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These guys sound like some dudes I'd genuinely like to hang out with. Funny, lots of pop-culture references, but they aren't just talking nonsense.
These hosts are hilarious. Little quips, puns, and false backstories about MTG characters. You know what Spell Queller does, it exiles a card.
Great MTG Podcast that discusses community, tournament results and everything going on in the world of MTG in hilarious fashion. Cannot recommend it enough.
At Your End Step is a fantastic podcast. The hosts offer the perfect mix of news, community discussion, strategy, entertainment and humor. They are well spoken and they clearly have a true love for the game, which shines through on every cast. As an avid listener of multiple MTG podcasts, I can't recommend this cast enough.


You guys are doing a good job. A+ Mike for the pop culture references. Also "What Grinds My Tears" which is probably the best segment name on a podcast. The best part about the cast is your interpersonal stuff, where you call one another out and riff off jokes together. Thats why I'm subbed even though I'm not doing a ton of MTG right now. Work on the audio transitions -their either there, or they're not there, and it changes from episode to episode. It'd be easy enough to put your Comic Town sponsorship info in as a transition instead of those weirdo audio tracks, but if you're going to do that, make it fun/funny. As far as content, I think you're moving in the right direction with Dave's Deck Corner - I feel like you guys spend a lot of time talking about community issues. I'd love to hear more of your thoughts on the formats you play, things you've noticed personally in the local metagame, etc. Basically more analysis? That's probably a lot more work, but some of the community content feels like fluff.
Keeps me up to date with magic and entertains me on my daily commute ~ I recommend it
Great cast for a new player returning to the game. And I could use some more cards.
A jovial take on magic the gathering community and tournament happenings. If you're looking to stay up to date on MTG, give this a listen. New and improved without the co-host Jordan! Haha, JK.
Been listening to AYES for a couple months now. They produce funny content without laughing too hard at their own jokes - Looking at you Chewie. The Magic content is good and timely. @pateuglow on Twitter
The show has improved even just over the past few months. It has the balance between information and entertainment. More than a few times I've gotten weird looks from coworkers while listening to this on my headphones and laughing. But for real, I don't use itunes. I re-installed just for this. Happy Holidays
Been listening to this cast for a while now and have never been disappointed. I like that these guys actually PLAY magic out in the world regularly and have great stories and tournement reports. You keep focused and when it does trail off it's always funny and enterntaining. Sound quality gets and A+ as well. Volume leveling is great as well all hosts are heard clearly and crisply. I would like to hear more personal stories and deck ideas as I think other casts cover news and big tourney top 8's pretty thouroughly. That said, they always keep the reporting succinct and entertaining with good insights. P.S. I like my podcasts a little R rated. Censorship is for the WB (and apparently Sony).
This podcast is one of my go to weekly Magic The Gathering podcasts. You can really tell the hosts enjoy playing the game, and their chemistry makes the cast fun to listen to. My only criticism is that it does the typical this week in magic news format, which if you listen to other casts might get a little redundant.
Nice podcast. Covers a wide range of subjects in the MTG community. Entertaining. Worth listening to.
I have a long commute and I always look forward to a new episode. Informative and entertaining, AYES is worth checking out for anyone who likes MTG
Out of all the magic related podcasts put there, I continue to return each week to this one. The crew talks about relevant topics without going off on goofy tangents while providing great insight on the different formats. A+
All the world's a match, and all the men and women merely players. They have their Exiles and their Dramatic Entrances; And one man in his time plays many decks.
This has to be one of the most well rounded MTG podcasts I've had the pleasure of stumbling upon. Most podcasts ramble nonsensically until getting to what you came for, while At Your End Step balances perfectly with tournament information, insightful conversations about strategy and new hottness, all while making you feel like you're part of an awesome and entertaining play group simply through sound. Hilarious and has credentials to back it up. If more people give this cast a chance I believe that it could become as popular as other mainstream MTG broadcasting channels. It's definitely solid enough and worth checking out. Keep up the great work Team Comictown!
