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I just listened to the Alcan trip review. Good stuff. Always fun to here Andy and Mercedes chat. I’m guessing it makes it easy for you guys cause they do all the talking? 👍🤣
Great topics. Nice to find off road content for the common man. Not everyone can afford 60’s and 40’s and brand new rigs. Love the camp stories and honest product reviews. Keep up the good work
Good info and great topics you’ll enjoy! I’m catching up with some of the past podcasts to learn more off-road jargon and gear maybe just maybe I will hook up with you guys I’m here in southern Oregon.
Tim checking in here... I got pretty significant damage from that rock... skid plates need straightening, and welding, and the cross member they bolt to is no longer flat or straight anymore... 🤷🏻‍♂️ oops
Audio is horrible! What is up with all the clicking and popping?
Great off roading content found out about this pod cast through the gun and gear review pod cast. I would love to hear about what tires you all run on your rigs with out the right tire you will get no where. Would like to hear about what you currently run, ones that you have had bad experiences with etc. thanks for the good road entertainment keep it up guys. -Matt
Great podcast with content for every off-roader to enjoy . Good guest selection and a diverse group of hosts . It is in my normal rotation of podcasts
Just discovered the podcast recently, Ben is a member of the 4Runners of Washington group which introduced me to the podcast. I think it’s great that you guys host events for listeners and I’m going to try and attend a trail ride of event at some point. Keep them coming! I wish they were a little bit longer but I realize everyone has lives to maintain too haha! Thanks guys! Josh
Just started to listed to the show but love it so far and look forward to checking out more of the episodes!
The hosts on this show are the best! They are always entertaining and informative. I always look forward to episodes coming out!
Consistent releases with new content, interviews with industry companies, technical advice and trail reviews.
Great info about steering and rigs. Great to hear Matt the Hat on your podcast.
This podcast is truly one of the best off-roading podcasts out there. It is very entertaining listening to the hosts and the interviews are superb.
Great info for a newbie!!! The guys make you feel like you are part of the family!!!


Great podcast that's very informative! Thanks
I listen to several off-road podcast. This show is definitely one of the top shows. Great interviews and covers many aspects of off-roading.
If you enjoy fourwheeling, you'll probably enjoy this show.
I have been looking for a good off road podcast that isn't ran by salt of the earth guys. Great tips and advice that doesn't require breaking the bank.
Easily my favorite podcast! Both hosts are very knowledgable and have great chemistry
I commute a hour each way to work 5 days a week in SOCAL and since finding this pod cast I am excited the entire drive. This is very informative and the two brothers are a great duo. Great sounding audio. Highly recommend anyone in off road scene to listen in.
Kyle has done a great job with the show since taking over. His content is always informative and entertaining. His interaction with his guests/buddies definitely adds to the entertainment value. Keep up the great work!!
Probably the worst off-road podcast. They ask for feedback and say they will respond and never do. Then when their "trivia question" is answered it's also by one of the co hosts. They also get a lot of information wrong not worth the time.
Greg and Jeff do a great job explaining everything related to off-roading in a fun and entertaining style. Keep up the good work.
Jeff and Greg and great hosts. I feel like I’ve known then forever. I listen while at work driving around. They offer advice and knowledge I’ve given a few other pod casts a chance but no other comes close. Keep up the hard work and we’ll keep listening. They’re also a Amazon affiliate so go to their website and go to amazon through their web page and give a little back.
This podcast has been really helpful on my build so far, has given me alot of information from axles to suspension and tires, and even purchases for the trail. I also like how they bring in their personal lives and wheeling, makes them very relateable. I cant wait for the new podcast each week
If you're into off-roading the is a must listen. There is no other podcast that covers the scene that compares. The dynamic of the brothers bantering is fun. They speak to the novice and the expert. I never miss an episode and highly recommend it to all my wheeling buddy's.
Keep um comin
Greg and Jeff are brothers with a shared love for off roading. And they are guys that simply sound as if they're having a lot of fun together on the show. This podcast is a must for anyone who loves to take their Jeep or 4x4 on the trails.
lots of good and tons of fun. Both of the hosts have wheeled/built several vehicles so they have the experiance. You wont regret subscribing
I love listen to your Podcast kept it like that 👍
You men are a huge help to me and others. Thanks for sacrificing your time & energy to put the podcast out for the rest of us. I learn something from every podcast and the entertainment is always there, as well. Keep up the good work.
I started listening to the show about a week ago as I started looking into modifying my Toyota and wanted some info on my drives to and from work. I tuned into these guys (Jeff and Greg) and not only was I entertained, but I was surprised at the amount of knowledge and the ease to understand it. Granted, wheeling sounded like a second language, but only a couple of episodes in I was getting the hang of it. I then sent in an e-mail with 2 questions about my truck and I was surprised with almost 15 minutes of explanation and answering on the show that was exactly what I was looking for in an answer! Thanks for the GREAT SHOW and the help for the guy in the wilds of Wyoming!
love the frn off roading got me into guns greg and his brother do a good job of talking about off roading enjoy the show
So far so good. Good topic content and shared knowledge being delivered to the listener from the hosts. Hopefully I never need it, but I'd let either of these Ballers stack rocks for me!
I love tacos!
I got into wheeling a little over a year ago, and this podcast is very informative and fun to listen to. I really enjoy the tips, tricks, and trail information. I'm in Arizona, but I hope to one day soon visit the Rubicon trail with my brother who lives in Cali. Keep up the good work!
Great audio, I am learning a lot from the podcast, thanks for unlocking some of the mysteries of 4x4s. Much better than listening to Talk radio and Taylor Swift music!
I've been listening to a few of the other shows on frn for quite some time now and this is a great new addition. I'm not really a wheeler but I find it very informative and entertaining. Keep em' coming
Great show! I listen every week! From someone who has done this all my life its great to here someone who knows what they are talking about and gives great advice. There is a lot of good info on your show for the beginner or the advanced! Keep up the great Job!
Good show with helpful info! Only complaint would be a bit too much focus on trails local to the host. I live in Arizona with tons of trails. Would be great to have part of the show review trails across the U.S.!
This is a great podcast that has something for everyone at all levels of wheeling. Greg and Jeff are knowledgable and entertaining. Greg's other podcast Tactical Paradise on the Firearms Radio Network is awesome too!
I enjoy listening to both of Greg's podcast!