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Reviews For The Franchise Academy Podcast

If you are involved in the business of franchising in anyway (as franchisor, franchisee or working for a franchise), this is must-listen podcast! Tom does an incredible job of bringing on guests that cover a wide variety of topics that will all help you level-up your business AND your mindset. Thank you Tom for bringing this empowering show to the world and for the work that you do to elevate the entire franchising industry!
Tom is simply the best question asker I have ever heard....hands down. It's worth listening just to hear the way he probes guests and takes them on paths to help you learn
This has absolutely been the best podcast I’ve ever listened too. The variety of perspectives and topics presented on this podcast has been invaluable in shaping the last few years of my life. You may not love every single guests but most of them will knock your socks off.
Great show Tom!
Tom's show is fantastic. His topics are on point, well thought out, and told in a manner that grips you for the entirety of each podcast. Thanks for providing such a resource to those starting out, Tom! You've gained another continuous listener.
I love the expertise that Tom brings to the table. His interviews are informative and helpful to those of us looking into franchising. I'm listening to the interview with the AdvantaClean CEO as I type this and love the question and answers between he and the CEO. Wish I had found this podcast earlier.
I had the pleasure of getting to know Tom Scarda over the past year. He has been very informative to share his experience to me at no cost! His video's are a definate must see for those that want to gain more experience with franchising. Everyone that knows Tom Scarda knows he's a well trusted person. "The Magic of Choosing Uncertainty" is also a must read by Tom Scarda! Thank you Tom for spending time to sharey your experiences!
Great resource for the beginner looking to start in the franchise arena. Tom brings the most complicated concepts into easily understood terms, and adds his own inside knowledge to fast track investors through the process.
Tom takes all of the mystery, myths and misconceptions of franchise and business ownership and presents personally and professionally relatable facts and clear ideas that will open your mind to a universe boldly in your favor.
Well done Tom for an as usual outstanding, helpful, knowledgeable, value added and straight to the point advice and guidance. Congratulations!
... about franchising you can learn from Tom Scarda. His no-nonsense straightforward teaching style will help you figure out for yourself if the franchising path is the path for you. Every franchising concept is explained in just the right amount of detail in a clear and concise fashion. Highly recommended.
Tom Scarda isn’t just a franchise consultant - he has walked the talk. He knows from experience the pros and cons, and ups and downs, of owning a franchise. This is a great audio course. If you want to read a great book, go to Amazon and search “Franchise: Freedom or Fantasy.” These two sources can help you make the right decision about whether a franchise is right for you.
When you are considering business ownership you will most certainly receive a lot of uninformed and unsolicited advice, which is why you will benefit from working with a professional like Tom Scarda. He will assist you to navigate through the process. His experience in the franchise industry helps potential entrepreneurs make educated decisions about their future in business ownership.
My wife and I wanted to learn more about franchising and what it was all about. We did not want to get into som pushy sales presentation call with some guy just trying to make a buck. We cam across Tom and he helped us understand what it takes, how it works and answered all our questions. We are now ready to go to the next step soon and Tom will be our guy. We highly recommend him.
Tom has a great way of presenting the Franchise opportunity so that you can make the connections quickly to your situation.
Tom has a unique style and way of delivering….