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A great way to hear opinions for this show with a great mixture of humor. Love the impressions they do of the actors on the show.
I like this pod cast a lot. I don't know many people who watch this show, but listening to this is just like having a lively discussion with my friends and I thoroughly enjoy it! PS: I love the voices! :)
I've listened to this podcast since the beginning. The guy who does the voices is super annoying now. Your not funny. Cut the crap voices. It makes the recap hard to listen too
Great and entertaining reviews of this crazy show; i think the podcast is better than the show! (Kinda remends me of Under the Dome; painful to watch sometimes but still curoius what will happen!) Thanks guys!
I love the show everyone! Keep the free funny coming. Hopefully Ef can find himself a new love interest. Then again the love interest will probably die off within a few episodes! Thanks again crew!
I have to say that I can't wait for each podcast after each show! Love listening to all of you go over each episode. Keep it up!!
I love watching this show and it's made even better because the Fantastic Four (the only good one in existenence) is reviewing it. I've liked what they've tried to do over the last couple of episodes and how they're shifting the plot back towards the book. I espeically liked the Killjoys crossover with Alvis (Morgan Kelly) playing the detective in episode 10. I hope he comes back to both shows. Anyways keep up the good Aftershow and Podcast. Eagerly awaiting the next episode.
Hurry back guys. I need my Strain AfterBuzz fix!
Loving the critique of this show. It could be such an awesome show but its just OK. Part of the reason i still watch it is just to listen to the after show on afterbuzz!
It makes sense that the show isn't moving forward- I still think they're making progress in relation to the books- we'll see where this one ends...and if it's true to the books...we might see a major character killed off that will throw the audience a loop. I'm giving it until the end of the saeson- so far, except for a couple of characters it's fowllowing the book.
You guys are easily my favorite panel in all of AfterBuzz…wish i could say the same about the show. Had one quick question…now that Bolivar is The Master, when is he going on tour?
So I have to admit I tried watching The Strain, cant do it, cant stand the dumb writing. What I do love?! This group covering the show! Matt Jacque, Zach, and Steven are my favorite group on Afterbuzz going back to Sleepy Hollow Season 1! I get more fun watching them talk and complain about the show than watching it! I consider myself a devoted fan of these guys and look forward to fall tv, and far better shows! Here's to Good ol' Lemondrop!
Love the show and the hosts. Really, really love Matt Lieberman!! If you are a fan of the Strain this podcast is a must.
This is the best panel on the afterbuzz network!Fun to listen!Thanks
This group always makes me laugh, and their insights and brutal honesty about The Strain are very refreshing. The Setrakian impressions are dead-on too!!
This group does a fantastic job of reviewing The Strain. It's always fun and entertaining.
whenever i try a new show, i immediately look to see if Afterbuzz will be covering it. If they are, its more likely ill give the show a longer chance. The Strain Afterbuzz podcast is almost as enjoyable as the actual show, but unfortunately I never catch the live stream, which I’m sure wold make them even!
I really like a lot of the Afterbuzz shows, the Strain included. I have noticed, though, that a lot of the shows have been dropping spoilers like crazy. I had to turn off your last show because you guys revealed who the dude was who showed up at the end of the last episode! I mean, come on! I know some of you have read the books, but that’s no reason to reveal info. You mentioned a character who begins with the letter Q, and explained why he was there, who he was, and the backstory of how the character Vaughn ties into it all. That wasn’t cool. How can you not know that is a spoiler? So, I still like you guys, but you need to be aware of this.
This is an awesome podcast! I very much like there being mix of hosts who have read the books and those who have not. I would definitely recommend this podcast to any fan of The Strain.
As always, this group has amazing chemistry, and just like the show, I don't miss an episode. I love the Setrakian impressions, and I can't wait to hear them for an entire episode!
Great podcast. The panel is top notch, spending my Tuesday mornings at work with you guys is one for the few reasons I look forward to going to work.
My favorite hosts back together again. Great show like always. Zach, Zach, hey Zach! Did you see the Grimm reference in that scene with Setrakian where he's looking through the book and then gets frustrated? Aswang was the first word in the second sentence of that paragraph under the magnifying glass right before he threw his tantrum. Calling it, the Masters are all ancient wesen. Also, possible Grimm/Strain crossover? I mean if Sleepy Hollow and Bones are doing it, then one small visual mention in The Strain of something that was big in another show must be solid proof that the two shows are in the same universe. I would love to see Monroe and Fet in the same room. And I bet Rosalee could get rid of the strigoi easy, she did stop the zombie apocalypse in Portland. Magic-science is probably the real key to all of this, especially since Setrakian is looking for what I'm presuming is essentially a spellbook to the kill the masters, but then again is magic, like classic supernatural magic, a part of this universe in any capacity? If so, is the book being protected by a witch of some sort and that's why no one can find it?
I look forward to this Podcast each week. Please do more Setrakian and Eichorst impressions. Also I love when you guys argue over Eph being the head of the CDC.
Hooked from the very first minute. So much energy and super seductive
I'm so glad The Strain is back for season 2 and I love this panel! I feel like i'm stalking Zack since I also watch sleepy hollow, helix and killjoys....wish he would review Wayward Pines too! Looking forward to all the great discussions this season- like why isn't setkarian sharing his knowledge of the ancients and the occido lumen w/ the whole team. This season already feels darker so it should be a fun time and gives us interesting aftershows..can't wait!
AfterBuzz does great Podcasts anyway, but this group is among the best! The panel keeps the conversation moving discussing the show with few spoilers from the book and great humor and puns in relation to the show. They discuss the show, the actors and the story without getting bogged down in details and becoming dull. A very entertaining and engaging podcast. If you listened to the Helix AfterBuzz Show, you know what to expect here!
I am just now watching the show June 2015. I checked asap for an after buzz podcast on the show and I’m so glad I did. It keeps me watching the show b/c I want to see hear what you guys thought about it.


