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A continuing pleasure. Two thoughtful, well educated lads discuss matters both meaningful and trivial, engaging in spirited debate and imagining alternate histories and futures while trying to make sense of our turbulent times. Light enough to enjoy, but substantial enough to leave you thinking.
Insightful thought. Great content. A little too much bickering between the hosts which borders on the wrong side of endearing, but otherwise well worth listening.


So great I love hearing normal guys talk about history, politics and current events. I really enjoyed the recent super villain episode about Robert Mercer. Can you guys do one on George Soros, not saying one way or another that he's a super villain or hero - I just don't know much about him.
You guys need to fact check your episodes... there were so many errors in the one episode I listened to that I'll never listen to another one because I can't trust a single thing you guys say. You misstated the gravity on Mars, the time it takes to get to Mars, wild misuse of terminology like "generation ship" ... just scratching the surface here. Do some research for christ's sake l.
I really enjoy listening to this, it is very entertaining and does make me laugh. I enjoy the discussions and banter. Great job Patrick and Dennis!
Truly educational and fun at the same time!
I love alternative history and many of the other topics often visited on the show. The hosts are also knowledgeable and well-researched. HOWEVER, 1) bad audio is a hate crime, 2) Patrick talks way way too fast to comprehend what he's saying, and 3) he also slurs and has a monotone. SPACES BETWEEN WORDS. Don't force an entire sentence out of your mouth in one breath. Just chill.
This podcast is great, it's funny and educational. It's thought provoking and very comforting to listen to.
Interesting content. A podcast makes you think. Dennis comes off as a bit whiny though.
its never mailed in- only half witted ideas never half produced :) love these guys
I can't believe I've been listening to this show as long as I have and never wrote a review. Patrick and Dennis are just so good together! They could be reading the dictionary and I'd still listen, they'd find a way to make it entertaining (probably by getting into some heated shouting match). My favorite episodes are the alternate history ones, but you really can't go wrong with any one of their releases. Subscribe!
I love my intellectual podcasts, my comedy podcasts, and my conversationalist podcats and this one is a perfect marriagae of them all. The guys are smart, funny, and make you feel like you're hanging out with a couple of good friends.
I really like the format and topics the two explore but they should really research their topics more beforehand. As an example in the empire episode one of them claimed that the Mongolian empire was really the only other ancient empire. This is a painfully ignorant answer. Persian empire. Macedonian empire. Carthaginian empire. Various Chinese dynasty empires. The successor empires of Alexander the Great...
Excellent production value, and great to listen to. Like a conversation with a friend that happens to slip into bigger philosophical topics. Definitely worth a listen!
This is a great concept! Highly enjoyable and thought provoking discussion!
Found you guys from reddit, and you're my favorite new podcast. Smart, interesting, conversational, approachable. Seriously, great.


Right up my alley. Love it.
Fairly new podcast, but they knock it out of the park! Im a huge fan of learning while laughing and since this show is ALMOST educational it works! Thanks for the funny guys!
I suggest checking out Make Dad Read Comics also. Patrick's other Podcast.