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Dude, this podcast is totally rad, They talk about some rockin stuff and it’s rad, totally my favorite podcast to crack open a 12 pack too or jam out to at work, this podcast is definitely a babe magnet podcast, right on dude


RIP RMCP. Youse was the best.
Enjoy the banter and album reviews. You single handily make the argument that Sammy Hagar was better than DLR.
These guys rule
Do you like music? Do you like metal? Not poser, mallcore, hot topic, bro do you even lift metal, but metal? Then this is for You! Ralph and Ian bring years of listening and concert experience and combine that with insightful and often hilarious takes on classic metal and rock reviews. Once you get it, you will be hooked. It’s bonfire banter that feels like old friends that you want to hang with and tune in again and again.
Even the discussions of bands I don’t know at all are still quite interesting and HILARIOUS! These guys are the last remaining voices of free and uncensored adult talk. A real ROCK show BY and FOR the fans!
Best reviews regarding Rock and Metal album. It feels like your in the room with both, having a beer and talking about music. I’m more of a rock fan but you guys have turned me on into some other bands that I would have maybe not discovered cause of you guys.Thanks for the entertainment and keep it going 😎🎸
First found out about them through their Blue Öyster Cult reviews.
These guys r awesome , because they only like the wordy reviews, To drunk , not gonna do it, just imagine a clever review with lots of worrddsssss🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘.
I’ve been listening to this podcast since 2016 and I’ve been laughing ever since, the two hosts Ralph and Ian are true music fans who just like a good time I love listening to them and talking with them on the Facebook group. I just listened to the poison open up and say ahh episode and it was the funniest thing I’ve heard in years. Fantastic podcast 5 stars
PODCASTERS BEWARE! If you are going to have Ian or Ralph (or both) on your show, you will most likely seem dull, uninspired, boring, not funny and etcetera etc. These guys are the masters. There are no podcasts even CLOSE to the RAMCP. Ian once told me he and Ralph will never stop and I hope that is true! Can i rate this 20 stars out of five?


By tomekey
I feel as if we are friends my only complaint is it’s just once a week I can’t get enough I don’t care for a lot of the bands you review but I love every review I just found you guys about a year and a half ago but I am all caught up would love to hear more hairbands and I’m sure I’ll never get it but how about some Loverboy Get Lucky that was my favorite album as a kid thanks guys
Now that I’ve got your attention, I discovered this podcast a few months ago and wish I’d heard it sooner. Ralph and Ian are fantastic hosts, funny and knowledgeable. They review albums I love, and albums I hate. And some I’ve never heard. Every review is great no matter what. I recommend the 15 Worst Motley Crue Songs episode to everyone. Worth repeated listens. Great chemistry between the guys, too. Join their Facebook page to be part of the podcast family and tell them Sammy sent you.


By Jakeobs
Thank you Ralph and Ian you guys a great!! I listen to you every Sunday night before the weekly grind. Not only do they review metal records they do all kinds of rock as well. This is a must listen for any rock or metal fan from the hilarious Poison (take it outside) reviews to classic albums as well. Thank you for introducing me to Armored Saint Revelations. These guys are honest and don’t hold back. Keep up the good work you are appreciated. Much Respect, Billy
I discovered this podcast after becoming a fan of the almosthuman page and I must say that it has reinvigorated my love for rock and metal music. These guys are true fans of the genre and their passion is contagious to say the least. Plus they are two seriously funny dudes who make two hours of a podcast fly by with their back and forth banter and music-related anecdotes. I can’t name the amount of bands they have introduced or re-introduced me to in the past six months I’ve been listening to each episode. So thank you so much for re-awakening the metal head in me and please keep up the great work! You guys rule!


