Reviews For Living Sexy

Jack, Tric and Chase do a great job and talk about so many different topics that it's always interesting! They have great chemistry together and make the show really fun. I'm hooked and will definitely keep listening!
If nothing else, you will have to chuckle.
Keep up the good work!
Love this show. Great hosts, great topics and great content. One of those no BS "everything you wanted to know -- and more" things, without a lot of the BS. I'm in!
OMG, I absolutely Love the show and recommend that people take just a few mins to listen and soon you will be just as addicted as I am..
I washable to see the Radio Show in person on my nice Christmas VAC I had with frank for a full month. Jack is a great guy & Frank is my best friend from 1979. he now lives in Florida. He has a great radio show. I enjoyed taking photos & doing a Video for Him on the Radio Show.
Loved it ...!!!
Wow, I'm so impressed, I want more