The Crown Conspiracy

Reviews For The Crown Conspiracy

When this podiobook was initially released I subscribed to it simply because Nathan Lowell (whom I absolutely adore) was the narrator. I ended up loving the story so much that I've since downloaded every audiobook Michael J. Sullivan has published on iTunes & audible...most recently Death of Dulgath. Re: the author and Riyria: Mr. Sullivan has quickly become one of my all time favorite SciFi/Fantasy authors. His writing style is a little bit JRR Martin with a dab of Tolkein mixed in. But his stories are far from carbon copies of GOT or LOTR. Every character is unique and great attention to detail is given when describing each one's appearance, upbringing, and parentage (or lack thereof) so you truly appreciate and understand them...esp Royce & Hadrian. This is an exceptional installment from a series about good vs. evil, innocence, guilt, greed and redemption. If you enjoy this freebie please check out the whole series beginning with The Riyria Revelations series then move on to Chronicles. I promise you won't be disappointed!! FWIW - if you enjoyed Mr. Lowell's narration, wait until you hear Tim G. Reynolds narrate the rest of the series - he knocks it out of the park.
Found this story by chance, LOVED every second of it. GREAT STORY!!!!
Very good, Highly recommended