Video Game Generations

Reviews For Video Game Generations

Video Game Generations is a nice, sweet show that is family friendly. Hosts Mike and Addie are a father/daughter duo that talk about Video Games!
I stumbled onto this pocast by accident, but have become a regular, avid listener. Other gaming podcasts drop constant f-bombs or get a little too Siskel & Ebert for me. This podcast is like having friends over for a family gaming and hangout session. It's real and it's fun and they always welcome listener feedback and participation. Love it!
The best podcast out there. As a busy husband and father I enjoy listening to you two while i commute to work and home. I like listening from a consumer perspective and the suggestion that other listeners give about gaming. Keep it up.
What's sweeter than a dad and his daughter podcasting? Nothing.
This podcast is refreshing compared to many others who are in the industry. It is nice to hear a young generation's opinions, especially if you have kids of your own. Keep it up!
Awesome podcast of a father and daughter talking about retro and current video games.
This podcast is one of the best podcast I have ever listened too. Good work guys! And girl.
This podcast is simply just a father and his daughter sitting and talking about video games, and that's all it needs to be. Mike and Addies conversation are very intresting and it is so unique to hear about video games from the new generation of gamers perpesctive. I say a must listen if you love gaming podcasts.
I listen every week and love hearing father daughter combo. It's a very interesting perspective having a gamer from around when I got into gaming and hearing how the new generation is getting into gaming.
I have enjoyed this podcast and have added it to my listening list. I can relate to the father as I have a 5 year old who has become a little gamer, this podcast gives me a little light on what I might be enjoying in the future with my daughter. Keep up the good work and the light heartedness it is a strong point for y'all
Keep up the good work :)
Enjoyable podcast from a great team. Definitely worth giving them a try.
Very good podcast