The Longevity Plan with Dr. John Day

Reviews For The Longevity Plan with Dr. John Day

Great information provided in a clear way the layperson can understand! I finally understand the connection between NMN & NAD! Yay!
I love listening to Dr. Day’s informative podcast! I also read his book from cover to cover. Thanks Dr. Day for all that you do.
Supports claims with research & cuts through the jargon to be really helpful. Thank you Dr. Day!
Thanks so much for all your advice. Keep it coming!!!!!
Dr. Day's insights are super helpful! What I've learned listening to this podcast has made a meaningful difference in my health. Everyone should listen to Dr. Day's podcast and order his book coming out on July 4th.
Down to earth, practical, and easy to follow advice. Five star blog.
Dr. Day's excellent podcasts are full of great information, delivered with a positive, warm and uplifting personality - Highest recommendation!


Dr. Day is AWESOME! His health advice has changed my life. Listen to him and live better!
I hope he never a stops I just can't get enough of the information he gives
I enjoy the podcast and the information
I so look forward to every article!! Dr. John is the best! Thanks for all your words of inspiration, and for your dedication to all of us. God bless!!
This health podcast is fabulous! Dr. Day's advice for health is wise and his suggestions for lifestyle changes are attainable. Unlike many health advisories, he does not encourage calorie counting or restrictive eating. He just gives simple ideas for health practices that are powerful when implemented. My whole family is growing healthier thanks to Dr. Day. Thank you! This guy knows what he is talking about. Keep it up Dr. Day!!
Well formulated show. I have never had much tolerance for any spicy foods. But maybe I can get on board with sweet peppers.
Dr. John Day is a man on a mission. I have been fortunate enough to watch Dr. Day travel down this road of health & wellness for the last several years. I am impressed by his ability to make lifestyle changes in his own life and the way in which he shares them with the rest of us. He is empowering people from all walks of life to do the same. Thank you Dr. Day!
Really enjoyed listening to these podcasts. I'm finding that many of my excuses are variations of the excuses that Dr. Day exposes in his podcasts. These are easy to listen to and very helpful...thank you, Dr. Day!
Dr. John Day and his wife Jane provide helpful advice on how to live a healthy life. Their advice has helped me eat better, exercise more regularly, and ultimately feel better. They are also wonderful people!
These podcasts were very informational and useful!
I’m sure you will like this podcast! Let me know what you think of it!
Awesome podcast! Dr. Day really knows his stuff.
I really like Dr. Day’s approach to health. It’s based on sound research and in creating life-long habits. You won’t find quick fix diet advice here….thankfully! I’m always on the lookout for credible sources for healthy living. Thanks for the info Dr. John Day!