By jass79
5 Boba Fetts out of 5.
Listening to this show is a complete roller coaster for me. One minute I completely agree and the next minute, I hate these guys. This is the exact reason I’m going 5 stars. They love and hate things about their favorite bands instead of being blind followers. My band is KISS, so I get triggered sometimes, but I put my big boy pants on and get over it 5 minutes after they piss me off. Keep it up guys.
Ralph and Ian have been my friends for the past 4 years now going on 5 and I'm not being bias when I say this is the best podcast I ever heard. just two real Metal Heads talking Rock and Metal. no goofy nerds making corny jokes and taking up to an hour to officially get the show started. The Rock & Metal Combat Podcast has no filter and is absolutely hilarious. Ralph and Ian break down albums like no other Podcast does. I have learned alot from the show. I HIGHLY recommend this show to any fan of Rock and Metal. a absolute masterpiece of a show. keep it up good brothers your boy Mike Sears!
The Best! This podcast takes up 2 hours of my work day daily. Ralph and Ian are like heavy metal saints to me and probably to most of the listeners. My favorite Episodes include Metallica Load, and Re load, Danzig II, Tom Petty Hard Promises, and anything Kiss! Keep up the Hard Rock and Heavy metal mayham guys, as i paitently await the Blue Oyster Cult Episode Imaginos! Rock On! PS: Ralph will know me as far_beyond_driven98 on istagram.
If you love music podcasts that are smart, chewy, irreverant, and fun as hell, then you gotta check this show out! The two hosts, Ralph Viera and Ian Wadley, know their music, always have interesting discussions, and are wickedly funny. Gird your loins and check them out!
such a great podcast,so much metal,ralph and ian are rock gods
Hilarious show, and great time kicking back and listening to guys review my favorite albums. 100% recommended
Fairly new to the podcast, just finished episode 33, and I have to say while listening to this podcast I laugh, I cry, I drink, but more importantly I ROCK! Yeah I know that was cheesy, but who doesn't like a little cheese? Episode 34 coming up.....
I stumbled upon this podcast back in August of 2017. I was looking for something Black Sabbath and their review of The Mob Rules popped up. I had no idea what to expect but I gave it a listen and instantly was a fan. I love the chemistry between these guys and the shows are great...especially when they go over the latest rock and metal news. I might like some Sammy Hagar songs and clearly these guys don’t...but that doesn’t change the fact that I really enjoy this podcast. I recommend it to any fan of hard rock and metal music. Keep up the great work guys and thanks for all the many episodes. Rock on!
I absolutely love this podcast.......I'm 45 ande have been listening to Metal....especially NWOBHM and early thrash since I was 11 .......I share their passion.......the choices Ralph and Ian make for their weekly show are great..... many I’ve heard and been a fan for years.... but I’ve been turned onto a few albums I never had time for as well I’ve been a fan of this show because of it’s CONTENT....this show is not a constant barrage of self promotion of their merchandise and commercials for hair loss, food prep services or a bunch of other crap. This podcast is done for the love of the music.... and it shows Thanks Ian and Ralph.... I appreciate all you do.
Hands down, this is the BEST music related podcast out there. I have listened to tons of music podcasts and NONE of them even come close to being as fun and entertaining as these two guys. Simply hilarious, informative, and entertaining. A lot of podcast are a bore with monotone hosts, who sound like they are trying to kill some time at work while on their break, not these guys, their enthusiasm for their love of music is contagious! Hail the rock and metal combat podcast, look no further, forget the rest, go to the best!
Revised after deciding my first pass at a review SUCKED. Are you looking for a podcast hosted by two awesome dudes (and sometimes Terence) who wear their undying love of rock, classic rock, hard rock and heavy metal, politically-incorrect irreverence, conversation tangents as well as their utter disdain for red rockers on their sleeves? The Rock And Metal Combat Podcast is for YOU! Subscribe TODAY! Thank you.
Ralph and Ian are true podcasting geniuses. I enjoy every episode you put out there. Been listening for a few years now and always look forward to the next episode. I’m blown away at the vast knowledge Ralph has in the blink of an eye. He has such a personal connection with music and his experiences at shows or with meetings with members of the bands we all love. Ian is around the same age as I am and I can relate so well with his introspective view into music. Not much I can say that hasn’t already been said in a review besides if you are reading this and have not tuned into an episode, you should do it now. Scroll through the episodes and find an album review that strikes interest within you and hit play. I’m certain that you will be hooked and will start back into it at episode 1 and binge listen. Ralph & Ian, keep up the great work and the history lessons are always enjoyable. Thank you!
This is a great podcast that zeroes in on a diverse range of albums each week. Ralph and Ian do a great job going thorough each album, sometimes with an entertaining special guest. The true highlight for me are the many diversions and side conversations that spring up, from stories about concerts and other memories to original or bootlegged songs. Each episode has the feel of hanging out with good friends and talking about the music you like (and sometimes their moms). Give it a shot, you won’t be disappointed.
This podcast keep me going through my work day! I love the reviews. I’ve been turned on to great albums thanks to you guys. Keep up the great work!
Look now further than this podcast!!! The awesome Doc and amazing Wad share their honest opinions of many overlooked releases from bands we all love. Both Doc & Wad are hilariously crude and do not hold back. Like talking to your buddies about your fave rock/metal bands!! Plus they love their fans even if you disagree at times. Can’t recommend this podcast enough!! 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻 Keith Rochford
They are funny. They know their stuff. And the best part is the GOD that edits it. I love you Rock n Metal Podcast. Long time.
I’ve been listening for awhile and it’s fairly entertaining. I really enjoy the Kiss related episodes in particular. I’m also a Skynyrd fan from Alabama who gets what RVZ was saying in his songs. Sure, there are many backwards people here and in every state I have been. The South gets dumped on for all kinds of things that exist in the North and West. I was laughing actually as Ian slurred his his negative vitriol towards us due to his “progressive” leanings. I’ve never met anyone here that sung praises for Wallace or ever owned a flag. Talk about ignorant...Ralph and Dr Wang are great. 4 chopsticks!


