The High 5 Podcast

Reviews For The High 5 Podcast

Reg and Henry really make me laugh out loud (also known as LOL). If you want to know more texting lingo, there’s an episode on that. Love listening to these two goofs. Keep the episodes coming!
Reg and Henry are the funniest duo I've heard in long time. What a fantastic podcast. I look forward to every episode!! Keep it coming!!
Love this show! Really helps me get through my drive to work. The way the boys interact with each other is simply magical. If they are not professional actors then someone needs to hire them right now because this is a talent that I think can change comedy broadcasting. The episodes are smooth, well researched and professional in their sound quality. All I can hope is that Reg and Henry take the show on the road and start getting their listeners on the airwaves. Two big thumbs up and thanks for making my Mondays so much better!
Imagine comedy re-imagined. Think about rethinking comedy. And flip your retrospection to give new perception on comedy.That is The High 5 Podcast! It’s so innovative and cutting edge that each week I’m left pining for more! (But how can I have more than a high 5? A high 10 with the awkward, unintended chest bump? The overplayed and emotionally disconnected fist-bump? That thing where you wiggle your fingers at each other accompanied by awkward noises? The formal handshake? The informal hug? The way too informal kissing of cheeks that Europeans do - seriously, gross!?! No, The High 5 Podcast is so perfect that I look forward to each episode with the giddiness of a child at “Festive Holiday of Reference Point For Reader.”) Thank you Reg and Henry! You may be skilled in other fields but your home is comedy!
I am so happy that Henry and Reg decided to make a podcast! Henry makes the best coffee, and I don't travel anywhere without reading Reg's thoughts first. I have learned so much in just a few episodes. Keep it up guys!