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Used to be informative and entertaining but has really went down hill. Not worth listening to anymore.
Enough was said in the title! For all your Star Wars news and discussion, you need to check these hosts out! I have tried many other Star Wars podcasts but none come close to this one!
These guys and really their entire network are great. Very insightful on everything happening within the community, very positive approach to the fandom, and I can't tell you the number of times I've busted out laughing due to their tangents.
These Folks Are Fun ! They're Even Funnier when they DrRail Themselves ... But ! When It comes to gettin' Deep an' Wide ? Yep. They'll Get Ya to Listen 'cozIt Gets Really Real, For Real. I been Along fer a Long time, You Should Be Too. Come ! Listen. You'll See ... well, hear ... An' You'll Love It.
Love the show and look forward to it every week. Lou, Tim, and Eric sync very well and everything works great. News, updates, and discussion on all aspects of Star Wars. Everyone is respectful and polite even when disagreeing with each other and they communicate everything very well.
I have been looking for a good Star Wars Podcast for years. I’ve been shopping around trying to find one that I will stick with and am happy to say it’s Echo Base. I feel like the hosts balance getting sidetracked (which is a lot of fun because the hosts have good chemistry) and staying on track. They are good at keeping the shows to a reasonable time, a lot of the other podcasts I listened to were way to long and most of the show wasn’t really Star Wars related just inside jokes between hosts. The hosts also do a good job giving back to donors. I highly recommend Echo Base to get your Star Wars news.
As the newest host of EchoBase, I've really appreciated all the great feedback we've gotten! Please keep it coming. Click some stars and write some good things. Tell your friends and spread the word! May the Force be with you all!
Really love hearing from the the echo base team. They are fun and discuss different topics very episode. They are careful about not discussing spoilers too. Always look forward to this. :)


Great job by Chris, Lou and Tim. I love the format and discussion.
This is a super fun Star Wars podcast! A great group of fans doing a show for fans!
Quigon Timm makes podcasts great again.
This is the perfect place for Star Wars news and discussion. Erik, Lou & Chris are knowledgeable and don't always agree on everything but that makes for better conversation.
I've been listening to these guys for years and feel a real sense of community with them. Always a fun time.
Just not that good
At first I didn't think a show like Echo Base was necessary. After all, the regular Forcecast podcast covered all of the news and certain topics with what appeared to be sufficient depth. Boy, was I wrong. After episode 2, I became hooked on Echo Base. The show serves as a perfect complement to the ForceCast, letting the hosts dig deep into topics that otherwise would take up too much time on the ForceCast or would be ill-served by a mere 15-20 minute discussion on that show. The guests on Echo Base have also been excellent and brought a wonderful perspective to the show. I find myself silently chiming in all of the time, agreeing and disagreeing, and I think that is the hallmark of an excellent podcast. **updated July 2016** EB is now on the Random Chatter Network, where it functions as the primary podcast for Star Wars news and discussion. As such, the show is now primarily given to discussion that week's news. In that role, the podcast still rocks. Erik, Lou (and Chris, when he is on) bring unique perspectives to the news of the week and uncover things that I did not know. When the show has the time to devote to a topic, the in-depth discussion is as good as it was before the shift from the ForceCast network to the new network. If you're in need of a Star Wars podcast that brings a unique perspective to the news of the week, with occasionally brilliant in-depth discussions on sometimes charged topics (especially canon-related ones), this is a must listen podcast.
They each have a unique view on Star Wars which is great!
I'm really trying to like this podcast, however the hosts constantly seem to find every bit of news they report annoying or tiresome. Don't get me wrong, this podcast can be enjoyable, however I find myself more than not just waiting for the hosts to stop sighing about the subject at hand, and move on to the next where maybe, just maybe I can hear some enthusiasm or joy. C'mon guys, Star Wars should be fun, not a labor.
This is a great show to listen to as they go in depth on pretty much everything Star Wars. It's great listening to Erik, Lou and Chris all give their thoughts on what the subject of the week is. They each have different views and bring different things to each subject.


By Bryancd
I/m sure I would like Erik and Lou in person their conversation is utterly boring.
Been listening for around 6 months now. I've always enjoy'd the show but it's gotten even better since Kyle took over hosting. The show has a very inviting "nerdist" feel of friends sitting around discussing something they obviously love.
This used to be my favorite show on the Force Cast network, but the new host has changed that. I used to be able to get deep, passionate discussion about all things Star Wars, discussions that made me sit for a good 15 minutes after the show ended and soak in everything I had just listened to. Now, I'm almost CONSTANTLY cringing about the new host's horrible, awkward, and annoying puns, and thus far, the discussion has no longer been anywhere near the level it used to be. Erik did a fantastic job as the main host, and unless there's personal reasons he can't do it, much like Eric Geller's leaving the network, he should be brought back. And like the reviewer before me said, the new host's Star Wars knowledge is not even close to the level needed to participate in, much less host, this type of discussion. I am nowhere near the level of knowledge that Erik and Lou have, but even I knew when Kyle got something wrong and I, too, sat in the awkward, stunned silence that came afterwards. I have nothing but respect for Kyle, but he just doesn't seem to be working on Echo Base.
Echo Base used to be an excellent source of fun and very well informed Star Wars discussion. However, they recently added a new host and the quality took a sharp dive. It seems that the new host is much less knowledgable about Star Wars than the other hosts, to the detriment of the discussion. There have been some super awkward moments where the new main host gets facts wrong and you can tell the other two hosts just go along with it. Also, he tries waaaaaaay too hard to make everything into some kind of Star Wars joke or pun. It's so awkward. It doesn't make for great entertainment when I'm constantly cringing in my car. I listened to Echo Base for in depth discussion about Star Wars, not for a bunch of awkward laughs. Bring back Eric as the primary host and let the new guy participate as a co-host and it would go back to being a 5 star podcast.
I love this podcast. Wonderful insights about the new canon in the books, the new films and even generic con information. One of the best that the Force Cast has to offer. If you are into Star Wars, this is a must-listen for you!
Echo Base is probably my favorite show on the Force Cast network. Very personal and intriguing with the topics of discussion they bring to the table, always willing to receive and answer listener feedback, and just good people to listen to. If you have not yet listened to a Star Wars Podcasts or not this one of FCN I highly suggest you check these guys out.
Fun conversations and good guests!
This is a great extension of the main ForceCast. The discussions are well-articulated and fun. 2015 is going to be a great year to subscribe to this show too!


By Rkm13
Out of the ballpark as usual. Lookin forward to more, thank you very much. An idea, perhaps use part of the episode to talk about other stuff, marvel movies for example? Put it at the end so those non fans can skip it?
This is an excellent podcast. Where the Forcecast gives excellent content on the latest news of Star Wars, Echo Base does the same for Star Wars discussion and opinion based content. I recommend it to all Star Wars fans and to those who simply enjoy good discussion podcasts.
Knowledgable and entertaining the team is never stale and keep me on the edge of my seat in anticipation for the new movies.
If you like that galaxy far far away and love to hear people talk about it then this is the podcast for you.


By Rogue9
Love this podcast!
Another great podcast from The ForceCast - great discussions between the guys and a great place to go to pick up on some of ther rumors / talking points of the Star Wars universe. A+
The crew at TFN are a delight to listen to. If you enjoy the main TFN podcast - but wish there was more time for the discussions between the hosts - well this is what the new podcast seems to be all about. Both Eric/k's are on there as well! Love TFN!