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This podcast is ok but you guys were a bit too nit picky with the tenth doctor and also there is nothing wrong with his doctor being the romantic doctor. So anyway ten will always be the best doctor true fact. And also David tenant is one of the best actors plus he is hot:)
I’ve got to be honest, this show wasn’t what I expected it to be, first off, the girl host (Allison I think) I don’t think is an actual fan of the show, it’s almost like someone told her to binge watch this series then tell us what you think. she also doesn’t seem to get the premise, she seems to miss the point a lot in a lot of the basic idea of Dr Who. The guy is alright but seems to curb what he really thinks trying to not offend his co-host. Although I will say he seems to at least be a fan. If he was smart, he’d ditch his cohost and restart this show
I so wanted to like this podcast. The hosts are knowledgeable, well spoken, and it has both a great format and excellent sound quality. But gosh guys, do you actually like this show? I realize everyone has different opinions and I’m okay with that. And while I realize that a review should includes aspects that may work and those that don’t. It just seems you focus more on the negative. That is not enjoyable to listen to. How can you enjoy a show about time travel when you pick apart everything? Maybe you’d enjoy the episodes more if you didn’t do that as much.
I really want to like this podcast. The hosts are funny and likeable. The clearly love the show. I know this is won't bother a lot of people but I find it hard to listen to, especially the episode where they announce the new doctor because both hosts say "ahh" and "uhm" so much. Every single sentence sometimes twice or more a sentence. I like that it is an off the cuff discussion but the verbal ticks are, to me, very distracting and annoying. Hosts, please listen back to the show. Just a little concentration and you can bring down the verbal tics. I look forward to the next episode. Really, it is good just very difficult to listen to. It's not you. It's me.
And I've listened to a lot of them. Nobody gets into the details likes these guys but they are easy-going debaters. And here's something refreshing; they actually let each other speak and fully finish their thoughts before responding. Cordial conversation. Brilliant! They're super smart and witty media reviewers and they appreciate the fans. It's also a well-produced show. Looking forward to some new opening music! (hint, hint).
A podcast that covers the Doctor in a more detailed analysis than the one page review on the A.V. Club. I have only listened to the newest episode, but will definitely binge on the previous ones.
I hadn't reviewed this podcast, even though I am currently addicted to it (having stumbled onto it and fallen in love when I was looking for a good discussion of the finer points of THE HUSBANDS OF RIVER SONG, I am now binge-listening to the whole thing) because I couldn't find words to articulate how totally enjoyable it is. And I still can't. So I'm making a Tardis analogy. It looks like an ordinary podcast but once you step in, it opens up into an amazing and very cool world of well-informed, imaginative and far-ranging Whovian conversation between two very intelligent and articulate people who know and love this show as much as I do. It is amazing! It's fun! It's the next best thing to watching Doctor Who (and in fact it is actually better than watching Fear Her.)
What a fantastic podcast for Who heads who cannot convince their friends to watch the show and just can't get enough analysis or funny conversation about David Tennant and pop culture at large. Thanks!
I listen to A LOT of Doctor Who podcasts and this is by far one of my favorites! Great, intelligent, and funny conversations on all things Who. Even the podlets about other things are entertaining. Can't recommend enough!
I love this podcast and have recommended it to all my Doctor Who-loving friends. I can’t wait to hear Caroline and Alasdair’s takes on episodes after I watch them! I often get a lot of extra nuance and details from their thoughts that make me look at the episodes in a different way. The podcast has accompanied me on many long plane, train and bus rides around the world.
Thorough and enjoyable Doctor Who reviews! Even when critical their debates are good natured & show great love For Who.
This podcast is a lot of fun and Alasdair and Caroline have great, albeit opposing, takes on the show.
This podcast is absolutely wonderful. Not so much of a “debate” as two people having a lively discussion about how Doctor Who tells its stories. The hosts give insightful opinions on character development, narrative structure, plot devices, acting, writing, and directing. The hosts love the show and their intelligent critiques stem from that loyalty. Their perspective as journalists who are familiar with the power of storytelling is enlightening to a casual fan like me. The hosts have fun personalities, respect for one another, and quirky personal opinions that make this podcast a delight.
For anyone who wants a more in-depth look at their favorite show (assuming that show is "Doctor Who"), "Debating Doctor Who" is the perfect podcast. Both the hosts bring a lot to the discussion and, even when they disagree, their talk is entertaining, engaging and adds to my personal enjoyment of "Doctor Who." Fully recommend that you add this show to your rotation.
Well worth any Doctor Who fan's time. Caroline and Alasdair offer up excellent discussion and often contrasting opinions on Doctor Who and related topics. The hosts' genuine excitement for and engagement with fan comments—via email, Twitter, and Tumblr—makes this podcast more seminar than lecture, a format that is unique among the shows I listen too and one I enjoy very much.
Easily one of the friendliest, most in depth podcast on Doctor Who and everything around it. These two really know their stuff, and bring it each episode. They invite discussion, debate, love, hopes, dreams, and good humor. Worth the listen.
This is the conversation I wish I could have about Doctor Who with my friends. Debating Doctor Who is a podcast by two reviewers from the Onion’s AV Club, a great pop culture news and review site. Their discussion is as smart as any written critique of Breaking Bad or Mad Men, but focused with love on one of the geekiest shows today.