In a good way. Straight forward and a good listen!
That Dandy Classic Music Hour looks forward to meeting you at the Rock N' Pod👍🏻
Love this show, they never pull any punches, and whether I agree with them or not, it is still entertaining. These guys made album reviews cool, and a ton of copy cats have sprung up as a result.
Great show! 🤘🏻
This show is nuts!! Love it.
This is the most family friendly and politically correct show on iTunes. Especially-when the hosts (Ralph and Ian) have a discussion about The Red Rocker and his influence on certain Dutch-American band. And by saying so- I must admit- this is my favorite metal-related podcast. While being very informative, it’s also funny. Many other metal podcasts are informative too- but all of them are extremely boring. Not these guys! Ian and Ralph deliver every episode with humor and knowledge of the subject. Even when they talk about the bands I don’t like (The Beatles for example) - I’m still listening to the last minute. These guys (Ralph and Ian) are not posers nor geeks- they still have a passion of young metal fans, which reminds me of those times, when Metallica played a free show in my hometown Moscow, and me and my school friends had long conversations about our favorite bands and albums, just because we enjoyed the music. For those who are about to discover Rock and Metal Combat Podcast- my strongest recommendation to begin with “The worst of Motley Crue” episode. This is Ian’s and Ralph’s “Black Album” (not produced by Bob Rock). Thank you guys! Your constant listener. Say “Da!”
This is a great podcast for anyone who is a fan of rock/metal and comedy! I wish there were more podcasts out there like this, but thats why this one is so special. Because there isnt anything else like it! One question though. Where did the news segement go? I miss hearing your guys's take on the music news!
These guys are really cool. They have their heartfelt opinions on the music they love and I never know in advance how they'll feel about a certain album. But that's all part of the surprise. The best reviews are by people with confidence and wit and I know of no other podcast with the wit of these guys. Even if you don't like the album they review one week, and even if you don't like their opinions, you have to admit they are entertaining. 👍🙂
Great stories & details about Heavy Metal Music . They are legit , not posers