something for everyone.
I’m so thankful for finding this show. New to the audio drama production world, I’ve learned so much from the fun, entertaining and informative show! David Steele Ark City
This is an excellent podcast! It is full of interesting interviews, and helpful information!! It covers a range of topics, and all of the information is very helpful!!
I need all of this content, please keep it coming
There's SO MUCH useful information here, presented in a fun and approachable format!
An excellent resource for audio dramatists.
Whether you've been creating audio drama for years, just getting started, considering getting started, or just want to know how it works, there's no better podcast than this one. The hosts are terrific and they get some amazing guests with tips, tricks, and a wealth of experience to share.
This is a great show for anyone interested in creating audio drama. The amount of knowledge and experience brought by the hosts and the guests is incredibly useful and inspiring! Professional, entertaining, and enlightening.
These first 100 episodes are some of the most inspiring pieces of audio you can ever listen to. From equipment to writing to working with voice actors, this podcast is everything you need to know to get started on making your own Audio Drama. I'm looking forward to what the new hosts can bring to the table.
Here it is two years late, thankfully not too late, and I finally ran across this podcast. I was searching around for new audio drama to listen to after We're Alive: Lockdown finished; which is what all fans do when K C Wayland leaves us high and dry between productions. Relevant, interesting, and smart to say the least. If you ever had a yen to know the how-of-it-all in the creation process of the shows you love, and with an inspirational aspect as well, this podcast is simply IT. I may have stumbled across this little beauty by accident, but I'm so happy I did. In one of their more recent episodes Matthew said the above line "every day's a school day." It may be a normal thing they say across the Atlantic, but it rang loudly with me. I want it on a T-shirt. It also doesn't hurt that the two hosts of the show (Matthew and Robert) have accents that I can listen to all day long. "Wee" as in tiny and "ya ken" as in you know makes me smile and keep on listening. They offer valuable, in-depth information, from varied sources along with fantastic interviews of the players in the field of audio drama. Their show can help you hear podcasts with a different ear, develop your own audio drama, of course, or perhaps you'll hear just that one new thing you hope to learn every day. Bravo guys and I hope you enjoy doing what you're doing as much as I dig listening. Keep up the great work.
Been listening for a couple of years now. Indespensible advice and insight in a quickly growing filed of audio production. Thanks guys!
I can't emphasize enough how important this podcast is for anyone interested in starting their own audio fiction or even people already doing it. The resources, insights and interviews are amazing! This might be the most important resource there is on audio drama production.
i cant say enough good things about this show! as a fledgling audio drama producer, i can honestly say that without the audio drama production podcast, our production studio would not have just released our first production! i have learned so much from listening to this show, and the hosts are just great! the knowledge they provide, not just from their own experience, but through interviews with the top creators in this quickly growing medium, has been invaluable. if you have an interest in learning how to create audio drama, this is the place to be. keep up the great work guys... i'm a listener for life
As a fledgling audio drama producer. I've found this podcast an indispensable source of wisdom. These guys humbly share the wealth of their own experience and direct the listener to other sources as well. Thanks!!
Need that edge in lawn care maintenance? Looking for a couple of pals to down that pint with? Look no further than the Audio Drama Production Podcast - the best place to be during that one day of sunshine in Scotland! All joking aside, this podcast is amazing. If you are an audio drama producer, writer, composer, or just an avid fan, you are guaranteed to learn something. Yes, most days you will find Matthew and Robert recording out of their car, but what you will not find is lack of passion. They have helped shape a thriving community and inspired so many to follow their dreams. What are you waiting for? Starting listening and get recording! -Ron
As a music/podcast producer and audio drama fan looking to break into the world of audio drama production this show a great resource. Truely one of its kind podcast (trust me, I've looked). The hosts seem genuine and they know what they are talking about because they are doing it themselves. The show regularly features interviews and segments with people working in the audio drama field at all levels. Very cool show, great tips, and the hosts sound like down to Earth people learning as they go and passing the knowledge on.
Robert and Matthew are fun, engaging hosts, and it's been fun to see them learn as they continue to produce new audio drama. Their technical advice is stellar, especially for an AD producer who's just starting out, but their interviews always seem to be uncut, and contain a lot of chaff.
Much needed informational podcast on all matters audio-drama, preseted by this enthusiastic and encouraging duo. Look forward every week to hear what you are up to. Keep it up, lads!
These guys are devoted to helping the medium of audio drama to thrive by sharing their knowledge and experience. If you are a creator, or have an idea for an audio drama, have a listen and find out how to get started. If you are a consumer of audio drama, as I am, take advantage of their insights to enhance your own listening experience.
Informative and varied resource to learn about all the asects of production. Lots of great guests.
If audio drama is on your radar as a possible way to tell stories, you have to check these guys out from Episode 1. There isn’t a wasted episode.
The ADPP has been a really great help to me in making my own Audio Drama production. Really glad that this is out there! Matthew and Robert do a fantastic job!
I’ve been slowly making my way back into audio drama after an involuntary extended leave. So it has been very nice to get reacquainted to the craft by listening to the Audio Drama Production Podcast. I have been very hands on with learning by doing, but It’s nice to find some tricks to help cut down on the learning curve. Keep up the great work guys!
I really enjoy these guys. I look forward to listening to more episodes.
As the hosts are fond of saying, podcast audio dramas are a niche of a niche. But for anyone looking to get into that world, this show is hands-down the best resource I know of. Great info, discussions, and all-around enjoyable content.
The Audio Drama Production Podcast is a real joy. Matthew and Robert are providing an amazing and much-needed resource to the rapidly growing community of audio artists who produce (or are interested in getting started in) audio drama. Whether you are a producer, director, composer or voice actor, the ADPP will give you food for thought, inspiration, and the collective knowledge and experience of a pool of talented guests, culled from producers of the best audio dramas (and comedies, etc) going. Highly recommended!
I wish I came across this fantastic podcasts earlier, my own production would have been much better. The advice is top notice. The hosts are down to earth and insightful. The interviews with with the top players in modern audio drama must be heard by anyone interested in audio drama production. Well done.
I have found this podcast to be most helpful and quite encouraging while working on my next production. I enjoy hearing the various interviews, focusing on other audio producer's experiences, moments often explored with clips from their particular work. Best of all, the hosts are a delight!
As someone who produces my own audio drama, I thoroughly enjoy this podcast. It's insightful, clever, and really helpful to those of us out here working in a bit of seclusion.
This is useful content for me as I gear up to make my own audio drama. They have good coverage of a variety of topics, and they're getting a lot of excellent guests.
A show like this has long been needed. Been listening to audio drama podcasts for a while and really like hearing from people who have made actual audio dramas. The practical stuff is why you listen but the hosts are witty and keep things entertaining.
Very insightful, can’t wait for more.
Much needed content for an art form of ever-increasing significance. Keep it up, guys!