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I’ve loved Ilizas work for a few years now and just found the podcast. After a few eps I decided to read some reviews. So many reviews said she was so horrible to Emily. I’ve now binged 70ish episodes in 2 weeks and it’s clear that her tagging on Emily is a bit that Emily is in on. Nothing was mean, nasty, or hurtful. How are all these people with no gauge for humor listening to a comedy podcast by a stand up comic? 🤨
I have been a fan for a very long time and have loved all of your work. I have gone to shows and listen to this podcast while I drive for work. You have become very condescending to not only Emily, but your fans. I cringe at the way you cannot see past your disgusting I’m better than you attitude. Cutting this pod loose. Byeeeeee
No offense. But Fred is the only guest who makes me turn this podcast off. Such an annoying voice.
At first, Iliza was hysterical and the podcast was really funny. But now all the questions are basically the same. And Iliza seems to be fairly derogatory towards religions lately.
Your next belly laugh is a few moments away. It literally starts at the theme song! Iliza and the team are so funny and give sound advice. I love how she is so intelligent without being pretentious. Iliza, you are an Incredible role model!!
I’ve found that lately it seems Iliza is really mean to Emily and it’s not coming off as a “joke.” Also listening to people eat is unbearable- especially pizza.
Love !!! love!!! love !!!! Iliza every single episode has been my FAV especially with your dad. Thank you for being so you. Absolutely amazing!!!!
Iliza, we know you are the alpha. Shutting Emily down each time she opens her mouth is painful to hear. Your comedy is great - I’ve binged the podcast, seen most of your shows and one live show - this new era of kicking Emily around is 😖😢😣
Super fan, but please don’t make us listen to you chew or talk with your mouth full. My ears can’t take it!
So when this podcast started I really enjoyed it. I really like Iliza’s take on things. She’s very cut the crap get to the point, solve the problem without a bunch of fluff. She’s very straight forward and really does give good advice. I also really like Emily’s and Scott’s input. Sometimes they have a different take and it is nice to see different angles. Also the guests are cool. With the guests I think it’s a good mix of interview and giving advice. Lately it’s been a little blah for me. Iliza and Emily joke around a lot and seem to have a good relationship but from an outside perspective it seems like Emily gets berated a little bit. She gets cut off a lot but really has good input. The show is fairly clean but there are curse words and some sexual innuendos. I don’t mind that at all except lately the sexual innuendos seem to be more common and more crude. We’re adults here but when someone asks for life advice I don’t think it needs to be turned into a sexual pun. That’s a little uncalled for. A lot of the advise is the same old thing. It gets a little old. It’s repetitive and predictable. It’s run it’s course. You get a glimpse into Iliza’s life and how she works and lives which is cool. I’m a little conflicted as to if I will keep listening. It’s great when it’s light hearted or even serious advice but it’s pushing the limit for me into uncalled for or even a little mean and rude. Edit- more unnecessary sexual jokes and profanity that have nothing to do with the questions. People who write in are being mocked. Wow! So unprofessional. It really sounds like Iliza is having some mental health issues! Take a break! It seems like you need one!
Stop being so nasty to Emily. Yes it is your podcast, but there is no reason to be so rude, overbearing and full of yourself. I love your older specials, but this podcast is becoming negative, repetitive and one sided.
I’ve really enjoyed Iliza’s podcasts but I have to agree and wonder why she’s so mean to Emily?! Trust me I’m a super fan but iliza seems to talk down to her and it’s become increasingly uncomfortable to hear.
I used to enjoy this podcast a lot more. If being rude to Emily and mocking every question you get is a bit, it isn’t funny.
Much prefer the episodes with Emily as opposed to those with random guests! I literally laugh out loud while on my runs! Love you guys!
Iliza is hilarious in her observations of the world as she lives it. Her relationship with Emily is great because while she may snip at Emily, Emily comes right back to her. Iliza is a great comedian for the fact that her material matures and evolves as she does. I love when she has guests on, watching Dont Panic Pantry has been fun during this quarantine.
Started off really enjoying this podcast but then Iliza’s behavior towards Emily started getting nasty. Maybe to her it was funny/quirky but it’s honestly straight up rude.
Using the excuse “stores have insurance” is not acceptable for promoting violence. You do not know what their insurance covers. Two wrongs do not make a right. Be better Iliza.
Iliza was low key hella mean to Emily in the beginning, I fast forwarded and then it was fine. I don’t think she intended that but like...
Over the past several months I have found “ask Iliza anything” to be my favorite podcast! Full of laughter & quality content all making for a wonderful listen, I’ve found myself suggesting it to all of my friends! Thank you for the never ending excitement of a new episode each Wednesday and all the smiles that are bound to come with listening to y’all!
Sometimes this is my favorite podcast and others Iliza is just SO MEAN to Emily 😿


Over the past year, this has become my favorite podcast. It’s funny, enjoyable, and consistent. While I don’t always agree with the advice, I enjoy listening to the different perspectives.


