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The podcasts are a great on their own, but if you’re the type that really wants to crunch data Rotoviz paid website subscription is where it’s at. The info these guys provide is second to none
Can’t figure out why the tradecast is in the lineup. They are uninformed, annoying, and they don’t talk any analytics which is a staple of Rotoviz. Would give 5 stars without that horrible show.
Any show calling Drew Brees an idiot is one you can skip. Plenty of better podcasts out there.
Great variety, top guests, great analysis
One of the top pods out there for content. Top notch production and great personalities!
Started listening to the Solis Report when it came out a few week ago and it is fantastic! Both of the hosts are very funny and likable, and the production value is great.
Every pod on the feed brings a lot to the table that fantasy owners should take note of. I especially like Rahim and Blair’s podcast as well as anything with Siegele. Don’t forget to check out their website too for the best articles (imo) in the industry. Their second year WR and zero rb takes I find especially interesting/useful.
It’s actually alright
Make this a staple of your rotation. Now if only they’d shut up about DJ Moore before they make his ADP rise.
Rotoviz is the sole reason I’ve done well in fantasy football. The articles changed the way I draft/play fantasy, the tools help me find gems of my own, and the podcast gives inside information and player updates every week. Honestly, if you just listen to the various Rotoviz shows, you’ll be better at fantasy.
So much great data and discussion! I personally want to gain every edge that I possibly can. The devil on my shoulder is telling me “give it one star and never tell anyone about it. Keep it your secret! The information is too good!”, but I just can’t keep this to myself. Awesome pod, awesome site, awesome staff. Do yourself (and your fantasy team) a favor and check them out!
Hey I’m sorry I wanna is a good night for you to get to the house and get home from work I have a question.
I’d be more than willing to enter a $100 buy-in league with only the hosts of this pod for the 2019 season.
Every year I can’t wait for the training camp series, and every week I can’t wait for the mailbag. Jeremy’s legit the perfect combo of 80s/90s pop culture + great advice, and as a fellow podcast host, I appreciate that he’s sooo good at driving convo and making the show interesting. Big fan of Blair, Hasan and Colm as well, and no doubt RV gets the best guests.
Please make them a regular thing. Such great analysis.
This podcast always delivers great content. Listen to every one to learn more about football. The delivery is professional and the research is incredible. They really know what they are talking about.
Not only is the dynasty advice great, but the audio is spectacular!!!
Rotoviz Radio is a great way to get familiar with the type of excellent tools and analysis that Rotoviz offers, before you become a subscriber to the site. Even after becoming a subscriber (and you WILL become a subscriber if you listen to the podcasts) the shows continue to be a great way to catch up on recent articles, new tools, and additional context and analysis. They also get some great guests. One of my favorite things about Rotoviz is that it NEVER becomes stale. There's just so much good stuff that you can leverage to become a better fantasy player. ~ Chris Koenig @TheyWereKones
Lost a little respect for this show after we're ruiting for guys to get suspended and relapse again? Not exactly good karma.
Love the assortment of pods Rotoviz offers. Whether you’re into redraft, dynasty, best ball, DFS they have it. It really is a one-stop shop for all your fantasy football podcasting needs! Great hosts, entertaining and informative topics and guests! Love the pod!!! John T - @LionSlappy
One of my favorite pods anywhere! Their variety of topics and depth of knowledge, using an analytical approach, is unrivaled. Most other fantasy podcast “takes” out there seem to be conjuncture, but the Rotoviz guys do an awesome job of blending opinion with analytical based research. Highly value the analysis from Rotoviz Radio. -Dan Martin
The dynasty trade cast is amazing. Nathan is the best dynasty mind out there. Get Jj Z. Or Denny carter as guests!
Try to keep played episodes out of the feed and they keep popping back up. Such a hassle to find the ones you want and not really worth the trouble.
Subscribing to this channel has deepened my knowledge and continues to inform my approach for all DFS games. On the Daily With RotoDoc and Matt F taught me everything I know about NASCAR DFS and it’s the only subscription I have purchased for the sport. NFL content is the main trust of the brand, it is analysis-based conversations from industry writers with various expertise. It is almost always relevant conversation that can assist the true fantasy enthusiast. As a writer and analyst myself, it’s a dream of mine to join the team someday as I develop my fluency and body of knowledge in fantasy sports. Highly recommended.
