Reviews For The Canary Underground: A Podcast for FX's "The Strain"

Rachael & Amberlee bring a different take on The Strain, using their sometimes diverging opinions to create an interesting dialogue. Keep up the good work ladies!
Very thoughtful and fun podcast, even when I don't agree. One thing we all can agree on: More Vasiliy, please. Also, I love when Amberlee says "Hurray!"
I actually tried a few podcasts for this show before I found this one. I find it to be the right combination of insightful, optimistic, and honest.
Great show Maybe even better then the show Keep it going and I promise I'll keep listening
Rachael and Amberlee really do a great job dissecting the show and they bring up things that I would never think about. Very insightful, articulate,smart hosts for a crazy show! :) Also check out their Rabbit Hole Network on Facebook for some fun TV talk!


By jbro399
love the podcast makes the viewing of the show hat much better when I listen. Keep up the good work
Amberlee and Rachael are some of the best podcasters I have ever come across. I always enjoy listening to them.
If you want an honest, down the middle discussion about "The Strain" then this is the podcast for you. Rachael and Amberlee are both intelligent and funny hosts. No recaps here which is a good thing. But you'll find In depth discussion on plot and character development.
Rachael and Amberlee are as smart as anyone you will hear on a podcast and have a lot of experience doing in depth discussions of TV shows. If you are expecting fangirl gushing, you will be in the wrong place. There is some risk in doing a podcast about a new series, and I hope that The Strain is good enough to keep the podcast going for a long time.