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Very helpful tips


Very helpful information that is getting better with each podcast. Maybe you could provide even more examples of study plans and study schedules from other CPA who succeeded. Also other resources they used besides the review course like personal coaching or websites. Your personal examples are great help.
It takes more than one swing to chop the tree so it's nice to hear a parallel story about overcoming a huge challenge. Perseverance!
I'm a senior in college, and still have a couple years before I plan to take the exam. Lately I've found myself distracted by pretty much anything that isn't accounting. The tips and outlines here are really helping get me geared up to finish my degree and get excited about this test!
I’m sitting for the exam right now and the The CPA Guide is a lifesaver!! I highly recommend you give it a try.
I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Bryan, the CPA Guide. He is as genuine in person as he is on the mic. You can trust the information Bryan shares on the show comes from a host that cares about you.
Great podcast! Bryan practices what he preaches and is quick to respond to questions. Please keep these coming!
Bryan does a great job outlining what it takes to master the CPA . The guy is on top of it and you can learn a few things from him and stay motivated if you are questioning your dedication to the CPA licensing process. It's a journey and Bryan has some really good advice. On top of that he has some top notch guests and I would highly recommend listening to the advice dished out!!!
Everyone who is studying for this exam has needed some motivation at some point. I keep listening to these over and over when am in need of motivation. Please keep these coming!! The content is extremely helpful and as entertaining as it can be for the topic being covered :)
This is great to see that someone has created a consistent CPA podcast that provides information for candidates seeking help for this rigourous process. As an individual who is constantly battle taking the exam versus not taking the exam, it's motivating to hear this podcast. For anyone starting on the CPA road, this is a great place to start. I found this podcast today and have already listened to every episode. Subscribed and looking forward to more.
Bryan gives information that everyone needs I have been using his
Great podcast Bryan! The sound quality and the content is top notch. Talking about the CPA exam could be a very boring show but you've made it entertaining and informative. I should know as a fellow CPA who struggled to pass the exam. I'm looking forward to more!