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Thank you for all the years here in ATL. Why did I listen? Because a college degree is never enough education and not the only education people need!
Wait, what? Neal, we need you. America needs you. Please change your mind. I love your commentaries. They’re concise, to the point, and spot on! Very sorry to see you go.
Sorry to see you go, but I understand! I have thoroughly enjoyed you commentary (since your retirement from your show).
Honestly I just can’t get through the repeating ads, otherwise I’d listen everyday
So great to hear your voice. I still remember where I was when you announced your retirement! Been a listener since the ex-wife days. What a great body of work!
Your still the man, Neal!!!
There is no longer any real conservative radio in Atlanta.
Miss your show, but I’m so glad I found this podcast! Thanks, for bringing it to us as only you can!
Neal not only can't rotate his cover image, he got Very Importantly Upset that a woman said the F word on CNN after her house got destroyed. He is a sewer person.
Boortz is by far one of the best Americans! We all should take a minute to listen to hear what he has to say.. You might learn something..


Keep it up Neil. You are missed.