By slh236
Can't wait to listen next season
I am loving this podcast for the Strain I am always looking forward to sundays to hear what everyone on this panel has to say. I love the puns you guys do and also the Setrakian and Eichorst impersinations, keep up the good work guys.
I love the impressions and the interview with Durand was great. Keep up the good work The Strain is a great show and you guys are doing a great job discussing it.
"The Strain" panel is the first AfterBuzz TV Aftershow I've followed faithfully. I look forward to hearing other film & TV show references (especially ones that fellow nerds would know) as well as the predictions, theories and puns. Some of the viewers may not like that you joke around, but it is what makes this AfterShow special and not a boring recap. Besides, the plot is so intense w/ "The Strain" we need a light hearted break (Stephen's Setrakian voice is the best). My favorite podcast so far has been the review of S1E12 with Kevin Durand. I would love to see more of the actors on the AfterBuzz show, especially fan favorites like Gus (played by actor Miguel Gomez). Yes, it is a slight fangirl request (Fet & Gus are both bae), but the actors are incredibly good and their characters are actually ready to deal with the vampire apocalypse. While The Strain is on hiatus until next summer, I will be using this podcast to help fill the void the show's absence will leave. Keep up the great work and I'll definitely look into more of the AfterBuzz TV Aftershows.
I am happy that this podcast is getting better. Overall, it is enjoyable, however, the panel tends to get off topic and spend a lot of time trying to do impressions of the characters and laughing at each other's jokes. Yes, we get it. You like each other. You have chemistry! I almost dropped this podcast but I am glad that I toughed it. Like I said, the podcast is getting better. Better discussion of episodes, great interviews with the cast and guests, Before, I wasn't sure we were watching the same show. Cheers and best of luck for season two.
Tonight's after-buzz episode was the hottest mess ever. Steven is talking about Kevin's Durand's teeth, Jacque is dropping Fbombs and calling out Zack for counting on his fingers. I still feel like one day Matt is gonna have a panic attack on air dealing with his co-hosts. For Real though, best panel on Afterbuzz. All of you had me cracking up this week. I will now give you 5 Stars on iTunes.


I like Matt a lot and he tries hard to keep the rest of the panel on topic. When he succeeds, this is worth listening to. When he fails, I feel like they are wasting my time. I really could care less about Matt’s mustache, stupid puns and spontaneous parody songs. The recaps are good, but one or two panelists seem to enjoy laughing at their own jokes more than talking about The Strain.
Good stuff.
I love this podcast because first off it has great hosts! Also they seem to be as interested in the show as I am! Thank you to the whole crew for making it a podcast I can't wait until next week to listen to!!! Could you PLEASE stop with the stupid singing!!
Last week I wrote a review and requested that you guys do a whole show in Eichorst and Setrakians voices....and you guys then did the next two reviews in their voices! I was laughing so hard! I had to reward you guys with another reviewer! Love you guys'! Keep up the good work
Better than celebrating a bank holiday in a bread truck! I watch this after every episode, and find it a great way to catch up with what I missed. Keep up the great recaps, and funny jokes. P.S.: Love the Setrakin impression!
Thoughts on The Strain: I really like this version of vampires. I enjoy the story and its moving at a good pace. Vasiliy Fet, Setrakian, and Eichhorst are the most interesting characters on the show. Thoughts on podcast: One of my favorite podcasts. The four hosts give good interviews, conversation, and theories. They make me laugh alot.
Love the show and like the mix of reviewers who read the book and those who did not. It's a nice way to catch up with the show for those who can't watch it every Sunday, but want to be able to listen in and hear interesting theories. Good job guys! (an Jacque too)...
I love "The Strain" and this podcast is required listening for me. The discussion is always fun, geeky and entertaining. Eph-ING LOVE IT!
Love the show and enjoying the podcast!!


Podcast is great, love Stephen after hearing him on Afterbuzz’s AHS aftershow. The whole panel is good & entertaining. I always laugh to hear Matt because he sounds JUST like “Booger” on Revenge of the Nerds. Great podcast guys!
Efs license plate says "Srs guy" pretty funny
Fun group that is able to discuss each episode without taking themselves too seriously. If you enjoy the show, give this podcast a listen!
This panel is the best. My favorite is Stephen and his puns. I think the puns are really "strain"ing on Matt and Zack. Please don't kick Stephen off the panel, even if you are "Matt" at him. Your panel is very insightful and ever since I watched the 1st Podcast, I am hooked.
Awesome podcast i dig how they disect the episodes, but who the hell is this vampire group i still need to catch up in the podcast. i still miss Almost Human. :(
The show is great. We all know that. But what everyone might not know yet is this Afterbuzz Panel on The Strain is so rockin’!!!! I love it! I hope this show and this panel go on FOREVER!