Usually a fan but Iliza’s treatment of Emily was especially harsh and uncomfortable. I know it’s basically lighthearted and she’s joking, but this was rough to listen to.
Been a huge fan of the podcast since episode one and forgot to rate/review until the Starbucks episode, which reminded me that more people need to see this. Iliza is reading off Secret Menu items because she thinks they sound disgusting and just the names are making Emily gently gasp in excitement which goes unnoticed by Iliza. This show is gold lol
Iliza has helped me through so much in life. Listening to her has helped me get through my dogs death, my parent’s divorce, and overall life. Thank You!
saying “Kick it.” It’s obnoxious.
Iliza is my favorite comedian, and a perfect blend of intelligence and hilarity. I highly recommend anything she creates.
Look, you’re funny but that doesn’t make you a pro on life. Also, you’re so you g to be filling out advice so confidently. I didn’t want to make that assessment without basis so I listened on the off chance you were some philosophical savant. Um, you are not. This kind of confidence and lack of humility just fosters so much of what is wrong in our shared consciousness and I’m not even touching on your incredibly problematic capitalist beliefs. Ugh, I was born here but I need to leave this country and all of “this” devolved thinking behind.
Ridiculously terrible!
Title says it all 10/10 recommend!
I love how blunt and too the point Iliza is. I enjoy the guests but I really like the dynamic between Iliza and Emily
Iliza cuts through the BS of our modern world, tells it how it is, and speaks up for women (but not JUST women!) in this smart and brilliant podcast. I have been a fan of Iliza’s since I saw her special ‘Confirmed Kills’ 5 years ago. I have never connected with what a woman says more, and appreciate that she gives a voice to what we think but don’t say, what we feel but sometimes CAN’T express because of society. Wednesday is my new favorite day of the week (thank you so much for putting out the podcast midweek!) and we need laugher, honesty, and joy in this world more than ever right now. Also LOVE Emily, her laugh, her voice, and her witty asides. Keep on keepin on you wonderful people! You make this world a better place with AIA.
Love Iliza BUT I cannot get past Emily’s nasally voice and heavy breathing (the last has been brought up by Iliza). She reminds me of Gayle from Bobs Burgers. I have been binging the episodes mainly because I just found the podcast but can we change up the format? Every episode has to mention the following: reasons for being anonymous, underscores in names, and “female comic does (insert topic here)”. Nonetheless, I’m trying to support the podcast. Love the advice because Iliza tells it how it is.


The perfect mix of thoughtful answers and goofy banter, Ask Iliza Anything is my new favorite part about Wednesdays!
YES Mothers do this! Spreadsheet yes Totally common! Yes she wants to judge! Yes very common! Ugh! I have been HAPPILY married 15+ years and all this brought back so many bad memories!!!!!! Planning my wedding was the worst year of my life!


Her voice sounds bratty and hard to listen to for an episode, she doesn’t let anyone else talk and her ideas are poor. Waste of time.
AHHHHH I have loved Iliza since her first Netflix special (I didn’t know anything about standup before this special). I’ve recently gotten a new job that’s 40 minutes from home in my state’s capital. I love listening to these podcasts because there’s no pre-face. It’s always “LETS GET TO IT” and I love it. The entire 40 to 60 minutes is fast paced and absolutely helps me get through the terrible traffic and often makes me laugh. I love Iliza, Emily, Scott, and a large majority of the guests. Fred Schlesinger always tickles my funny bone also. If you want a podcast that skips the back story, preamble, and “just fast forward until x minute”, LISTEN TO ASK ILIZA ANYTHING! :)
I love your comedy but you are so rude to your co host. I don’t know if it’s that you act entitled or better than her or what but I wouldn’t want to co host with you. You also talk down to fans.
This year I recently started listening to podcasts, and I love this one. Iliza is inspiring, but not in a motivational poster way. The genuine nature of her affect and ability to connect with her audience is amazing. Furthermore, I appreciate the fact that the questions she answers range from silly to sullen issues. Overall I highly recommend this for anyone from people who are unapologetically themself to a reserved person who needs some help relaxing. P.S. Emily baby arms is also fire. Don’t get the reference? Listen to the podcast!
I love her stand up specials and even Instagram stories. She seemed like a sweet funny person but I don’t like this side of her. Very rude and judging responses to the questions submitted and cohosts. I want to listen to something that’s fun and upbeat not hostile. They need to rethink the format to because constant questions is very repetitive. Would love to see her talk about world issues, pop culture, ect.
I live in Tokyo , here people they don’t talk open and I probably I become like them same how... after 21 years.... You have “ spice “ linguistics ,but is not nasty at all .Go one lady !!!
This show and of course, it’s hostess, are so entertaining. I love my commutes now because it’s my time to listen to Iliza. Her wide variety of guests speak on a wide range of topics, and even though I don’t agree with some of them, it’s important to hear their side so I can make educated decisions for myself. The balanced and straightforward structure and delivery is earnest and I appreciate that. She is so funny and talented. I recommend this podcast for everyone.
Been a fan of your comedy for years, but I have to let you go now for the fat and sexist jokes. I love your sincerity and MOST of your comedy, but I hope in the future you can be more inclusive.
Love ur podcasts and all your guests!! Looking forward to the newer episodes. Literally just discovered your podcasts and have binge watched them all during my shifts lol. Moves the day along much faster so thank you. ❤️❤️❤️
Yes to the cider and the fire. That MJ documentary was bull, nothing but a cry for money. Blackfish though, the one about whales and Seaworld, spot on and super sad.
Very clever and relatable woman, Iliza is. It’s refreshing to hear her speak. She is quick, witty and sharp. I love her canard topics and it helps me to feel empowered. I can’t wait to hear more of her and hope her future brings new shows and success.
I really enjoy how Iliza finds a way to address things through her 'filter'. Her prior podcast and now this one both were great vehicles for putting a topic in front of her and letting her apply her (generally interesting) perspective to it. Funny, profane, Baby Arm? That's the good stuff.