Living in Joy

Reviews For Living in Joy

The extremely poor sound quality of this podcast completely overshadows the valuable content and lovely host.
I love this podcast and the practical advice and perspective it offers for choosing joy in our lives on a daily basis. Thank you!
I think her presentation and explanation of the Course's principles and how to apply them in our lives is exceptional! Her free 40-day program is awesome as well. I so look forward to each and every great podcast episode.. Thank you so much for what you do!
There are no words to describe this beautiful sister of ours. Listen and enjoy. Find out for your self.
Lisa is SO practical and down-to-earth. I’ve learned so much from listening to these. I love when she reads from one of the ACIM texts (and how excited she gets about the Ur-Text). I love it only slightly less when she has guests on (I cope with that by blessing them and myself—something I learned on this podcast). Keep these coming!
Absolutely love this show, but the audio is inconsistent and sometimes barely audible. Let us hear the truth!
I hope you a are well...I listened to you first on the Internet 5or 6 yrs ago...thanks for your Love...✌️&❤️
Every week I so look forward to this podcast. Lisa and Bill are so filled with joy and laughter and love that this -by itself- makes listening to the podcasts like listening to delightful music. And then the messages ... I always feel that it is like an exploration-discovery where Lisa and Bill, their guests and we the listeners are all truly present and learning. Thank-you.
Delightful hosts and useful information for living the course :)