I recently started listening to the at your end step podcast when my interest in Magic the gathering related podcasts spiked after the recent South Park episode. Whilst their overview of and analysis of trends in meta games, card evaluation and general 'banter, are of a high quality there are some issues that stopped me from giving the full 5 stars 1) the lack of information around what kind of feed to give my chicken in order to prepare for long tournaments was disheartening. 2) when they fired the underperforming Jordan they did not do I the vein of 'the apprentice' 3) overall chicken selection advice is low, though several members of the podcast seem very 'free range' (if you know what I mean) Overall enjoyable, and certainly well worth a Listen.
This podcast is in my weekly rotation, and I look forward to it coming out each week. I do wish the show would sometimes dig deeper into the strategy side of things, but it is 100% entertainment from beginning to end regardless.
I always enjoy the flavorful content, opinions and randomness these guys provide! I couldn't ask for better free entertainment on my daily work commutes to and from work! Keep up the great work guys!
The Mardu title got my attention, and I am happy I listened to the episode. These guys are tournament grinders, and their stories are entertaining and educational. Their info. about plays and interactions will likely make you a better Magic player. Thank you!
...I might be the only one, granted. Seriously--the combination of intelligent insight about the pro game (especially compared to many other weekly podcasts) and the gloriously assorted tomfoolery makes the hour or two that I listen to At Your End Step some of my most anticipated hours of the work week. Cheers, guys, and I look forward to what you'll be doing going into the new year. Time to break in some new blood?
These guys are awesome. Great Magic Related content, timely and topical as they cover the national tournament scene week to week. Casts are loose and conversational, but well organized and structured. I have sifted through quite a few Magic podcasts and finally settled on opne that seems to be run by people whow know what they are doing. Good production value too (well edited, nice dash of music, etc.) Keep up the great work guys!
Edit: Listening to old episodes and had to give an extra star for the Arrested Development “you’ve got a stew” reference. I have been checking out a lot of MTG podcasts and frankly many of them are just terrible. I have enjoyed a lot of your back episodes and look forward to your future podcasts. There is a nice mix of strategy, community, and metagame review. The jokes work as well, there is a good back and forth among the hosts. The only suggestions I have are some more in-depth strategy, taking a topic that is currently in standard and talking about ways to use it and what some of the more difficult rules are (eg. fetch lands, morphs, navigating the stack…). The other thing is less cursing. Your podcast is no where near as bad as others, but the jokes would work just as well without the cursing. Plus, it makes it hard to listen to in the car with my kids.
Love the hosts, the interactions, and the strategic discussion. Great for a novice or a seasoned pro!
This is definitely one of the better MTG Podcasts out there. The content is on point and well delivered. My only 2 suggestions are: 1) Like someone else pointed out, the cursing doesn’t enhance your podcast. Every group has their own flavor and yours is great, but it does make it hard to listen to out loud or around others. 2) Mind the transitions between segments. There are points were the show gets a little derailed and it gets brought back rather forcefully. Keep up the great show!
Each week I look forward to hearing the group discuss what happened in the previous week in Magic. They guys provide a high quality show with fun and laughs too. Anyone looking to learn more about Standard and keep up on what's going on in Magic should subscribe to At Your End Step.
Honestly love these guys. Always good for a listen or a laugh. I don't always agree with them on somethings but hey that's what discourse is. Seriously guys, I hope this takes off even more. -Hebbes
I listen to a lot of MTG podcasts. At Your Endstep is one of the good ones, believe me there are a lot of bad ones out there. They talk about topics ranging from community happenings, tournament results, the current metagame, how to be a better magic player and do it all with great chemistry between the hosts. Definitely worth the time to listen!
Love listening to y'all! The humor mixed in with topical MTG discussions is a breathe of fresh air aside from the other very serious podcasts out there. Keep up the great work!
Love the podcast. New listener. Very informative yet entertaining. A great balance of seriousness and intelligence on a level any one can understand.
Guys are knowledgeable and passionate about the game and community... Great listen!
Enjoy the show and how funny you guys are. My only problem with the show is the forced segmentation and how you will rundown what you are gonna be talking about in each section instead of just naturally getting to it.