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It can be hard to keep up with B-movies, and it nice to have an unbiased opinion on the movie. The podcast is interesting, and helps to entertain.
I love Spooky Month! Awesome discussion about Goosebumps - the coverage of Go Eat Worms was particularly hilarious.
The hosts have a great energy; I could listen to them even if they weren’t talking about subjects I care about! Luckily they have a good grasp of the nerd culture that I want to find and digest and the podcast is a great conduit to more of what I love. Would recommend
As a lover of B movies, this is my go-to podcast.
When you come across a podcast that's already a year into its run, you can't listen to *everything* (not all at once, anyway), but I really enjoyed picking out a handful based on their titles... these guys talk about stuff that I myself love, like Marvel and DC comic book movies and the works of Mr. Kevin Smith (a personal hero). Great content!
Craig and Brian have great chemistry as hosts, after years of friendship. They read each other well and push the conversation along nicely. Their coverage of the B/Horror Genre is surprisingly comprehensive. A great weekly update on the genre as a whole!
Really, the title says B Movies but they are picking ACTUAL FREAKIN' B MOVIES and it's awesome! The book conversation is interesting too and was good enough to keep me hooked after coming strictly for the movies. So much material to go through - binge listening this whole weekend.
This podcast combines two really interesting concepts and does so quite well. The audio quality is good and the hosts have two lovely and distinctive voices. Considering that each episode covers two subjects it maintains a good length. The opening intro music can definitely be trimmed down but each episode gets going at a good pace. I’ll definitely keep listening.
i love that they approach media that is off the beaten track.
This is a purposeful podcast. That is saying a lot. If you are a podcast connoisseur, like me, you have inevitably come across podcasts where friends sit together and talk about nothing important. That IS NOT the B&E show. B&E covers interesting topics with unique angles. Their content is intriguing and their entertainment recommendations are usually on point. Give it a listen!
Really interesting topic matter!
Craig and Brian have a cool thing going by reviewing and discussing lesser-known books and movies. Listen to the show and you’ll discover some good stuff you would have otherwise never even heard about. The guests they get are interesting and each show is highly entertaining.
Wish I knew Craig and Brian in real life! I think the three of us would be best friends. For now I’ll settle for listening to their great podcast.
Craig and Brian are willing to call out the Oscar Conspiracy of old men trying to turn the tide against the talkie plague. They're true American heroes.
Good job!
Very charasmatic hosts take you on a pop culture ride. A great listen.
Most of these episodes aren't about books or movies I've ever heard of, but it's still entertaining to hear these guys talk about them. More entertaining, I have to assume, than the actual source material.
As someone who travels on the fringes of all things entertainment this is a great podcast to listen to guy talk about movies and books you thought would never get the podcast treatment. Highly recommended for B-movie lovers.
Weird Concept, Weird Show, and Werid Dudes. 100% worth listening
E-books are here to stay and these guys are in at just the right time. Great reviews and a funny approach.
I think these 2 might more effort and thought into the podcast than the creators of the films they are discussing did. Good banter, give it a listen!
Great content, very entertaining. These Guys know their stuff!!!
Critiqueing movies and books is one thing, but choosing specifically non-mainstream books and movies is another. This show is unique and fun - if you like dissecting movies and books (particualrly bad and/or low budget ones), it is for you!
Love the rapport these guys have with each other. Also love the movies they pick. Their reviews are well thought out, amusing and professional. A great podcast if you're looking for some fun entertainment recommendations. I'm a fan.
As a watcher of B movies and someone who needs to grow up and read a book, this is a pretty great podcast.