Incredible insight from a sharp group of people. Listen to any podcast and you’re going to learn something new. While you’re at it subscribe to the website as well. Great content!!
While I only play regular season Fantasy Football & I don’t mind hearing the Dynasty talk, or the DFS podcasts. But please...quit packaging your NBA podcasts, your Golf, or your NASCAR in with the football podcasts.
I subscribe to at least 4 fantasy football podcasts during the NFL season and this is the one (w/the exception of the dynasty eps) that I listen to every week without fail. The combination of insightful analytics as well as some pretty good takes (*most of the time) make it the perfect companion to your own research. And the site apps are ridiculous...worth every penny. If anyone there cares I subscribe via Podcast Addict.
The guys over at the Devy Watch podcast have covered that pretty well. Should give it a listen.
Me Mann was hilarious. Where’d he go?
Spoiled millennials with potty mouths. Vey unprofessional! Bet their in mommy's basement wearing Bernie for president t-shirts. Sad really.....
Combination of great information and entertaining host. Must listen to for die hard fantasy players.
Great fantasy football podcast that covers a huge variety of topics - season long, dynasty, DFS. The hosts are very knowledgable and provide solid analytical reasoning in the podcast. One of my must listen football podcasts.
Last year during training camps I came across this series of podcasts where Rotoviz would interview a local beat writers for all 32 teams and then after would breakdown the ceilings and floors of certain key players. It was by far and away the most interesting and helpful series I listened to all offseason. Now the original hosts have basically moved on allowing a variety of hosts to take on several teams and it's terrible now. Blair Andrews puts you to sleep within 10 seconds with his monotone unenthusiastic voice, Then there are two guys from the U.K. who seem nice but are just difficult to listen to TBH, and then there was a 4th guy who was also just boring. On top of having to listen to dull and boring hosts they don't provide nearly the type of projections and analysis that the old hosts did. I'm done trying to listen to these Pods. Hopefully in 2018 the original hosts come back to take this over.
if your serious about your fantasy football it is a must listen....keep up th great work guys by mike fetchik
very entertaining and educational podcast. love that a show one day can give you one view of a player and the next day you can get a contrasting view, which entices you to develop your own thoughts about players- Reese Griffin
Love the mailbag pod! Great insight, great guests each week! A must listen for all fantasy footballers!
I love the content and information given in these podcasts. They cover best balls, dynasty, college classes, and in depth analysis on each team. Great details that will really give you an edge. Looking forward to more this season. Ian Robins. @robinsian
Really enjoyed laying the points with Jersey Jen.
Very good work can't wait to here more in the future
Great listen, real knowledge dealt to all that listen. No matter the guest it's always a must listen for any fantasy football fanatic! Keep up the great work. @chaz1499
This is the best FF podcast out there, hands down. They provide a ton of quality analysis and look at every aspect of a player from stats, situation, etc with a wide array of guests on almost every show. I don’t base my drafting strategy on their predictions or any other “experts” for that matter because the truth is no expert is significantly better than a random FF enthusiast, but I do really enjoy the perspective they take when assessing players. Also the little side games they play with guests like FMK are great.
This podcast is great! Just started listening and it's the first one I look for in my unplayed pods. They are so knowledgeable and get right into the fantasy talk which is why we're all here. They also put out episodes frequently.
Many other podcats are napping this time of year, but Rotoviz is putting out so much useful content on a nearly daily basis! Great stuff for those of us looking to get a head start on our competitors! Thanks, Joe Genest!
Winning like Charlie Sheen with RotoViz. Ok so maybe not exactly like Charlie Sheen, we know where that path goes but I digress. If you are looking for great analysis driven fantasy football content look no further. The guys at rotoviz do an amazing job providing great information and analysis with varied content and top notch guests. If you need to listen to a podcast for football this is one of the best. That said I would love to be in the Scott Fish Bowl 7 or a listener league. Who doesn't need more fantasy football, just don't tell my girlfriend haha! Jeremy Nelson Scott Fish Bowl Disney team name - Lumière's Leatherheads
Great show, always has new takes and useful material. The variety and consistency with which they upload makes the various shows great listens every week.
They are all so good that I cannot decide which show is my favorite.
The RotoViz pods are stocked full of data-heads & mad scientists to keep you ahead of the curve. They put out a ton of great content, so make sure to subscribe.
With so many voices out there, it's difficult to some with genuinely useful insight. Thanks.