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These guys are great! Supper supportive of all your Star Wars needs. Tabletop, fandom, gaming, rpg. Very friendly and generous. They have great promos and are not stingy in what they share. The podcast is fun to listen to and they don’t puff themselves up to be the greatest which puts them down to earth. Humble guys. Thanks and I wish you many more years to come.
Really enjoy the podcast and video content on YouTube. Down to earth great guys.
If you are a fan of Star Wars gaming, you'll really enjoy this podcast! The in-depth discussion about all things Star Wars gaming is entertaining!
I love the different perspective about table top games and video games. I am really excited to follow along.
I come from an Imperial Assault background but find all there Star Wars love infectious. They definitely help grow the gaming community.
Evan and friend's knowledge of StarWars universe is mind blowing. This is an AMAZING podcast and sheds so much light on StarWars ships, characters, backstory, and beyond! Great cast you guys ! Please keep it up!
I listen to them for their Imperial Assault and X-wing coverage, they do a great job introducing FFG's games to the wider Star Wars audience.
It's a good star wars podcast, but not as good as the Decipher (CCG).
Despite missing an obvious funny hat reference in their RotJ, they do great work reviewing all manner of games and providing commentary for the films. Their brand of humor is smart but not too dry. I can’t decide if Joe needs to do more or less puns. I do miss the coverage of things such as comics and novels, but I understand and applaud the move towards a more narrowed focus. True noodle-scooters, I would recommend this podcast to any Star Wars gaming fan (or any other fan). —John via my wife’s iTunes
liking the podcast and looking forward to more of it :)
To be honest, I just found this podcast because of the SWTOR game card giveaway, but after listening to some snippets, I definitely want to listen to more. Looking forward to listening to all of these in the near future!
Really like the podcast. Just started listening, and have been enjoying it a lot. Makes my long commute a lot easier. Keep up the good work. Thanks!
This podcast will BLOW YOU AWAY! These noodle-scooting Gungan-loving Kitster-idolizing Star Wars enthusiasts are the perfect trio of Sarcasm, Positivity, and Boyish acceptance of the Prequel Trilogy; you know which is which. This is THE destination for Star Wars Gaming news & reviews in all it's forms. Representing the Windows Listeners! Joe's not the only one!
Like the show, down with the focus on Star Wars gaming. Got me to re-up my Swtor account and break out my FF SW lcg cards. Know Evan from my local area good peoples.
This podcast is great. These guys are wizards of Star Wars Lore. Sometimes i learn new facts while i listen. I like that they talk about all the crap in the galaxy (games, comics, ewoks, etc). Also, they are funny. I have been known to laugh out loud (LOL) while listening. Gwwwwaaaauuuuughhh! ( Wookie roar of approval.)
This is a fantastic Star Wars podcast! It approaches the Universe far, far away from a unique angle, dealing with things such as gaming (table top and video), and digging a bit deeper into the lore of The Wars. I am enjoying VERY much! U will definitely wanna check out the older episodes as well! Great job!